Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Lulu Hypothetical Case Study

What would you do if you were in this situation?

You are one of the bigger parties in a political coalition of the ruling party.
Though your branding is that you kononnya represent a particular race, everyone knows you are a running dog to the main stake holder party
The main stake holder in the party, which is the actual bosses in that coalition, has made an issue out of a non issue, crying out that someone did something seditious, and should be stripped of his nationality.

You panic.

You didn't realise that the non-issue was played up by the main stake holder, mainly to distract the nation from the real and more serious problems in the country.
So, [in your panic, not realising the motive, but] recognising your #1 duty in that coalition, which is to make sure your political masters are pleased with you, you send your machai to visit the parents of the guy behind the non-issue and "explain" to them

Then you arrange for a press conference where everyone is there to watch you triumph victoriously over the issue, getting poor hapless chap to call and apologise.
And of course, this apology was plastered and blasted all over the papers. Not sure if you got airtime or not. Let's assume you did.

Then you smile. Pleased with yourself, thinking you came out looking like a hero, you went to sleep thinking your political masters are pleased with you.

Remember what you didn't realise?

mega OOPs...!
You played the cards wrongly.
And your political masters, still needing an issue to distract the public from the real problems on hand, turns the table on you by declaring the apology unaccepted! The country has been insulted, and the AG will study what charges to bring upon the chap.
What a blow!

When you thought it was an issue which needed your intervention, you featured him in your newspaper on the 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th .

The hypothetical question to this hypothetical situation
As the owner of a local paper, what do you do on the 18th?

Would you continue to highlight this "issue" as it is still an issue, especially since some parties are calling out for his pound of blood
seeing the embarassment that you have gotten your party into, you call for a black-out on the issue in your papers?

Which course would you take?

remember, this is a hypothetical question.
if you get a copy of Malaysia's leading English newspaper and notice some "hot news" missing, erhh.... erhh.... erhhh.... erh? coincidence?

Let Lulu leave you with a rhyme which she learnt when she was a child. You may want to sing it to your child this weekend.


KTemoc said...

;-) you could publish some nice photos of lion dances, with caption "Nice pussy cat"

ghostline said...

wow big storm in teacup at the MCA Youth AGM, by a few chaps trying to convince the public that they are not as MaChAi as we all think they are.

Is this true? Will the MaChAi suddenly throw off the yoke of MaChAidom and reclaim their dignity as human beings? Or will the big MaChAi's slap the small MaChAi's back into their proper place?

Only time will tell.