Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lulu's Emotional Roller Coaster

remember how Lulu wanted to be selfish and not share?

Lulu was very excited to see an email alert from Khazanah Global Lectures.
For a moment, Lulu's heart skipped a beat.
turned to :( as Lulu read the contents.
for those of you who are unable to read the fine print, and would like to take Lulu through the sad path again, let Lulu reproduce it for you.
However, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate a seat for you at the main venue, Hilton KL Sentral on 15th August 2007.
oh well....

Then an hour later, Lulu got another mail from Khazanah!!!!
and like a repeat of the movies which keep repeating on HBO,
For a moment, Lulu's heart skipped a beat again.
yippeee! again
and again, turned to :( as Lulu read the contents.

argh.....! how could they be such meanies to post it to Lulu twice????
haiyoh! and aiyoh!
How could they?

Maybe it's better if Lulu didnt go, [i know this sounds so lulu but...] cos she'll be too busy gushing over and ogle-ing over Muhd Yunus to pay attention to his lecture.


Sue Shiew said...

Lulu, MH expects to receive an invite to the next one by Stiglitz. Ask him how he gets his :-)

fatchipmunk said...

was there and impressed with the down to earth approach of the guy...could almost hear his voice creak when he said..."what good is my head knowledge and degrees if I can't help the poor village next to my university".....totally dropped my jaw......