Monday, August 06, 2007

Lulu Suspects AAB Balderdash-es The Rakyat of Malaysia

Have you heard of this boardgame called Balderdash?

Balderdash is a game which combines your skills as a wordsmith and a bluffer. It's totally funny, absolutely hilarious.

The players are given a word/phrase/name, and
What you have to do is make up answers to the definitions. The categories normally contain real but unbelievable content about People, Words, Initials, Movies and Laws.

Because the word is usually so-out-of-this-world, we have to create a phony answer, trying to make it sound as believable as possible.
The answers are gathered, and read along with the correct answer
You have to guess which of the definitions are correct.

for example, we got a card, which requested us to give the definition of "coxopodite"
coxo-po-what? no ones heard of it.
so, with your skills in bluffology, you create a meaning to the word.

The five teams playing last night came up with these answers
a) Leprosy patient who has lost all his toes
b) extinct insect last spotted in the Amazon
c) surgically corrected spine
d) lobster leg joint
e) fetish for small toes
remember, only one answer is correct.
The rest were spinned.
Which do you think, is the correct one?

Halfway playing, listening to some of the answers offered, Lulu was begining to think, "hey.... Maybe AAB has been balderdashing us all this while"

Let's look at his latest statements found in the Star PM: Search for real solutions to fight poverty
Abdullah also congratulated former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali on their 51st wedding anniversary, which fell yesterday.
“I wish you both all the best. You are the example of a smart partnership,” he added.


He added that by 1990 Malaysia had limited poverty to only 15% of the population, compared with 50% in 1970.

“Let us concentrate our thoughts on finding solutions to this problem,” said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Coming from Badawi, it's difficult to tell what is spinned / balderdash, and what is true.

What do you think a coxopodite is?
without looking it up the internet / dictionary, take your pick and drop lulu a comment.
Lulu's curious how she would have scored if she were playing against you.


eveyone who tried guessing choose a fetish for small toes.
beeeeeeeep.....! wrong!
it's (d) lobster leg joint
my well crafted, or so i think story, was the leper answer


Josh said...

I like this really like this...
Abdulah Ahmad Balderdash.

ghostline said...


Using my marvellous analytical skills learned from the illustrious Economic Planning Unit, I can extract 'pod' (feet) from the word.

therefore, my answer is:
(e) a fetish for small toes.

how score I?

jesscet said...

lulu has great imagination not only playing Balderdash but Balderdashing it to your political blog! ;)

btw, a fetish for small toes was wrong and i think lulu's team fell for it?

lucia said...

another balderdash from AB was this part:

"He said the Malaysian experience in tackling poverty was an example that could be emulated elsewhere. "

hmph! made me go ROTFL!!

first of all i don't think malaysia had tackle poverty well at all, and even if yes (or no), why so proud that others should emulate you?? pigilah mr PM!!!

and i don't think they can eradicate poverty seeing the way they go about it. i am involved in a society that helps the poor and i see so many poor people around... poor people that the government are not even aware of!

Anonymous said...

AAB was balderdashing Lulu before she was born.

He was building up his political support as the head of the Public Service Commission by allowing in unqualified people into the Gahmen service. Imagine the number of aspiring applicants who then were qualified and denied acceptance. And all this happened b4 the boldly overt discriminatory policies after the late sixties came into being.