Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Something About Lulu Most Of You May Not Know

Lulu loves to watch Hongkong triad (黑社會)movies. Those classy stuff like the A Better Tomorrow series and my all time favourite Running Out Of Time [which wasnt't that triad-ish now that Lulu thinks about it] to the flaky stuff like Young and Dangerous, Lulu loves watching them.
I really can't explain why, especially since Lulu's the sort who gets squirmish and closes her eyes during fight scenes.

These triad guys - there's the good type, and the bad type.
The bad guys have no honor code. Just the greed code.

Sometimes, bad gangster beats up the hero.
But hero, being the tough hero, is not easy to crack. Whack him left, right, center, he won't squeal.

So, what do these honor-less bad gangster do?
They capture the loved one of the hero, and start intimidating her, maybe even rough her up a few times.

Whilst the hero can take the pain of being beaten countless times, him to hear his loved one being tortured.... argh.. it is infinetely more painful and tormenting compared to having to take the beating himself.

The hero is left in a difficult position.

Does the bad gangster win?
In the hongkie movies, the hero usually wins.
But the fight is long.
And it is tough.

But many times, the hero gets help from his friends.
His loyal friends.

And he has loads of them, cos he's the good guy.

Lulu heard the sequel to another favourite SPL will be out soon. Looking forward to watching it. Who knows, you may catch Lulu at the cinema too!

This post was just something Lulu thought you probably didn't know about her, and would like to know.
It has no bearings to this report

07/08: Raja Petra’s wife called in for interrogation

Malaysia TodayRaja Petra Kamarudin’s wife, Marina Lee, has been summoned to the Dang Wangi Police Station, Jalan Stadium, at 11.00am, Wednesday, 8 August 2007, for interrogation related to the investigation under the Sedition Act launched against Raja Petra.It is not known whether the police are trying to build up a case against Marina as well so that she can be jointly-charged with Raja Petra.
Update 11am
Marina, 51, accompanied by her husband and a few supporters, arrived at the Dang Wangi district police station in Jalan Tun HS Lee at about 10.40 am this morning.
Also there to show support are popular bloggers Ahirudin Attan and Marina Mahathir.



Shawn Tan said...

ooo.. i also love young & dangerous.. that's a classic..

team bsg said...

a fiting correlation befitting your latent potential as a future suspense director of blockbusters.
Only this time the good guys and bad guys are kinda tricky since the alien within is like venom so beware

lucia said...

lulu, very shrewd of you to connect your fav triad shows to the news you gave us in the end. i understand. :)

btw i too like triad or gangsters movies, especially those that are very suspenseful and gave you an unexpected twist to the ending.

Anonymous said...

From young, our Asian religious teaching and culture taught us that the "good" always triumph over "evil". Unlike in movies, the director is always in charge but in reality, the powerful "seeems" to be in charge but they will always face the Almighty director above or the hell below. In cosmic law, the good always prevail and the evil punished.


Anonymous said...

there are 2 version of Y&D, one with chan ho nam an undercover, one with coke bashing version ..... which one you prefer ....

Anonymous said...

huh?... can't bent this guy RPK, so starts using triad tactics, ka?

Josh said...

Dont you know our fuss are the neo-triads? I am dreaming of a story-idea for a Youtube movie starring our fuss, RPK and Muhammedx2. It will be out before the election.

Anonymous said...

Clever Girl