Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lulu Very Impressed Over MCA's Latest Debutante. Yar. And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

DAP is on a roll, bringing forward people of substance like
>Dr Cheah who is a psychiatrist. You may not have heard of him prior to the announcement, but he has consistently contributed to society. He is a former of the President of Private Medical Practitioners Association of Selangor/Kuala Lumpur and a former President of the Malaysian Mental Health Association
>JeffOoi who is Malaysia's most influential blogger and champion of good governance. He blogs on governance issues in domestic and global arenas. He is also the founder and administrator of USJ and Subang Jaya's own community forum, one of the most succesful neighbourhood forum in Malaysia.

errhhh... what does MCA have to offer?
Victor Gu.
Victor who? Victor Gu!
Victor who? Victor Gu!
[aiyoh... this is like playing rhyming game with kids]

In MCA's books, he's such a "big" "catch", they featured him twice in the news page of the MCA mouthpiece aka the Star.
MCA team to train young members to be good speakers [NATION 18-Jul-2007]
Gu wants to help party recruit members [NATION 29-Jul-2007]

His credentials [in moments like these, Lulu kesiankan him. so tak-glam, his credentials] as per Star's report
Petaling Jaya-born Gu,
Arts and Social Science graduate of Universiti Malaya
[fainted - only now] beginning to develop an interest in political work
a product marketing manager
TV news anchor
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host [that's the name of the show, not his secret desire to be a millionaire host]

wow... Lulu's impressed...
yar. and the cow jumped over the moon.

And what are the parties aspirations for him?
To quote Malaysiakini,
"some resistance was noted after rumours emerged that Gu would be contesting the Damansara Utama state seat in the coming elections. "
"But a source said that party president Ong Ka Ting is backing Gu’s candidacy for Damansara Utama. His reason - MCA has to compete with the DAP in fielding more well known young professionals."
and if Victor Gu, with his "impressive" credentials is actually being considered for DU state seat, Lulu says, "bring him on!". The SS2, Damansara voters are going to be so thrilled and impressed with the opportunity to vote the game show host in to the State Assembly.
Yar. and the cow jumped over the moon.

He insisted that he never received any offer from the party to contest in the elections. “Until now, I have not received any offer and hence, I never think about being a candidate,” he told Malaysiakini.
Guess for now, we have to take his word for it
But, of course, a professional talker and a BN politician's word cannot be taken as the truth so easily.
However, word on the street is that there was a lot of "happiness" expressed over the possibility of his inclusion during a certain party's state meeting held today. [btw, its gotta be on the streets already if even lulu's heard about it]
ok, ok, cow taking a rest after jumping over the moon so many times.

here's a Lulu thought...
maybe indeed he's not running
maybe instead, he's the one entrusted with an important task for OKT
maybe, just maybe, with the skills he gained from Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, OKT has entrusted this ex-game show host to interview the potential candidates. MCA's own version of Who Wants to Be A MCA Politician

A good question to ask
Q: Who is the most powerful person in Malaysia
a) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
b) Ong Ka Ting
c) Samy Vellu
d) Khairy Jamalluddin
e) the hand that rocks the cradle
That's a toughie - cos, some may beg to differ on what the answer is in reality compared to what it should be on paper. Totally ambigious answer

so, if you're a pembodek OKT, and OKT approves of you,
pembodek OKT (we're not going to mention HER name) : Badawi / OKT / SamyVellu / KJ /the hand that rocks the cradle / LULU / you pick-lah, cos it doesn't really matter what she answers. it's always correct.
VG : Yes! and you have made it to the next round! Congratulations. You get to run for PJ Utara.

If you're not in OKT good books
bad books politician (no names! no names!): Ong Ka Ting
VG with poker face : Are you sure? Are you positive you want to stay with that answer? You still have time to change the answer.
bad books politician (no names! no names!): erhh...
VG with poker face : You still have time... but the clock is ticking. tik tok tik tok
bad books politician (no names! no names!): (d) Khairy Jamaluddin
VG with [ha!ha! not so poker face]: peeb! You are [pause to build up suspense............] wrong. Khairy Jamaluddin does not hold office. He's neither Menteri, MP, State Assemblyman or a Senator. peeb! You've just lost your candidacy for the DU seat.

Maybe-lah, just maybe, that's the task OKT is entrusting him with.

btw, Lulu just finished watching the AEC Talking Issues program. On the panel tonight is Chin-Tong, Josh Hong and Victor Gu.
Chin-Tong, as Lulu has mentioned before, is one smart guy with passion for the nation. Lulu is impressed, as usual.
Josh is Josh
Victor Gu, kesian dia..., is only able to give shallow answers to the questions. Lulu not sure whether it is because he is "beginning to develop an interest in political work" or is it memang an MCA thing to be of minimal substance.

and for those who think that Victor Gu is going to get votes because he's a leng chai, Lulu recommends you take a look at Chin-Tong's cutie baby smile.
In Lulu's books [and Lulu guesses this would include a lot of aunties in DU state seat], cutie baby smile with substance goes a long way.


Updated 2:00pm.

Per Malaysiana,
TV appearances
I will be appearing on Astro AEC 19 at 11p.m. Saturday with Victor Gu (Hu Jian Biao) and Josh Hong (Tang Nan Fa).
The same set of panelists will also appear on TV2’s What Say You programme on Sunday 7p.m.
Both programmes were prompted by the entrances of Victor and Jeff Ooi into MCA and DAP respectively. See Malaysiakini (Chinese version) for details.
See you then:)


Anonymous said...

OKT'name is not worth mentioning by you.He talked so much about healthy political culture and yet has been doing all the unhealthy things in his party: appointing his own brother OKC as Sec-gen of MCA, Chairman of Perak MCA, and worst still Principal of MCA's School of Political Studies!Cakap tak serupa bikin!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, not only the cow jumped over the Moon, it landed on Mars as well. You don't need spacecrafts from NASA, only MCA!


Anonymous said...

isn't this victor gu appear in news that he kena robbed. if this guy becomes an MP i hope he can beef up security in pju, i'm from pju btw.

What A Lulu said...

chew mee fun also kena robbed beofre. her house was broken into whilst she was out.
her solution was to move to a gated community.

well, let's bring on Victor Gu, MCA's biggest catch!