Sunday, September 16, 2007

It Used To Be That SomeTimes, Lulu Don't Understand The Star

now, it's like quite often, Lulu doesn't understand The Star.

Looks at how the MPS meeting was covered by the other papers.

This is what Malaysiakini wrote

At this juncture, one resident committee representative known only as Rashid, allegedly lunged at Malaysian Animal Rights and Welfare Association (Roar) president N Surendran with Anthony caught in the middle.

“I’m on a wheelchair. I can’t run. I cannot protect myself. I was very scared,” said Anthony, who runs Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive).

Surendran said that although he was unhurt in the incident, he was certain that he would have been assaulted by Rashid had the latter not been restrained by others.

The two said Rashid had followed the group to the lobby of the MPS headquarters and that the latter’s antics didn’t stop there.

Animal lover Lim Ann Nee (right), who was taking video footage of the scene at the lobby was allegedly hit on one arm several times with a booklet by Rashid.

“I told him at least seven times ‘Don’t touch me!’. But he was chasing us away,” she said.
maybe you're thinking, "aiyah... that's Malaysiakini."
well, NST also reports a scuffle.

but the Star.... o the Star....
There was 2 coverage on it, one under nation, and the other in metro
Selayang dog-catching competition scrapped - no mention of any scuffles whatsoever
MPS scraps contest - even better.
As Tang was seated at the conference room on the ninth floor, SPCA representative N. Suren-dran, who is also Malaysian Animals Rights and Welfare Society (Roar) pro-tem committee president, demanded that the dog-catching competition be scrapped.
Tang asked him to calm down and said the issue had to be discussed rationally.
Surendran together with Petpositive president Anthony Thanasayan and Malaysian Association for Responsible Pet Ownership president Dr John Satyamoorthy then left in a huff.

hmm.... notice the gap?

ayoyo... ini Star....


KTemoc said...

Rover must have nipped off their two thingies

Anonymous said...

The factored arrogance of being unelected municipal officials.

The Star does not shine and hasn't since it was turned over in '87. There's also a price for Latukship too, no?


Michael Sun said...

The sad thing in Malaysia is that Muslims are not allowed to keep dogs even though they are Man's best friends. They have proven to be great assets in earthquakes and other disaster recovery works.

The other sad thing is that the powers-that-be are mainly Muslims and therefore decisions on dogs have therefore become taboo and sensitive. Cats which are bigger nuisance that dogs are not been targeted. Why?

Why punish the dogs? MPS should educate dog owners, give free training for dogs, provide amenities for dog owners like plastic bags for the dog's pooh and free service for neutering.

These are the mark of a civilised society. Unless we change 2020 may be just another dream.

Kavilan said...

aiyah.... this is like favouritism towards a certain party... or maybe even worse: Censorship of "dog" related matters!!!!

tsk tsk tsk.....

Anonymous said...

Prejudiced measure (only)against dogs played out in an obnoxious manner. That's easily discernable from 'em officials. Not PC to have to say but the truth! They simply got very frustrated and angry when challenged and found wanting.


denzook said...

"Cats which are bigger nuisance that dogs are not been targeted"

have you got surrounded by 4-5 stray untagged dogs while walking on the street alone ? have you got chased, attacked and bitten by these dogs before ? you may not experienced it but I'm sure there are several news in the past children sent to hospital because of the attack. as about public education, service and neutering costs money and workers, ask yourself would you really attend them if you own a dog. Some dog owners so insensitive that they let their dogs pee at car wheels even at their attendance. Worse, some do not even bath their dogs for months mind you and inviting smells and fleas to your yard. the situation in selayang might be so desperate that mps no brainers to come out this competition.

Anonymous said...

If parents are indeed prejudiced about dogs, strays or otherwise, their children, when unwatched, have that tendency to provoke dogs too. This, I have observed.

I have lived in areas where there used to have packs of strays occassionally and have not had any difficulties with them at all. Personally I have absolutely no problem befriending 'em poor mutt as well. Often how we react to animals determine how they react to us as well.