Sunday, August 12, 2007

Uproar! Uproar? What Uproar? Lulu Really, Really Doesn't Get It

Someone [Lulu, being a lulu, forgot who] once said that MCA has their branding / whatever[another lulu lost word moment] wrong.
They claim that they represent the Chinese voice in the BN.
But truth is, the way they act shows more likely that they are the voice of UMNO to the Chinese. UMNO comes up with some gibberish, and the running dogs in MCA are sent to "translate"/"repackage" it to the Chinese community and to appease them.

The following piece of news gives credence to that statement.

1. MCA secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan
more about him later

2. he had asked party leaders in Muar to speak with Wee’s father about the significance of the video.
yar. tell Lulu about it. What is the significance of this video?
Some people upset?
Your partner upset?
Tell Lulu! tell Lulu!
Lulu wants to know, cos other than yourself and the MCA Youth Head, Liow, Lulu dont see anyone from the community you kononnya represent, upset over it.

3. However, Ong stressed on Saturday that the party would not tell the family if Wee had been right or wrong to make the video.
Ha! Ha! But you are sending people there to advise the parents to teach their son?
How noble of you to stress that you are not telling the family if their son had done right ir wrong

4. “We just want to ask them to be careful and explain things so that the issue does not escalate,”
Doesn't this sound like some triad / 黑社會 / Mafia coming over to your house to "explain" things to you?

5. he told reporters after the Perak MCA Youth convention here
ah... if only he had mentioned it DURING the Youth convention. Now, wouldnt that be interesting?
Lulu's sure most of the fellas is part of the 712,267 who have viewed the video. The number does not include those who viewed it from spinoff sites, blogs and emails.
For all we know, the youth may want to ask namawee to jazz up their MCA anthem which probably sounds like a leftover of the cultural revolution.

6. “If anyone had been offended (by the video), we must clarify that it was not intentional.
Lulu didnt hear him say anything when the Chinese community took offence with the remarks made during the UMNO general assembly which was telecasted last year. And this was not a merajuk offended. When people talk about bathing keris-es in blood, there is fear amongst the people whose blood they are talking about.
And why does HE/MCA need to clarify? Namawee has already done his clarification.

shame on MCA!
shame on Ong Ka Chuan!

This could be an OKC hallucinating moment, kinda like when he thought he could wrestle Batu Gajah from incumbent, Ms CiliPadi
and haiyo... if Ong Ka Chuan sees this as his crusade, he deserves to be trashed by her.

Maybe he needs to run somewhere much safer, like in the home of Unitar.
Lulu heard the TanSri MP is not seeking another term there.

Trying to calm a manufactured outrage.
Making a mountain out of a molehill.
Making a fuss over nothing.

Lulu hopes that the average SinChew and Nanyang readers are able to see this.



Chicken Ball said...

LuLu... you are 1 angry person! LOL! and you are not alone! ;-(

Damn! those running dogs!

lucia said...

oh yeah! sock it to MCA, lulu!! damn idiots they are!! very geram to read about their views on this namawee video.

"UMNO comes up with some gibberish, and the running dogs in MCA are sent to "translate"/"repackage" it to the Chinese community and to appease them."
yes so true. they have no shame many times, over so many incidents we see this happening. they have to bow to UMNO! i'm sure if UMNO say nothing over namewee video, they would not have say anything or even might say namewee did nothing wrong but just because UMNO made noises, they too have to follow after UMNO to make noises!

grrrr!!! we don't want you, MCA to represent us chinese.

Anonymous said...

Lulu, I've no words for MCA which is fit to print or mention!


Shawn Tan said...

"When they come, they'll come at what you love." -- Michael to Victor Corleone (The Godfather III)

ghostline said...

Anonymous 1.31, how about this term they use out here in the Net: "MaChAi". Of course, this is easily adapted into an unprintable version too.

I hesitate to use 'FanGwuatZai', because it implies that the Chinese community actually once held some hope in them, and also because it comes from a communalist point of view, which plays into the hands of the fascists.

It's time to move beyond communalist politics; for once, to be colour-blind will be a good thing. Come join us at the Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka gathering on 25 August in KL (see for details)

mob1900 said...

remember Amir's The Last Communist? Who create the non-existent uproar? It all points to the real culprit that instigate and fabricate these virtual 'uproars' with mainstream jin and toyol tabloids: Barisan Najis!

Anonymous said...

stupid brothers