Friday, August 24, 2007

Lulu Knows Fear

Many people do not like to talk about fear.
They look upon fear as a weakness.
But fear is not always a bad thing.
afterall, we do teach our children to be wary of strangers, for we fear the big bad wolf out there who may try to do nasty things to our children.
we do not press our hand against a boiling kettle for the fear of scalding our hand.

Identifying our fears, knowing the effects of ignoring them helps us to plan and take action so that what we fear will not happen.
We conquer the fear by not allowing the events to happen.

Lulu has a lot of fears and concern for the nation. The beruk who controls level 4 is one of them.
Reading this piece of news in the Star today caused Lulu's "fear alarm" to come on.

We have a secular constitution.
We are governed by a secular court.
We are a democratic state.
Proposed laws are to be tabled in government before they are passed and implemented.

To use the Syariah law would be to bypass the legistlation of new laws and to parachute [whose version, we dont know] the Syariah law into the judiciary.

The motion to start a theocracy has begun.

Lulu's MP aint going to do anything about it. She didnt do anything when her fellow BN-ers were making degratory remarks to Fong Po Kuan in parliament.
Lulu's going to vote in someone who will in the coming elections.

The boys in MCA youth aint going to do anything about it. Other than making heroic speeches in Mandarin, they have been silent most of the times.
Lulu's going to vote in someone who will in the coming elections.



Anonymous said...

huh? want to change & replace existing law every time they have an orgasm?

one man's meat is another man's poison... what is good for some morons is greatly unpleasant to another human.

is high time we disregard those parasites in mca to defend whatever residual rights we have in the constitution, its now or never & to act we must...

vote the opposition - is a vote for the survival of chinese's existence in malaysia.

Anonymous said...


you cant do it alone. spread the message and create awareness before it is too late.
good luck in your endeavours.

kittykat46 said...

The apparently innocent sounding critique of the use of English Common Law is part of the "slippery slope" towards establishing an Islamic theocracy.

Making Syariah the law of the
land, via the back door. No need to amend the Constitution.

And the Chief Justice is behind this...sends shivers down my back...

What A Lulu said...

anon4:14, its not about the survival of the chinese, but a fight for bangsa malaysia.

Anonymous said...

since the parliament is owned 92%, they can at anytime (tomorrow ?)unanimously vote for syariah, and after 2 months the country become 100% islamic country.

Anonymous said...

you cant do anything. If you do something, the SB and FRU come and tangkap you. And theyy put you in kamunting. So sit well and accept fate lor.

koolgeek said...

A Pakistan in the making!

koolgeek said...

It is time to rally for corporate support to move out this regime.

carboncopy said...

Corporate support?

I don't know any corporate figures, but judging from how they do business; I doubt there's any use.

They just move their family and wealth out of the country. And business as usual until it is not viable.

I hope I am wrong though.

mob1900 said...

First to go are the 'Judge Dreads' especialy the 'acting' kepala antu-lah, why? 'coz they're ALL TRAINED with English Judiciary Laws. So since that dumb**** agrees to Syariah Law, he and all his colleagues will no longer be employed sebab tak fasih/layak in intepreting Syariah Laws.

Another thing, Barisan Najis will have to hand over to Opposition PAS, no need election dee. Habis cerita. If they can do this 'requirement', then gua also support Syariah Law. ;)

Rauff said...

It will never happen. The government could not afford to loose the billions spent by foreign investors. Changing the whole law system has never been heard of. If it ever comes into place many will leave the country. Local and foreigners alike.

Anonymous said...

With the type of governance that does things on the basis of, "because it can", it has already attempted it surreptitiously in part and will continue to slowly sneak in more and more of the same.

In a different world after 9/11 the investors are more watchful and selelctive besides the costs factor.