Monday, August 13, 2007

Lulu Wishes the Component Parties Were Bold Like UPKO

This piece of news leaves Lulu very much disturbed

AAB was speaking at the Convention of the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) in KK on Saturday.
You have to understand the background of UPKO to appreciate their concern and boldness in this matter.

Just a week or so back, the party president spoke his stand, “For all intents and purposes, I think Malaysia was not meant to be an Islamic state,”
and the next day, the mainstream media completely ignored his statement.
But we know all about it, thanks to Malaysiakini.

The issue was brought up again by the Tan Sri during the convention, and AAB, if you read carefully, said a lot, without saying anything.

“I know these are serious issues. We cannot run away from this. I have never (run) away. I am sure there will be a point where we can all meet and accept (a solution).
“If we find certain problems difficult to solve, then if we need to change the law, we will do so,”
Did you realise that?

If for a moment, you still think those are words assuring you that he will go the way of Bangsa Malaysia, Lulu will tell you here and now, forget it.
AAB is going to follow the voice of the power brokers, who believe in the divide and rule princple.
AAB, in his fear of losing the Malay vote, will go the Syariah way.
AAB, in his fear of looking less Islamic than his PAS rivals, will go the Syariah way.
AAB, who in his last budget presentation, brought forth elements of Islam Hadhari, will go the Syariah way.
AAB, who in the latest National Education Blueprint integrated elements of Islam Hadhari, will go the Syariah way.

Lulu wishes she was wrong, but in this case, Lulu's sure AAB will go against the Federal Constitution and go the Syariah way.

Just a thought
If a small little party like UPKO could make a stand on the issue, and seek clarity from the leader of the Barisan, why can't [or why won't] MCA, BN's second biggest partner, be bold enough to do the same.
Why wont MIC and Gerakan, and all the other component parties. Maybe then, the dominant partner would hear you. Until then, because of your cowardice, the rakyat has to suffer for it.



Anonymous said...

Why only UPKO and not other parties in the component? Simple, there are too many political eunuchs in other parties and they are too busy shoring up their self--interests in their comfortable zones. Too busy building their own superficial images in the public realm. Too scared to offend the mat rempits with the phiosophy of you must not not object. Too hopeful that these controversial issues would die with the length of time and people will forget it. Too stupid to believe themselves that they can spin other propaganda to hide the weaknesses of their leadership. Better create party activities like launching a new book they claimed to have authored or play a game of golf with higher ups for national unity sake. Why ruffle chicken feathers or stir the hornet's nest, when you have no balls to play ball.


Anonymous said...

you know what, some day the constitution will be amended to "all rakyats are equal, but some rakyat are more equal than other", ah i forgot there's special position for malay, so it will be "all malays are special, but some malays are more special than other"