Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lulu Learn From The Star

some people out quite clever. They are asking their readers to send in photos of whats happening in Myanmar instead of sending their own people in or buying photos from the news agencies.
Lulu thought, that's quite a smart cut-cost win-win [i let you glamour, you gimme your photos free] deal.

Hey... lulu should also try that for her blog.
so, here goes
remember, you can mail your photos to lulu at

In the meantime, Lulu share with you pictures taken by Merdekareview and Malaysiakini


tankiasu said...

I so wanted to be there!! Why does it have to be on weekday?! :( Pity it was just about 1000 instead of 100,000 like those in Myanmar. Maybe then the govt will really take note.

Anonymous said...

The PM was not there and has gone Globe trotting, as usual. An unnamed official received the Memo, eh?

tchon said...

haha, great editing!!

Anonymous said...

Babel fish it:



Anonymous said...

Nazi: "What crisis? What scandal?"

Bodohwi: "What march? What lawyers?"

Zami: "What justice? What news?"

On holidaymoon

Anonymous said...

FatTail: "Nothing criminal in tape."

- while it's not sure he saw the tape, even just that edited one. Acting like the Prosecuting team in the Atlantuya's case.

Note that he and the SHAM commissioner has(physically)
senget mouth. Interesting coincidence, eh?


Anonymous said...

Meantime ex-CJ HideAll (according to theStar) from that so-called Panel wants the person of the tape to come forward to aid the investigation! Nice and convenient free loading in surreal expectation.


Anonymous said...

And ACA meantime cannot find Lingam.

IOW, "I dunno", is a valid excuse in Bolehland and in high office.