Friday, August 24, 2007

Lulu Hits The Karaoke Circuit

reported by Malaysiakini Zam: Some bloggers like karaoke singers

Lulu wants to be in the elite "millions of hits" circle. So, looks like Lulu will take the first step by hitting the karaoke circuit AND singing out of tune.

The first song lulu would sing is Never Been To Me, a Lulu rendition, dedicated specially to Zam-zam-alikhazam, fondly refered to in the song as Zam-ee

Hey Zam-ee,
you Zam-ee,
crying at your life

You're a discontented newsman and a regimented politician
I've no doubt you dream about the things you'll never do
But, I wish someone had talked to you
Like I wanna talk to you.....

Oh, you've been to London and Utusan and anywhere you could run
You took the hand of a beruk man and you made "news" in the press
But you ran out of places and friendly faces because you had to be an-UMNO-man
You've been to boleh-land
but you've never been to you

cheers everyone!
see ya at Blog House tomorrow!



Chicken Ball said...

sour grapes! LMAO!

zewt said...

i will be out of town... send my regards to the rest.

Jun-E said...

Zam reads Kenny! Wahahaha...
See you there tomorrow ;)

Anonymous said...

Some gomen ministers wanna control what ppl think....and zip their mouth as well. You'll need an advance micro-chip implant/embedment, Zam.


Anonymous said...

if you knowingly want to break the law and expect to get away scot free, join UMNO Klang.
if you want to get rich by screwing KPA, join UMNO Kapar.
if you want to be a karoake singer and have the mainstream papers droolig for your out of tune songs, join UMNO Merbok (chirp, chirp).
if you want to be a karoake singer with no listeners, BE A BLOGGER.

kittykat46 said...

Lord Zam completely fails to see that most bloggers are loyal citizens who are simply angry and fed-up with those in power robbing the country blind and trampling on the Constitution for quick political gains.

ghostline said...

hey hey you you!
i don't like your Zam-Zam!
no way no way!
i think you need a new one!
hey hey you you!
who wants to be a Zam-Zam?
no way no way!
Zam-Zam makes you dumb-dumb!

*cue catchy guitar riff

(ciplak karaoke disc from Kenny Sia's original ciplak of Avril Lavigne)

Anonymous said...

Actually there isn't much to choose from, between Nazi Nazri and Lord Zam, as King of the Cro-Magnon Bodohland.


Mamaa said...

This mamak says the bloggers have no influence. Good. Bagus. So what's the fuss? He is useless. Can't even tell lies. Vote Zakaria for Misinformation Minister!

zorro said...

When Iput Zam in my Mexican (aka fart) Chamber he is now more shit than fart. Have to renovate my chamber for his next visit.The way he is going he will be a regular visitor of my chamber. I like what you said that Bangsa Malaysia night....why you disappear so fast or was I spending too much time in the Tiger Cage.I am considering your in the Pelitar

zorro said...

....oopps what hapapened...yes am considering your participation in Pelitar.

Anonymous said...

Those schoolgal days of byting tales and zamming males are gone
But in mind the dungu menteri will steal go on and on
but how do you tell someone still so stubbron as a mule
that you don't ever try to smart ass anyone
especally bloggers with wispy whips
and a lulu with swingin hips
Zammy boy don't ever try, fry, fly...

Dear lulu: we duet at sext laraoke session to the zammed tune of To Sire With Laff, K! ~~ Desi