Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lulu Spent Little Time Wondering About the Young Chaps at MCA

they said SO MUCH during the recently adjourned MCA Youth meeting.
For a moment, a very, very short moment, Lulu wondered if they would actually do anything to make what they say a reality.
Nah... fat [wallet] hopes
dont vote these silly boys in.


koolgeek said...

Politik-sampah climaxing.

UMNO Youth wanna bathe keris with Chinese blood. MCA Youth defends with a book.

Then they smile and shake hands in front of cameras.

Chicken Ball said...

MCA Youth statement of "ren bu fan wo, wo bu fan ren" wasn't even reported in any english or malay medium online news!

This statement was catered only for the chinese, a true sandiwara!

Anonymous said...

Your advice of "don't vote these silly boys in" is much too mild.

A better phrase would be "Make these stupid monkeys lose their deposits"

Anonymous said...

low life parasites crowding 'round racist maggot.

penang-kia said...

When it is a question of money,they are the same religion.

Anonymous said...

"low life parasites"

The ass-selling parasite merchants only sell their community's asses -and real cheap too! Yet their hardcore ah mows and ah tows always vote for them - for crumbs.