Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lulu Anxious For The Putrajaya Protestors

Malaysiakini update at 10:44am

Protesters barred from entering Putrajaya
Sep 26, 07 10:44am

The police have barred seven buses packed with lawyers and members of the public from entering Putrajaya this morning. The buses were headed towards the Palace of Justice in the administrative capital where the passengers were to take part in a protest march calling for a royal commission of inquiry into judicial integrity.
Malaysiakini learnt that some private vehicles too have been stopped from entering Putrajaya.
Those stranded - numbering about 200 - are now walking to the Palace of Justice, which is located about five kilometres away from where they have been stopped.

A friend who is there told Lulu that the busses were turned away, and they got down the bus and walked 5km to get into Putrajaya. There are more than a thousand protestors there, from the legal fraternity and civil society. There are more streaming in.
Lulu keeps reminding her friends, "take picture! take picture!", like as if they were tourists.
But, rest assured, there will be loads and loads of photographs and videos to mark this historical march.

The march itself to the PM's department has not started as the roads are blocked there too.

Lulu is praying that this march will send a chill down Badawi and company's spine.
oh... and i guess, no loya buruk jokes for a month. Thanks guys, for marching and standing up for us!

2nd update 11:51am
Police block protest march in Putrajaya

About 1,000 protesters who have gathered at the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya have been denied permission by the police to march the three kilometres to the Prime Minister’s Department to submit a memorandum on saving the judiciary. According to eyewitnesses, Putrajaya police chief Supt Abdul Razak Abdul Majid told the protest organisers - the Bar Council - that the march could not proceed due to security reasons. Bar Council vice-chairperson Ragunath Kesavan confirmed this to Malaysiakini. He also added that they would proceed with the march.

March begins despite police order
The protesters then heard a short speech from Bar Council chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan before starting their march at 12 noon.
“We walk peacefully and with dignity,” said Ambiga, who added that she was overwhelmed and proud of the good turnout today.
She said that the march was a “walk for justice” as “we deserve a first class judiciary”.
“When lawyers walk, that means there is something wrong. We want changes in the judiciary,” she said.
Protesters handing over memo
Having defied a police order not to march, protesters are now at the Prime Minister's Department where their representatives are handing over a memorandum to an official.
The protesters took about 30 minutes to reach the building. A four-member delegation led by Ambiga is currently in the building.
Those waiting outside are braving a heavy downpour that started about 12.45pm.
Walk for justice ends with memo submission
A peaceful ‘Walk for Justice’ organised by the Bar Council ended with the submission of a memorandum to the Prime Minister’s Department calling for the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry to stem the slide in the judiciary.
A four-member delegation from the Bar Council submitted the memorandum to an official from the PM’s Department. The premier is currently in New York.
They chanted "We want justice" as they marched, holding placards stating "Judiciary has gone to the dogs" and "Judiciary has gone (down) the drain".
Rocky is reporting from the ground We Are Marching


Anonymous said...

Thanks, keep us posted. My prayers are for those brave people

Anonymous said...

Good job in braving through the hurdles!! Only the groups who do not have guts to face the reality of justice would send in enforcement troops .... ha ... trying to scare the gutful Msian going to the place housing the sleeping leaders? No way mann!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the SIL and his FIL are holidaying in the Big Apple. When the former returns he may plot to make sparks fly.