Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lulu cannot help but think

that this is the kind of mentality/attitude that UMNO is trying to perpetuate with the NEP/DEB/whateveritiscallednow

Sad, isn't it?


Vincent said...

In a certain country (memory fails me now...)if the students fail the exam the authorities execute the teachers - teach the teachers a lesson! It's a fact - read it on a news item some while back. Teacher Training college anyone?

denzook said...

brilliant, i should have thought of this in school! but the others must also have the same thinking as her, otherwise it will be not the system (teacher) fails.

Anonymous said...

It started a long time ago when all corporal punishments were dropped due to UMNO indulging parents for political mileage and teachers of ole were reduced to little entities of little significance.