Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lulu Public Service Announcement

"Don't display the national flag in a manner that is deemed degrading. For instance, it is not proper for you to display it as a bikini, swimsuit, towel, wash clothes, or use it as a tablecloth and cushion or toilet seat covers," he said.
sorry guys, i guess you wont be seeing anymore of those left kinda picture. [Kinda ala namawee, they also bullied the poor model into apologising] The illustration is put up for those of you who cant quite imagine how it can be used as a swinsuit/bikini/towel. Contoh Tidak Boleh. And Lulu doesnt want you to be caught unaware that this is the wrong way of wearing it.

as for the chap on the right, Lulu's not sure if he was using the flag as a towel or a scarf. It was a hot day, kay, standing outside the KL convention center for more than 2 hours in the hot afternoon
Some meanies out there may have think that it is being used as a toilet seat cover.

Whateter it is, if you're unsure, heed the advise from the ministry

Individuals or companies who want to display the Jalur Gemilang in a creative manner but have doubts about whether it is appropriate can contact the secretariat at (03) 8888-1957.
so, if you're in doubt whether the way you are draping a flag is degrading or not, check with the ministry. I'm sure they'll be helpful and give you the right kind of advice.

oh.. the helpful article can be found in the Star PM's Dept: Cakes with Jalur Gemilang disrespectful


Anonymous said...

Why display it at all? You can't go wrong that way.


josh said...

I wrote a bit about this yesterday too. Bikinis and Swimsuits are not clothes in malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right. With so much rules and regulations governining the flag, why bother to have it. Nowadays, there is so much frantic concern about the "outer rituals" but not the "substance" of respecting the country. What about transparency, accountability, corruption free and all those morals and values in governance? Isn't all these more important than showing token respect to a flag. The officialdom should examine the word, what "respect" to a flag and country really means rather than drumming up all these creative but useless rules. A cake is a cake, and cream made to look like a flag is in reality not a clothe flag. Is the reflection of the moon in a pond, really the moon? Stupidity is certainly no prerequisite in the corridor of powers.


zewt said...

so many things spoken about the flag.... come 1 sept... all will be forgotten.

lucia said...

the thing about no jalur gemilang design on cakes is very ridiculous to me. what's so wrong with celebrating our merdeka with a cake in the jalur gemilang design? when we eat the cake, we are only eating all the flour, baking powder, sugar (whatever in cake making), we are not 'eating' the jalur gemilang!!

stupid people with stupid ideas!

Anonymous said...

Not just stupid(if only!).

They sound outright malicious!


Josh said...

Here is my post:

Sunflower said...

Have you tried looking for the circular on the Information Ministry's website, like oh-so-helpfully suggested by the article? Coz I spent 15 minutes at the site and found nothing. Zilch. I challenge anybody to find it.