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Lulu Gives You An Exercise You Can Do With Your Children

try doing this with your kids. Great for family together-gather time.
How many animals can you spot in the following article?

Aug 8, 07 11:55am

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin certainly set the cat among the pigeons and the fox loose in the chicken coop by branding political bloggers as monkeys and suggesting that one should be punished as a warning to all the others.

“It seems there is no law in cyberspace any more,” he declared, “It is the law of the jungle and we need to take action against one monkey. I think the other monkeys will get scared.”

But the one monkey he had in mind to take action against - whether he was referring to the recently-detained and now released Nathaniel Tan of or the target of an even more recent police report, Raja Petra Kamarudin of - didn’t appear in any mood to be cowed.

In fact Tan’s recent writings suggest that he seems rather bullish about the effect that he and fellow bloggers are having on Barisan Nasional (BN) in general and Umno in particular.

Raja Petra has been roaring like an enraged gorilla and doing everything in his considerable literary powers to deliver on his determination to fight his tormentors to death and see at least one of them in hell.

And just as these two aren’t exactly falling out of their trees in fright over the threats they’ve received, they and the rest of the monkeys don’t seem to find Khairy especially scary.

That’s hardly surprising as, instead of winning him the swinging ‘Me Khairy, you Jane’ Tarzan-style image he so assiduously seeks, his simian antics are rather more reminiscent of the impotent posturings of those old-hat Chinese Communist party hacks who were always braying away about a bestiary of enemies like “running dogs”, “paper tigers” and such.

Instead of feeding the flock of Umno Youth sheep a lot of abusive bull and parroting tired old platitudes in his futile attempts to rescue a moribund political species from impending extinction, Khairy would be far better advised to divert his youthful energy and enthusiasm to more useful, positive and productive efforts in the animal-husbandry department.

Like getting down off his high horse and setting to work shoveling a half-century of accumulated crap out of the BN stables. Or employing his keris in some worthy cause like hunting down the packs of predators and scavengers that have lived far too long off the fat of the land by preying on the Malaysian body politic. Or chasing away the herds of swine that are forever falling over each other in their efforts to keep their filthy snouts in the public trough.

Louder chattering

But let’s not hold our breaths waiting for any of this to happen. There’s no sign whatsoever of Khairy’s evolving or mutating into a higher political life-form, let alone into an honest ox that could be harnessed for the good of the nation. Or even trained to work for his own personal good, as, for a husband and a father-to-be, he seems far from safely and properly domesticated.

In fact his recent behaviour suggests that he’s destined and doomed to remain as feral as ever, following up his spanking of those meddlesome Internet monkeys with a tooth-and-claw attack on Anwar Ibrahim.

Savaging the former Umno Youth leader and fallen deputy premier by branding him a “traitor to the Malay cause”, then going in for the kill in a way that eerily aped the techniques of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad: “Anwar (photo) is a puppet of the United States and the Jews, thus he must be hounded until there is no more place for him to run to.”

See? The same old Mahathir bugbears; same vicious Mahathir-style lack of veracity; same Mahathir-style venom.

So just as the old leopard has never changed his spots, I’m betting that Khairy’s not the kind of snake who’s likely to shed his skin. In fact the more like a cornered rat those blogging monkeys and other assorted higher political primates make him feel, the more furiously he’ll flick his tongue and the more ferociously he’ll bare his fangs.

He’s fighting not just for his avowed ambition as King of the Malaysian jungle, after all, but for his very survival. He’s even more vividly aware than you and I, that a son-in-law’s political life hangs by nothing but a thin and delicate marital thread. And he must be desperate to consolidate enough personal power and influence to someday be seen to survive on his merits.

He probably calculates that he can achieve his goal by demonstrating to the foxes, skunks and ferrets of Umno - who he knows will turn on him like a pack of wolves and tear him to pieces the moment he shows a sign of weakness - that he’s as much of a match for the malicious monkeys of the Net as he is for all those pests in the coalition and opposition parties.

This is a fight to the death, all right. And the monkeys’ next move, besides chattering louder than ever on the Net, promises to be a massive national - and maybe even global - sticker campaign in support of Raja Petra and blogsite.

How the government will respond to this is anybody’s guess. Its most sensible and effective plan of action, of course, as recently proposed by some monkeys including, would be to stop interfering with the Internet and leave its users free to disseminate facts, allegations and opinions, like the Malaysian press and other media should be doing.

I hope that Khairy and his fellow creatures can summon up the smarts and self-control to choose this path, as it would lead to the ultimate win-win situation.

It would spare Umno/BN all the local and global ignominy and embarrassment that their spanking of these monkeys brings on them and Malaysia at large, and leave everybody concerned to happily get back to spanking their own monkeys, whenever and wherever they please, be it in private or in print.

Dean is returning to Sydney soon. But in this internet age, you're never really that far apart.
Lulu is looking forward to dim sum in Sydney with Dean when she goes over. A mission which Lulu hopes to achieve ahead of Vision2020.


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oh, i spotted yr ping on pps. the post is totally different from what i expected :) the activity for searching for animals is great. i will try with my kid some time. i have bookmarked this page.

Josh said...

Beng Beng finally is in Lulu-land.

I have tried counting the number of animals in the article, man! it is rather trying even for an adult, much less for Khairy!

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