Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lulu Proposal For MIC Election Sales Pitch

As most of you already know, Lulu is a slow thinker.
It just dawned upon Lulu that MIC can add into their CV "protector of religious faiths in Malaysia"
Look what they have done in defending the Christians against the insult caused by Makkal Osai. wah...! sso successful! MIC should definitly make their voters know that they are a valiant defender of religion in Malaysia. Let it be known that it concerned them greatly that what Makkal Osai did hurt the feelings of Christians in the country and they were out there defending Jesus and the Christians in Malaysia.

Makkal Osai last Tuesday, published a picture of Jesus holding a beer can on his one hand and cigarettes in his other hand.
The initial reaction from some amongst the Christian community and the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism (MCCBCHS) was outrage.
MIC jumped to the call to “defend” Jesus integrity and the Christian faith by pursuing a ban on MO.
And they were so successful in their demands to bring justice to the insult on Jesus, the paper was given a one month ban.

Lulu guess, after this, no one can accuse MIC for being silent when someone’s faith is attacked or insulted. After all, MIC would point them back to how they dealt swiftly with Makkal Osai for insulting the Christians.

Never mind that the newspaper has apologised for the boo-boo, Tamil daily says sorry over Jesus pic
and the Majlis and the Christian community has accepted the apology
The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism, however, expressed regret over the one-month suspension.
“It is an unfair and hasty decision when the council, including its Christian religious leader, had accepted the apology by the newspaper.
“It is our opinion that a warning would have been sufficient. We will appeal to the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister to reconsider,” said its president Datuk A. Vaithilingam. Makkal Osai suspended
or that Makkal Osai is aligned to Datuk SS Subramaniam, a non-ally of a semi-value minister, and that the paper has been very critical of the Malaysian Indian Congress. And now that there is a one month suspension, whatever is going on about Maika Holdings and the sudden death of a local Indian actress will not have this avenue to be made known to Tamil readers.

And we won't mention that out of all the religious house of worships in Malaysia, the Hindu temples are the ones most often torn down. Ask Haris if MIC was at the Hindu temple in Tambak Paya, Malacca. The temple has since been torn down in spite of the protests.
Hardly would you see MIC, which is supposed to represent the Indians whom a large number of them are Hindus, speaking up and protecting their temples.

And even more recently, when HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) tried to meet the PM to to hand over the 18-point memorandum produced from a forum, they were sent to the PM’s office on the day that he was not in. Yes. Lulu knows that PM is not in most of the days, but to send them there on a Sunday knowing full well, that’s not very kind. Where was MIC? Erhm….

And of course, we wouldn’t mention the disproportion of Indians in Malaysia who are marginalised and living in poverty. Indian Malaysians making up about 8% of the country’s population, they own less than 2% of its national wealth. Try to imagine what happens to the 2% if you take away Ananda Krishnan's wealth.

Yes! Let’s sell the MIC in the coming General Elections as the defender of religious faiths in Malaysia! and let's not mention the rest, kay.



mob1900 said...

MIC, defender of faith? PO-DAH!
When there are temples being torn down everyday and here the big-slab of rotten meat dares to champion other faiths? If I'm a christian, I would be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Big Bad Samy is a closet Christian all along?

kittykat46 said...

"Try to imagine what happens to the 2% if you take away Ananda Krishnan's wealth."
Heheheh...good one Lulu. I think most of the balance would belong to Semi Value.