Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lulu Confused - Not Sure What Constitutes "Making A Mockery Of The Government"

[There was originally a video here. But alas, when lulu clicked the edit button to correct her bad grammar, the video disappeared. Please click on the picture, and that will take you to youtube. Thanks]

i mean, look at this video.

The angan-angan jaguh kampung is leading a mob, chanting ugly slurs aimed at United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the country she represents.
Ms Rice was in KL as an invited guest of the Malaysian government.
Our budak belum kering hingus demanded that Ms Rice get out of Malaysia because "you have done nothing to stop the genocide and the murder of Palestinians and Lebanese".
Like a bunch of voodoo practitioners, they also burnt effigies of Ms Rice.

To behave like that towards a guest of the government, isnt that like erhhh.... mocking the government?
Put it this way, would you insult your parent’s guest in such a manner?

Why pick on one budak, and not the other?
Because one was a totally baseless mocking done for political mileage, and the other, because it had a sprinkling of truth in it, and the truth MUST be supressed?
Is that how it works?



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Anonymous said...

Long b4 Lulu was born, the Gahmen was telling people(like 'em, esp)not to ape the West.

This is what is meant, "APE the Ayrabs!"