Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lulu Still Very Concerned Over Projek Sedia Gempur

remember gempur?
serang attack
binasa destroy
hancur crush?
This is what "gempur" ala UMNO looks like

sobering, isnt it?
are you scared?
scared that they'll harm you and your family?
scared enough to bend down to their commands?
scared enough to vote for them because you think that it helps maintain peace in the nation?

forget it. vote these hoodlums in, and it will only get worse.

Wouldn't it be a better strategy for BN to appeal to our intellect, prove their sincerity by their works and show us the fruits of their labour?
or maybe they're not able to. Maybe they have neither intellect, nor sincerity, nor labour much less fruits to boast of.
That's why they have to opt for Projek Sedia Gempur.

Lulu has told you before, and Lulu's telling you again, you need to make a difference in your vote this coming elections.

Don't be cowed by these hoodlums.
Dont't end up shackled by them.



lucia said...

exactly!! when i first read about the slogan with the word 'gempur', this kind of scenario appears before me. scary!

dajal said...

Why the FRU appear so timid aah? Tangkap saja lah yang cakap benda sensitif and seditious tu! Yang melaung melalap macam monyet depan muka tu - humban terus ke lokap

Anonymous said...

aka gangsterism. unfortunately plentiful in this lovely country and worst condone by the government.