Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lulu Looks Up the Thesaurus To Find Words Which Expresses What THAT Concessionaire Does

bacteria, barnacle, beat, bloodsucker*, bootlicker*, brownie, brownnose, deadbeat*, dependent, flunky, freeloader*, fungus, gremlin, groupie*, hanger-on*, hose, idler, lackey, laze, leaner, leech, lounge lizard, scrounger, sideman, slave, sponge*, sponger, stooge*, sucker*, sycophant, taker*, yes-man,
antibody, bacteria, bug*, cootie, crud, disease, life, microbe, microorganism, microscopic, parasite, pathogen, plague, virus
cancer, cancroid, excrescence, fibrous tissue, fibrousness, fungus, lump, mole, outgrowth, parasite, swelling, thickening
barnacle, bloodsucker, bootlicker, dependant, flunky*, follower, freeloader*, heeler, lackey*, leech*, lounge lizard, minion, nuisance, parasite, satellite, sponge, sponger*, sycophant, truckler*
adulator, apple polisher, back scratcher, backslapper*, bootlick, bootlicker*, brownie, brownnoser*, crawler, cringer, doormat*, fan, fawner, flatterer, flunky*, footlicker, glad-hander, gofer, groupie*, groveler, handshaker*, hanger-on*, lackey, lap-dog, lickspittle, minion, parasite, politician, puppet, slave, sniveler, spaniel, sponger, stooge, toadeater, toady, truckler, water boy, yes-man

Take your pick when you write your piece on the rentseekers who were awarded the concession by the Transport Ministry to "conduct" drug tests on drivers, attendants and conductors of commercial vehicles.

Read more about it at
Unhealthy practice http://www.sun2surf.com/article.cfm?id=19295
e-kesihatan - another parasitic rent-seeking monopoly? http://blog.limkitsiang.com/2007/09/11/ekesihatan-another-parasitic-rent-seeking-monopoly/

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Anonymous said...

after the PKA scandal, here comes another great project from Transport Ministry to tax the public. all you have to do is coordinate and you get 40% margin and of course its a damn monopoly business.
no wonder this Chan guy has to go Australia for a check up. hey, he must be damn sick to miss the Merdeka celebration. Viva, after 2 weeks, he is as fit as a horse and is back to work. Damn good acting, huh.