Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lulu Says It's A Lot, A Lot More Than Just The Driver

The easy way out would be to blame the driver.

As it is, the Star "cleverly" looked up the rilek database to check the driver's offences.

It sounds awful, doesnt it? 13 summonses over 6 years totalling RM1980, which Lulu assumes is not discounted since he is the bad guy of the day.

But before you crucify him, look at the offences. Probably other than driving a bus which did not have a permit, most of us would also be guilty of speeding, not wearing a seat belt and not producing a driving licence.

And to put things into a more "high horse" manner, let's look at the "kononnya" leaders of our country's track record. This list was compiled by Malaysiakini a year ago.

What is 13 summons over 6 years totalling up to RM1,980 at an undiscounted rate?

Shame on the not just the Star, but also the other Malay and English papers for sensationalizing it!

Let's focus on the real issues on hand, like
law enforcement
the bus company
the working conditions of the drivers
the uselessness of the current fitness certification for commercial vehicles

and let us never forget the lives which were lost

1. Siti Sophia Ismail, 23, Alor Star
2. Teoh Kee Song, 34, Padang Temusu, Kedah
3. Zaiton Bachik, 56, Malacca
4. Nur Sharul Miza Mohd Khairi, 27, Sungai Petani
5. Tea Choon Joo, 36, Padang Temusu, Kedah
6. Zuliani Buang, 25, Tanjung Keling, Malacca
7. Shahril Afendi, 22, Alor Star
8. T. Krishnan, 46, Kedah
9. Fadliz Ahmad, 22, Jasin, Malacca
10. Express bus driver Rohizan Abu Bakar, 37, Kulim, Kedah
11. Josli Arshad, 39, Jambatan Duyong, Malacca
12. Nazri Nordin, 35, Ayer Itam, Penang
13. Pang Tee Min, 58, Malacca
14. Mohd Yazid Md Yusoh, 27, Jasin, Malacca
15. Kamis Said, 62, Masjid Tanah, Malacca
16. Md Basri, Merlimau, Malacca
17. H. Abu Bakar, 37, Medan, Indonesia
18. Sri Asiah, 32, Indonesia
19. P. Sunderesvarar, 31, Kedah
the families affected
and the people whose lives they have touched

and make sure the government and the enforcement agencies never bring this kind of grieve into the lifes of other people.



lucia said...

let them lah... blame the driver. when they directly blame the driver, they are indirectly blaming the system, the gomen - so let it be.

e.g. when one talk about the driver having so many summonses, any 10 years old kid would have be aware that this points back to JPJ or the law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Enforcement is a big joke. Take for instance, along Jalan Ampang. Few months back, I saw too rival bus drivers parking their buses in front of a chinese temple and guess what? Both had parked their buses in the middle of the road, quarrelling, shouting at each other while causing a traffic jam along Jalan Ampang. That went on for almost 5 minutes with motorists wondering what happened. On a normal day, stage buses weaved in and out of traffic along Jalan Ampang, tearing and bullying smaller vehicles. In front of Ampang Park they stopped in the middle of the "bottled-neck" road and caused crawling motorists behind bumper to bumper. It also happened in front of Citibank, refusing to enter the parking bay provided for them. These inconsiderate drivers parked along side close to the middle of the road causing traffic jams in the mornings and evenings. Tell me, I have never witnessed any enforcement officers checking on their inconsiderate ways. So when accidents happened, blame who?

norzah said...

The bus driver had to take the blame but I'm certain he didn't want to die if he could help it. It was an ACCIDENT. Even Jumbo Jets have crashed killing hundreds of people, It's tragic, unfortunate, scarry...but remeber! When someone up there says your time is up, ( and it's very rare that a number of people had their number coming up at the same instant!), no one can save you. We must, of course, do everything to prevent a recurrence and punish the guilty party, but let us not think that Man can outwit
his Creator.....

Anonymous said...

The contributory causes, one of which is wrt that stretch of Bk. Gantang road(where the Highway and the old road almost touches each other) is the most dangerous stretch of the NS highway NEVER gets mentioned by the MSM despite the obvious nature in which the earlier "cost saving" planning and approval of the Highway now exerts a heavy cost. Irony and obfucation. Smaller past accidents don't get reported.