Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lulu Not Sure If You've Realised That The Circus HAS Arrived

Did you know that the Royal London Circus had set up camp in Puchong Utama?

Per the report from the Star, they were supposed to be performing from Aug 8 to Sep 30 in Taman Puchong Utama.
Then a few weeks later, Lulu read that the performance was suddenly cut short.
"Bad planning", "Gross mismanagement" "apa-lah ni?" was some of the grouses that Lulu heard from people who were planning to go.

Then yesterday, Lulu learnt the truth behind the kena potong.

from the Sun 26Sept pg 9
"MPSJ Banning Circuses During Ramadan"
PAS Secretary General Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar says the Subang Jaya Municipal Council is denying non-Muslims the right to watch circus performances by banning them during the month of Ramadan.
... he told Oriental Daily News when asked to comment on the council's move to stop a circus from showing in Puchong Utama with the reason that all entertainment activities must stop during Ramadan.

and from a discussion in,

It's not the management's fault. Blame it to MPSJ-- we cannot perform till the 30th of September because by next week, Puasa period will start.
Yeah, what a lame excuse. What happened to the "multi-racial" country, this country is claiming about?
If they have to be strict about it, then they have to be fair; they must also close ALL the entertainment business in lieu of the Puasa period.
Let's take for example the cinema, aracades, pubs, videokes, etc., etc., . Albeit, they are open during Puasa.
The Royal London Circus, has never experienced this, only until now here in Puchong. Which infact, we had operated during Puasa period even to the most conservative/traditional Muslim area like Kuantan.
Besides, the license we applied for was originally dated 12 July to 12 September and only almost a month after they allowed us to perform. We could have started earlier and avoid performing during Puasa.
We are endorsed by the Tourism -- The Royal London Circus has not only brought entertainment to people but it has also garnered tourists overseas thus, helping the Tourism especially during the 50th Merdeka.
To ban the circus during Ramadan because it is a form of entertainment?
Why stop there?
The TV stations should go blink the whole month. or maybe just air Quran readings and nasyid singing.
Newspapers should do away with their Hiburan section.
and whilst we are at it, Zam should stop talking this whole month because many of us consider what he says as pure entertainment.
When will they understand that a desire for God and to do His will starts with your heart? It is not in the pious deeds that you do and the wicked that you dont do. And you could put a wicked man in the most sanitised environment, and if his heart is wicked, he will remain wicked.

yes siree....! The circus has arrived, and Lulu's not talking about the Royal London Circus. Islam-as-i-say-tion is here, it is run by the little mullahs who do as they please, and subject you to their whims and fancies.
You are now paying for it, and if it is not stopped, your children will have to pay a heavier price.
Remember this : Because the non-Muslim partners do not / will not treat the problem at the root, the fella from BN you voted has now to fight with the symptoms. And even so, they are unsuccessful. Are you sure you want to vote them back in again?


vincent said...

But, but I thot that after sundown, after the gong/siren/whistle have sounded then drinks/food/smoking/carousing/etc/etc can commence until sunrise. Or am I wrong again!?

Anonymous said...

All entertainment activities must stop during Ramadan--- Then why in the spirit of Hadhari did the PM and his wife fly off for another exotic overseas holiday?

Anonymous said...

As with the Saudi royalties, there are two sets of rules.


Anonymous said...

Why stop there? Switch off all the air-conditioning, electric fans and lights, running pipe water, music ect because all these are distractions to the human senses in the holy month and were non-existent in the time of Muhamad(pbuh)

Anonymous said...

The PM meets with Ahmadinijeb in NY:§ionid=351020101
Ahmadinejad meets with Malaysian PM
PRESS TV - Tehran,Iran
In a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Ahmadinejad stated that Malaysia holds an ...
Someone wants more centrifudges and military spare parts via proxy?


Anonymous said...

This is the typical example why non-Muslims are fearing islamization and it has grown into deep resentment especially quarters like local authorities showing zero tolerance level in not respecting non-Muslim rights to entertainment. These extreme zealots should be taught a bitter lesson through the ballot box. The housing and local government ministry at federal level is sitting pretty, no see, no hear and no comments.

Michael Sun said...

Greetings from London.
Royal London circus in Malaysia?
Oh blimey! I thought the parliament in Malaysia is already a big circus with so many monkeys running around with a old bear sleeping oops hibernating all the time.
God bless Malaysia inspite of our inequities.

kittykat46 said...

More Taliban wannabes taking their queue from the DPM declaring the Islamic state.

One - some 40% of the country's population is non-Muslim. In the particular locality where the circus is performing - easily more than 60% non-Muslim.

Two - I have plenty of Muslim friends and colleagues, and they happily go shopping, go to the movies etc. after Buka Puasa.

The circus is a wholesome, family orientated event. How could they deny it to everyone ?

Time to kick out your BN representative - whatever sub-party he/she belongs to.
Guilty by association

lucia said...

sad. another islamisation move by the taliban wannabe (in kittykat's word).

i'm sure there are muslims who don't mind going to the circus during the ramadan month.

ghostline said...

Hello Lulu!

Don't worry! I got free tickets to our very own made-in-Malaysia circus. Even though the ringmaster is away on holiday in NY, his deputy is doing a very good job of keeping the circus running in his absence.

The Malaysian International Circus is proudly brought to you by Ring-ling(am) Bros, Ban'em and Bail(out)ey.

They have all sorts of close-one-eye circus freaks, leaky clowns, monkey boys, keris-twirlers, human hot-air balloons, two-faced hyenas, two-headed snakes, lapdogs, crocodile tear-criers, backflippers, master spinners, bootlickers and professional whitewashers on show.

Best of all, this circus keeps running all year round, even during Ramadan, Lent or any other season of fasting and abstinence.

So... who needs the Royal London Circus?

Come one come all!

hew said...

The freaking arbitrariness of this decision scares me. One day it's the Circus, next time who knows what these clowns will do??? we need to pray harder against this freak show.

Anonymous said...

Ghostline, you forgot about the monologue monkeys capable of talking to themselves on the phone plus the big nasty monkey who protects them

Rauff said...

I am a Muslim and yes Muslims are suppose to refrain from entertainment activities to best keep their fasting as well as the truest spirit of Ramadhan.

But I don't think that this should be at the cost of those who practice other faiths. As Muslims it is our own responsibility and duty to keep our fasting pure. Not others. Each of us carry our own books.

Anonymous said...

In circa 1978, theStar paper in its TV-Entertainment section described a certain night's proffering to be dull because the RTM was only broadcasting the koran reading competition the whole night virtually....and there was a huge protest from those religionists, calling for the severe punishment of that Paper for that remark, saying that insults their religion. TheStar had to profusely apologise!


team bsg said...

these daily one-up antics by our circus showmasters & artises( they dun work do they ?, or are they !) are getting extremely tiresome to watch , so we are now going to da zoo to catch some monkeys then take some nice pixs...

Anonymous said...

during the month of ramadan, astro must cease all sports and entertaiment program. all pubs must close. all dining places in hotel must close. in short, all eating outlets, entertainment places, broadcasting ( except for religious purpose) must cease.
goosh, i personally respect my muslim friends who fast during the holy month. but why impose the restriction on non-muslim like me. moreover, circus show is wholesome family entertainment, isnt it?
talking abotu circus, they dont have to bring monkeys here. there's a big bunch in Parliament led by the honourable Minister of Law.

Pearls said...

Errr... no. I don't think I will vote for our current leaders. I cannot support their habits!! They are expensive to maintain and cant produce a honest day work.. so, a spoilt vote perhaps!?

And... Ms Lulu, dun be a notty notty girl...shhh.. dun give these people ideas by suggesting TV should go blink or just have quoran reading and what have you during this holy month... Have la mercy on poor souls like me.. no money to go hola hola and only source of entertainment is that idiot box and equally idiotic decoder which say ASTRO... Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Pearl, I'm offended that Astro has to tend to go to the local TV stations upon switching on from a non-standby mode. It does not know or care that those are the things I pay them(Astro)handsomely to ban from my lifestyle. I usually mute that idiot box first less I have to catch some sound from them.


Hamzah said...




ghostline said...

i like hamzah's idea.

pressure the govt to reinstate local govt elections, and step up the pressure by withholding taxes.

Anonymous said...

You withhold taxes, you get fined and have to pay additional interest, as with credit card defaulters. You got lotsa money?

Anonymous said...

City dwellers may possibly stop saving at BSN in protest, and transfer their money into commercial banks.


denzook said...

lulu asked: Are you sure you want to vote them back in again?

I'm just following the majority. Unfortunately majority will vote for BN.

Anonymous said...

"I'm just following the majority"

That won't make one a free person. You can't be your own man(or woman) that way.