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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lulu Thinks This May Be A Better Word

the earlier word, Lulu thinks, is more apropriate to describe Lulu's initial reaction.
A better word to describe the whole situation would be
LUDICROUS Unabridged (v 1.1)
lu·di·crous /ˈludɪkrəs/
causing laughter because of absurdity; provoking or deserving derision; ridiculous; laughable: a ludicrous lack of efficiency.
—Synonyms farcical. See funny.

American Heritage Dictionary
lu·di·crous (lōō'dĭ-krəs)
adj. Laughable or hilarious because of obvious absurdity or incongruity.
See Synonyms at foolish.

Online Etymology Dictionary
- ludicrous
1. broadly or extravagantly humorous; resembling farce; "the wild farcical exuberance of a clown"; "ludicrous green hair" [syn: farcical]
2. incongruous;inviting ridicule; "the absurd excuse that the dog ate his homework"; "that's a cockeyed idea"; "ask a nonsensical question and get a nonsensical answer"; "a contribution so small as to be laughable"; "it is ludicrous to call a cottage a mansion"; "a preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history"; "her conceited assumption of universal interest in her rather dull children was ridiculous" [syn: absurd]

Lulu hopes that she has enriched your vocabulary today.


Lulu Adds Another Word To Your Vocabulary

INCREDULOUS Unabridged (v 1.1)
in·cred·u·lous /ɪnˈkrɛdʒələs/
1. not credulous; disinclined or indisposed to believe; skeptical.
2. indicating or showing unbelief: an incredulous smile.
—Synonyms unbelieving. See doubtful.

American Heritage Dictionary
in·cred·u·lous (ĭn-krěj'ə-ləs)
Skeptical; disbelieving: incredulous of stories about flying saucers.
Expressive of disbelief: an incredulous stare.

not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lulu Proposal For MIC Election Sales Pitch

As most of you already know, Lulu is a slow thinker.
It just dawned upon Lulu that MIC can add into their CV "protector of religious faiths in Malaysia"
Look what they have done in defending the Christians against the insult caused by Makkal Osai. wah...! sso successful! MIC should definitly make their voters know that they are a valiant defender of religion in Malaysia. Let it be known that it concerned them greatly that what Makkal Osai did hurt the feelings of Christians in the country and they were out there defending Jesus and the Christians in Malaysia.

Makkal Osai last Tuesday, published a picture of Jesus holding a beer can on his one hand and cigarettes in his other hand.
The initial reaction from some amongst the Christian community and the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism (MCCBCHS) was outrage.
MIC jumped to the call to “defend” Jesus integrity and the Christian faith by pursuing a ban on MO.
And they were so successful in their demands to bring justice to the insult on Jesus, the paper was given a one month ban.

Lulu guess, after this, no one can accuse MIC for being silent when someone’s faith is attacked or insulted. After all, MIC would point them back to how they dealt swiftly with Makkal Osai for insulting the Christians.

Never mind that the newspaper has apologised for the boo-boo, Tamil daily says sorry over Jesus pic
and the Majlis and the Christian community has accepted the apology
The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism, however, expressed regret over the one-month suspension.
“It is an unfair and hasty decision when the council, including its Christian religious leader, had accepted the apology by the newspaper.
“It is our opinion that a warning would have been sufficient. We will appeal to the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister to reconsider,” said its president Datuk A. Vaithilingam. Makkal Osai suspended
or that Makkal Osai is aligned to Datuk SS Subramaniam, a non-ally of a semi-value minister, and that the paper has been very critical of the Malaysian Indian Congress. And now that there is a one month suspension, whatever is going on about Maika Holdings and the sudden death of a local Indian actress will not have this avenue to be made known to Tamil readers.

And we won't mention that out of all the religious house of worships in Malaysia, the Hindu temples are the ones most often torn down. Ask Haris if MIC was at the Hindu temple in Tambak Paya, Malacca. The temple has since been torn down in spite of the protests.
Hardly would you see MIC, which is supposed to represent the Indians whom a large number of them are Hindus, speaking up and protecting their temples.

And even more recently, when HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) tried to meet the PM to to hand over the 18-point memorandum produced from a forum, they were sent to the PM’s office on the day that he was not in. Yes. Lulu knows that PM is not in most of the days, but to send them there on a Sunday knowing full well, that’s not very kind. Where was MIC? Erhm….

And of course, we wouldn’t mention the disproportion of Indians in Malaysia who are marginalised and living in poverty. Indian Malaysians making up about 8% of the country’s population, they own less than 2% of its national wealth. Try to imagine what happens to the 2% if you take away Ananda Krishnan's wealth.

Yes! Let’s sell the MIC in the coming General Elections as the defender of religious faiths in Malaysia! and let's not mention the rest, kay.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Lulu Hits The Karaoke Circuit

reported by Malaysiakini Zam: Some bloggers like karaoke singers

Lulu wants to be in the elite "millions of hits" circle. So, looks like Lulu will take the first step by hitting the karaoke circuit AND singing out of tune.

The first song lulu would sing is Never Been To Me, a Lulu rendition, dedicated specially to Zam-zam-alikhazam, fondly refered to in the song as Zam-ee

Hey Zam-ee,
you Zam-ee,
crying at your life

You're a discontented newsman and a regimented politician
I've no doubt you dream about the things you'll never do
But, I wish someone had talked to you
Like I wanna talk to you.....

Oh, you've been to London and Utusan and anywhere you could run
You took the hand of a beruk man and you made "news" in the press
But you ran out of places and friendly faces because you had to be an-UMNO-man
You've been to boleh-land
but you've never been to you

cheers everyone!
see ya at Blog House tomorrow!


Lulu Knows Fear

Many people do not like to talk about fear.
They look upon fear as a weakness.
But fear is not always a bad thing.
afterall, we do teach our children to be wary of strangers, for we fear the big bad wolf out there who may try to do nasty things to our children.
we do not press our hand against a boiling kettle for the fear of scalding our hand.

Identifying our fears, knowing the effects of ignoring them helps us to plan and take action so that what we fear will not happen.
We conquer the fear by not allowing the events to happen.

Lulu has a lot of fears and concern for the nation. The beruk who controls level 4 is one of them.
Reading this piece of news in the Star today caused Lulu's "fear alarm" to come on.

We have a secular constitution.
We are governed by a secular court.
We are a democratic state.
Proposed laws are to be tabled in government before they are passed and implemented.

To use the Syariah law would be to bypass the legistlation of new laws and to parachute [whose version, we dont know] the Syariah law into the judiciary.

The motion to start a theocracy has begun.

Lulu's MP aint going to do anything about it. She didnt do anything when her fellow BN-ers were making degratory remarks to Fong Po Kuan in parliament.
Lulu's going to vote in someone who will in the coming elections.

The boys in MCA youth aint going to do anything about it. Other than making heroic speeches in Mandarin, they have been silent most of the times.
Lulu's going to vote in someone who will in the coming elections.


Anyone Wants To Give Lulu A Soft Loan

Lulu wants one kinda like the soft loan that the government is giving to the Port Klang Free Zone
- nothing to do with the nation's interest
- a loan to Lulu to lead an indulgent, irresponsible and no-need-to-account life

Lulu wants! Lulu wants!

read more about it on RM4.6 billion Debacle: Bailout is now known as "Soft Loan"


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Lulu Spent Little Time Wondering About the Young Chaps at MCA

they said SO MUCH during the recently adjourned MCA Youth meeting.
For a moment, a very, very short moment, Lulu wondered if they would actually do anything to make what they say a reality.
Nah... fat [wallet] hopes
dont vote these silly boys in.

Lulu Advises, If You Have A Collection Of Video

lucah at home, please keep them locked away from your children.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lulu's Not A Muslim, but Aisehman is

and he asks

Ini Islam ke ni, Pak Lah?
Islam apa ni, Pak Lah?
Islam apa ni, Pak Lah, when you do nothing?

Go read more on it at Grievous Insult

Monday, August 20, 2007


Back when Lulu was growing up, there were two main players for chocolates in Malaysia. One was Cadbury, and the other, well, lets call him “the other one”.
Lulu, being a forgetful Lulu, forgot exactly when this happened, but suspects that it was in the late 90s - “the other one” had yanked the distribution rights of whoever the local distributor is who was doing it. And they had taken their own sweet time to find the replacement distributor.
In the meantime, the shelves of supermarkets all over Malaysia were left with only one big name. There was a vacuum in the market.

Vochelle, being a new name, then a mere babe in Malaysia, recognised the markets that were open to them now that “the other one” had disappeared from the supermarket shelves, and took advantage of the situation.
Their marketing team upped their activities, did press ads, tv ads, they got the shelf space, providing an alternative to Cadbury, and today, they are a known brand name in Malaysia.

Lulu says, in today's very competitive market, it is very important to recognise opportunities, and seize them at once.

China, as a manufacturer, is on everyone’s “beware, be cautious list”.

Today’s the Sun has a report on their latest export scare – “Poison in clothes from China”
Some key dates in China export scares
Hasbro recalls EasyBake toys. Burn injuries reported.
Chemical melamine found in pet food. Cats and dogs died
4,000,000 toy bracelets. Fear of lead paint
Toothpaste banned. Contaminated with industrial solvent diethylene glycol (DEG)
450,000 tyres – safety key feature missing
Mattel recalls 1,500,000 Fisher Price infant toys because of possible lead paint hazard
Seafood halted after traces of banned drugs and pesticides found
Black & Decker tools causes 58 injuries
Gilchrist & Soames recalls toothpaste from hotels in 17 countries
Mattel recalls more than 18,000,000 toys worldwide

Companies who have sub-contracted their products to be manufactured in China have good reasons to be concerned. The level of trust in China manufacturing, Lulu guesses, would be very low.

For example, in this Lulu does math moment,
In the last case of Mattel recalling 18,000,000 toys, as most parents know, is not cheap.
For illustration purpose, lets assume that the toy retails at USD10.
Assume that between the retailer and Mattel, the toys were sold at a 60% [wild guess] from the manufacturing cost.
Add another 10% for the recall exercise logistics.
And they need to replace the recalled toy.
The recall of the 18mil toys could cost them close to USD20 million. The greed of China could cause a smaller company to go under.

If Lulu were a company, Lulu would be nervous too about giving any manufacturing rights to a factory in China.

SO, what’s Lulu getting at?
First she talks about chocolates,
Then the export scare in China?

If you think about it, there will be a “manufacturing vacuum” due to China’s greed in taking shortcuts.

If you are a local manufacturer reading Lulu’s blog, would you explore the contract manufacturing for these OEMs? Lulu thinks, the multinationals are out there looking for manufacturing site options. Would you quickly-quickly put something together and find out how to make contact with them?
Lulu says, the opportunity is there, but you need to be quick to grab it.

If you are a cybertrooper, or a part of the government, would you whisper this to your masters? For the good of the nation, Lulu will not bongkar that the idea did not originate from you.
Will you ask them [the government-lah] to be quick enough to recognise the opportunity open to them?
Will you get them to quickly put up a package to entice people like Mattel to move some of their manufacturing here?
The last one is a bit tough, but would you follow the written rules, and not phantom government department policies, in processing the applications of foreign companies to set up plants in Malaysia.

This is a great opportunity for our country to gain back manufacturing jobs which were lost at the turn of the millennium when the China markets opened.



Sunday, August 19, 2007

These Guys Really Crack Lulu Up

Mob gave Lulu a really good laugh on Friday.
Now, Kenny Sia's making 'lu laugh.

yah, Pak Lah is so whatever, and Najib is not much better!
no more bocor ceilings!

Lulu Wonders About Serdang

Yap Pian Hon has been one of those politicians who have been around since forever, per Lulu’s memory.
Did you know, in the last elections, MCA had attempted to drop him from the Serdang seat?
But the Serdang community lobbied very hard, and Datuk Yap was retained to run another term.
Talk about grassroot support.
So, it was not to Lulu’s surprise to see his name on Malaysiakini’s list of potentially dropped candidates
Several other leaders will be dropped as candidates for different reasons - some lost in the last party elections in 2005, while others are known to have health problems or no longer in the mainstream of party politics. They include former vice-president Chua Jui Meng (Bakri), Loh Seng Kok (Kelana Jaya), Tan Yee Kew (Klang), Ting Chew Peh (Gopeng), Yap Pian Hon (Serdang), Goh Siow Huat (Rasah), Lim Bee Kau (Padang Serai) and Loke Yuen Yow (Tanjung Malim).

But what surprised Lu was that MCA sidelined him publicly.
Did you see this in the Star today?

There was some news on a new lifelong learning centre to be opened on 1st Sept in Serdang
The centre is part of the second stage of MCA’s Lifelong Learning Campaign started by MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting in October 2004.

Look at the picture.
Where’s Yap Pian Hon? Is he not the MP of Serdang?
Was he invited? Is he involved?

And since he'd most likely be dropped in the coming elections, which of these 3 in the photo do you think MCA will put to run in Serdang?
Wanita MCA national publicity bureau chief Chew Lee Giok?
Serdang MCA division chief Datuk Liew Yuen Keong?
MCA Lifelong Learning secretariat acting director Quek Ngee Meng?
Maybe a surprise candidate - Star Publications (M) Bhd group editorial/education adviser Datuk Ng Poh Tip?

And a more relevant question, will the Serdang-ers show support to the party which has so ungraciously dropped their local hero?

Watch that seat.It will be interesting. Take it from Lulu.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Lulu Hypothetical Case Study

What would you do if you were in this situation?

You are one of the bigger parties in a political coalition of the ruling party.
Though your branding is that you kononnya represent a particular race, everyone knows you are a running dog to the main stake holder party
The main stake holder in the party, which is the actual bosses in that coalition, has made an issue out of a non issue, crying out that someone did something seditious, and should be stripped of his nationality.

You panic.

You didn't realise that the non-issue was played up by the main stake holder, mainly to distract the nation from the real and more serious problems in the country.
So, [in your panic, not realising the motive, but] recognising your #1 duty in that coalition, which is to make sure your political masters are pleased with you, you send your machai to visit the parents of the guy behind the non-issue and "explain" to them

Then you arrange for a press conference where everyone is there to watch you triumph victoriously over the issue, getting poor hapless chap to call and apologise.
And of course, this apology was plastered and blasted all over the papers. Not sure if you got airtime or not. Let's assume you did.

Then you smile. Pleased with yourself, thinking you came out looking like a hero, you went to sleep thinking your political masters are pleased with you.

Remember what you didn't realise?

mega OOPs...!
You played the cards wrongly.
And your political masters, still needing an issue to distract the public from the real problems on hand, turns the table on you by declaring the apology unaccepted! The country has been insulted, and the AG will study what charges to bring upon the chap.
What a blow!

When you thought it was an issue which needed your intervention, you featured him in your newspaper on the 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th .

The hypothetical question to this hypothetical situation
As the owner of a local paper, what do you do on the 18th?

Would you continue to highlight this "issue" as it is still an issue, especially since some parties are calling out for his pound of blood
seeing the embarassment that you have gotten your party into, you call for a black-out on the issue in your papers?

Which course would you take?

remember, this is a hypothetical question.
if you get a copy of Malaysia's leading English newspaper and notice some "hot news" missing, erhh.... erhh.... erhhh.... erh? coincidence?

Let Lulu leave you with a rhyme which she learnt when she was a child. You may want to sing it to your child this weekend.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Mob Made Lulu Laugh

Lulu had quite a busy day at work today.
Work was busy
The things happening in the nation is quite troubling
compounded with the concerns over two friends,
one was in the hospital, discharged but still in a lot of pain,
and another who is entering the hospital but did not tell me,
well, it was kinda serious day for Lulu for the usually light hearted Lulu.

Logging onto the net, and seeing Mob's post made Lulu laugh. And laugh, and laugh and laugh.

Thanks Mob!

And as today ends, Lulu finds peace in knowing that God is sovereign in all matters.

Lulu will not be in town this weekend.
If she were, she'd attend DAP's Merdeka Dialogue: Whither Bangsa Malaysia?

But just because Lulu can't make it, doesnt mean that you can't make it. If you can, do go. Lulu's pro-Bangsa Malaysia

Date: 19 August 2007 (Sunday)
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya
The panel of distinguished speakers include:

Y Bhg Tunku Abdul Aziz, former President, Transparency International Malaysia
Datuk Param Cumuraswamy, former Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, United Nations
Mr Yeo Yang Poh, former Malaysian Bar Council Chairman
YB Lim Kit Siang, Parliamentary Opposition Leader

Following the session, a dialogue will be conducted with the participants hosted by another distinguished panel (subject to change):

M Manogaran, President, Malaysian Tamil Education & Research Foundation
Haris Ibrahim, Human Rights Lawyer
Jeff Ooi, Prominent Malaysian Blogger
Dr Oh Ei-Sun, East Malaysian Socio-Political Analyst

To ensure sufficient seats allocation, please register in advance with Lim Swee Kuan (03) 79578022 or via email at limsweekuan(at)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lulu's Head Is Spinning From The Spin

The Star today, somewhere in the inner pages, reports I’m not with the Opposition, says Dr M
true enough, the Tun did say that.
But the Star seems to have forgotten [or is it ommitted] the more juicy bits?
you want the juicy bits?
go to Malaysiakini and read what they have to say Dr M: Bloggers are only hope left
check out what Rocky wrote "There is something rotten in the state of Malaysia"
even Harakah has more news than paid news on the Star Mahathir gesa orang Melayu tolak kepimpinan Abdullah
Big Dog was there. There is something rotten in state of Malaysia
and Jinggo's photopage Tun Dr Mahathir Bertemu Penulis2 Blog

Is your head spinning like Lulu's too?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lulu Grammar Exercises for Reporters From Malaysia's Leading English Newspaper

Lulu had the privilege of having dinner with 2 writers, an activist and a walking trivia-ist [not trivial-ist, maybe a trivia-list but NOT a trivial-ist... erh, is Lulu confusing you?] last Sunday.
One of the writers was lamenting about the quality of English used by the reporters from Malaysia's leading English newspaper.
[At this point, Lulu needs to just tell her readers that she "studied" English up to Form 5 only. Lulu's a mad Math grad, not an English nor TESL graduate. But Lulu, kind hearted 'lu, sweet-sweet 'lu, thought that she should do her leetle (to rhyme with beetle) bit to help them improve their English.]

Back when Lulu was in school, back in those days when Big, Blue Marble was on TV, slightly after the days when dinosaurs walked the earth,
this used to be a regular feature in our English exercises.
We were supposed to pick the right whatever [Lulu forgot what the technical term is] to make up sentences.
1. I like to play badminton.
2. He likes to play badminton.
3. She likes to play badminton.
4. They like to play badminton.

so, basing on a report from the Star today, and from Lulu's research via Malaysiakini, Lulu's constructed her own table to help reporters from Malaysia's leading English newspaper with their grammar. hey ...This is kinda like a newspaper in education thingy.
AND the exercise is, of course, not just limited to them.
You could share it with your kids at home too. Of course, as the parent, you would need to help and guide them where necessary.

For those of you who want to do the exercise, but have no one to help check if your sentences are correct or not, feel free to mail them to Lulu will help go through them with you in due time.


Lulu Says It's A Lot, A Lot More Than Just The Driver

The easy way out would be to blame the driver.

As it is, the Star "cleverly" looked up the rilek database to check the driver's offences.

It sounds awful, doesnt it? 13 summonses over 6 years totalling RM1980, which Lulu assumes is not discounted since he is the bad guy of the day.

But before you crucify him, look at the offences. Probably other than driving a bus which did not have a permit, most of us would also be guilty of speeding, not wearing a seat belt and not producing a driving licence.

And to put things into a more "high horse" manner, let's look at the "kononnya" leaders of our country's track record. This list was compiled by Malaysiakini a year ago.

What is 13 summons over 6 years totalling up to RM1,980 at an undiscounted rate?

Shame on the not just the Star, but also the other Malay and English papers for sensationalizing it!

Let's focus on the real issues on hand, like
law enforcement
the bus company
the working conditions of the drivers
the uselessness of the current fitness certification for commercial vehicles

and let us never forget the lives which were lost

1. Siti Sophia Ismail, 23, Alor Star
2. Teoh Kee Song, 34, Padang Temusu, Kedah
3. Zaiton Bachik, 56, Malacca
4. Nur Sharul Miza Mohd Khairi, 27, Sungai Petani
5. Tea Choon Joo, 36, Padang Temusu, Kedah
6. Zuliani Buang, 25, Tanjung Keling, Malacca
7. Shahril Afendi, 22, Alor Star
8. T. Krishnan, 46, Kedah
9. Fadliz Ahmad, 22, Jasin, Malacca
10. Express bus driver Rohizan Abu Bakar, 37, Kulim, Kedah
11. Josli Arshad, 39, Jambatan Duyong, Malacca
12. Nazri Nordin, 35, Ayer Itam, Penang
13. Pang Tee Min, 58, Malacca
14. Mohd Yazid Md Yusoh, 27, Jasin, Malacca
15. Kamis Said, 62, Masjid Tanah, Malacca
16. Md Basri, Merlimau, Malacca
17. H. Abu Bakar, 37, Medan, Indonesia
18. Sri Asiah, 32, Indonesia
19. P. Sunderesvarar, 31, Kedah
the families affected
and the people whose lives they have touched

and make sure the government and the enforcement agencies never bring this kind of grieve into the lifes of other people.


Lulu Public Service Announcement

"Don't display the national flag in a manner that is deemed degrading. For instance, it is not proper for you to display it as a bikini, swimsuit, towel, wash clothes, or use it as a tablecloth and cushion or toilet seat covers," he said.
sorry guys, i guess you wont be seeing anymore of those left kinda picture. [Kinda ala namawee, they also bullied the poor model into apologising] The illustration is put up for those of you who cant quite imagine how it can be used as a swinsuit/bikini/towel. Contoh Tidak Boleh. And Lulu doesnt want you to be caught unaware that this is the wrong way of wearing it.

as for the chap on the right, Lulu's not sure if he was using the flag as a towel or a scarf. It was a hot day, kay, standing outside the KL convention center for more than 2 hours in the hot afternoon
Some meanies out there may have think that it is being used as a toilet seat cover.

Whateter it is, if you're unsure, heed the advise from the ministry

Individuals or companies who want to display the Jalur Gemilang in a creative manner but have doubts about whether it is appropriate can contact the secretariat at (03) 8888-1957.
so, if you're in doubt whether the way you are draping a flag is degrading or not, check with the ministry. I'm sure they'll be helpful and give you the right kind of advice.

oh.. the helpful article can be found in the Star PM's Dept: Cakes with Jalur Gemilang disrespectful

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lulu's Emotional Roller Coaster

remember how Lulu wanted to be selfish and not share?

Lulu was very excited to see an email alert from Khazanah Global Lectures.
For a moment, Lulu's heart skipped a beat.
turned to :( as Lulu read the contents.
for those of you who are unable to read the fine print, and would like to take Lulu through the sad path again, let Lulu reproduce it for you.
However, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate a seat for you at the main venue, Hilton KL Sentral on 15th August 2007.
oh well....

Then an hour later, Lulu got another mail from Khazanah!!!!
and like a repeat of the movies which keep repeating on HBO,
For a moment, Lulu's heart skipped a beat again.
yippeee! again
and again, turned to :( as Lulu read the contents.

argh.....! how could they be such meanies to post it to Lulu twice????
haiyoh! and aiyoh!
How could they?

Maybe it's better if Lulu didnt go, [i know this sounds so lulu but...] cos she'll be too busy gushing over and ogle-ing over Muhd Yunus to pay attention to his lecture.

Lulu Anak Jati Selangor Darul Ehsan

Duli Yang Maha Mulia
“Corruption is still a problem, which the people are very concerned about, and more effective action needs to be taken,” he said.
Describing corruption as a cancerous cell, the Sultan said if graft could not be wiped out, it should be checked effectively.

Selamat di atas takhta
He also took to task government agencies that continued to slow down approvals for foreign investors, saying the lackadaisical attitude of some government servants had affected the investment momentum.
“They must change their mindset because delays mean escalating costs and lost job opportunities, which may even lead to corrupt practices,” he said.
The Sultan said he was upset because the mindset of some people had not changed, saying he feared investors may move to neighbouring countries which were very competitive in attracting investors.
In a strongly worded interview, the Sultan said he had given Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamed Khir Toyo a deadline for applications after the end of an investment promotion trip.

Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku
The Sultan also expressed his concern over the country’s brain drain, saying talented young people were leaving the country.
“No one, irrespective of his race, should be denied any opportunities. I am sad to see good people being lost to other countries,” he said.
He said Singapore was the greatest benefactor and that even the Singapore National Library was designed by a Malaysian.
In another case, he said, a highly qualified Malaysian academic was not accepted by local universities but was invited by the National University of Singapore to head a department.

Rakyat mohon restu
On race relations, he called for the young to have friends from other races, saying this was important.
He said Tunku Abdul Rahman was very particular about national unity and as the nation celebrated Merdeka, no one should forget his legacy of insisting on racial harmony.
The Sultan urged the people in Selangor to reject any form of racial and religious intolerance.
“Islam respects other religions and other religions must also respect Islam,” he said, adding multiracialism must be instilled at primary school level.
“If there is a need to re-evaluate our school system, then our authorities must do so to promote better racial harmony,” he said.

bawah Duli Tuanku
On crime, he said the police needed support from the people as they lacked manpower and facilities to fight crime.
The Sultan said he had asked the Selangor state government to install more CCTVs as a way to check crime.
He said he was aware Selangor had the highest crime rate because of the influx of people from other states and foreigners to work in the state.

Bahagia selama-lamanya
On the environment, he said the state had planted over a million trees while the palace had committed itself to planting 5,000 trees on its grounds.
“The environment is our concern and will remain so. Tree replanting is essential,” he said, adding that tree-planting efforts in Bukit Jelutong were commendable.

Aman dan sentosa
The Sultan said he was also upset with the use of his name by unscrupulous people for securing state awards or low-cost houses.
“I am disheartened by such people because Selangor does not sell state awards, that is clear, even to the people.
“But I am glad that the people in Selangor have taken the trouble to call the palace to verify claims from such dishonest people,” he said.
The Sultan said the people could call his private secretary Datuk Mohamed Munir Bani at 03-5519 4242 or e-mail to check.
He said the palace believed in transparency and would be pleased to get feedback from the rakyat on developments in Selangor.

Duli Yang Maha Mulia


Monday, August 13, 2007

Lulu Shares With You The Malaysian Dream aka How To Make The Federal Government Pay RM25/sf For A Land Bought From The State At RM3/sf

Lulu, in a post from yonder years once explained,
The American Dream is the belief that hard work can lead to a better life, usually through the earnings of money.
The Malaysian Dream is the belief that if you join the correct party, "perjuang"ing the "correct" "hak" and being elected even to the minor-est post can lead to a better life.
Don't believe me? Look at your State Assemblyman. Look at your MP. Look at your local municipal.
AT that point in time, news had broken out that the "honourable" Port Klang State Assemblyman had paid RM180K for a 43,000 sq ft of land.

This works out to RM4.186/sf. NST states that the current market value of the 43,000 sq ft property is about RM1.3 million based on the lower end of the going rate for land in the area of between RM30 and RM40.

Today, we read of another land scandal, also in Port Klang. Thanks to investigative reporting from the Singapore Straits Times (by way of RPK), Malaysiakini and The Sun Malaysia, we learn that

The land from the project belonged to Kuala Dimensi, whose current chairman is Umno treasurer Datuk Azim Zabidi. The company acquired the land in the 1990s for RM96 million, or roughly RM3 per sq ft.

When the Port Klang Authority proposed to buy the land from Kuala Dimensi, documents reviewed by The Straits Times (Singapore, not the Malaysia New Straits Times) show that the government body was advised to forcibly purchase the land under the country's Land Acquisition Act, which meant that the property would have been valued at around RM10 per sq ft.

But the Port Klang Authority ignored the advice from the government's chief legal adviser and proceeded to buy the land from Kuala Dimensi in 2002 on a commercial basis, for RM1 billion, or roughly RM25 per sq ft, government documents show.

Yup! The Malaysian Dream is at work.
You pay RM3/sf for a piece of land from the state, and you get the federal government to pay you RM25/sf for it, in spite of the land being valued at RM10/sf

Show Lulu this Malaysian dream, and Lulu will show you the Rakyat's nightmare.

I hope the Sultan of Selangor would take a stern stand against these people who have enriched themselves at the state's expense, and totally blew the whole project into bail-out status.

At the rate we're going, Lulu thinks we probably make it into the Guiness Book of Records [the real one. not the "longest ketupat line" or "most mat rempits in one padang" local edition]
Possible categories
Most Bailout From A Single Nation
Most AMount of Money Spent in Bailout from A Nation
Highest Failure Rate of Government Initiated Projects,
and of course,
Most Number of Millionaires Made in A BailOut

For further reading


Lulu Wishes the Component Parties Were Bold Like UPKO

This piece of news leaves Lulu very much disturbed

AAB was speaking at the Convention of the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) in KK on Saturday.
You have to understand the background of UPKO to appreciate their concern and boldness in this matter.

Just a week or so back, the party president spoke his stand, “For all intents and purposes, I think Malaysia was not meant to be an Islamic state,”
and the next day, the mainstream media completely ignored his statement.
But we know all about it, thanks to Malaysiakini.

The issue was brought up again by the Tan Sri during the convention, and AAB, if you read carefully, said a lot, without saying anything.

“I know these are serious issues. We cannot run away from this. I have never (run) away. I am sure there will be a point where we can all meet and accept (a solution).
“If we find certain problems difficult to solve, then if we need to change the law, we will do so,”
Did you realise that?

If for a moment, you still think those are words assuring you that he will go the way of Bangsa Malaysia, Lulu will tell you here and now, forget it.
AAB is going to follow the voice of the power brokers, who believe in the divide and rule princple.
AAB, in his fear of losing the Malay vote, will go the Syariah way.
AAB, in his fear of looking less Islamic than his PAS rivals, will go the Syariah way.
AAB, who in his last budget presentation, brought forth elements of Islam Hadhari, will go the Syariah way.
AAB, who in the latest National Education Blueprint integrated elements of Islam Hadhari, will go the Syariah way.

Lulu wishes she was wrong, but in this case, Lulu's sure AAB will go against the Federal Constitution and go the Syariah way.

Just a thought
If a small little party like UPKO could make a stand on the issue, and seek clarity from the leader of the Barisan, why can't [or why won't] MCA, BN's second biggest partner, be bold enough to do the same.
Why wont MIC and Gerakan, and all the other component parties. Maybe then, the dominant partner would hear you. Until then, because of your cowardice, the rakyat has to suffer for it.


Lulu's Bangsa Malaysia Approach ala "The Big Blue Marble"

This is very 70s/early 80s, and most of you were probably not born yet. It's a wonderful show. For half hour, we would be transported into the lives of children in different countries around the globe.
To quote wikipedia, the show was a very early example of gentle multiculturalism.

Lulu loved the theme. You can click this link here to listen to it.

The earth's a big blue marble when you see it from out there . . .
Closer, getting closer,
perspective start to change
things look a little strange,
as we get closer.
Closer, growing closer,
no need to be afraid
our troubles start to fade,
as we get closer.

Together is a word
we must learn to understand,
if we ever want to get to know each other better.
Together is a word that holds tomorrow in it's hand,
tomorrow's just another day to get together,
Get closer, closer, closer…

Maybe we need to take a cue from these lyrics of a children's tv program to rebuild our Bangsa Malaysia.
The whole lyrics bring so much meaning and hope to the situation we are now in.

We are not close anymore.
Together has been broken up, and segmented. You take care of your race, I take care of mine. Wasnt that ideology thrown out 50 years ago when we Merdeka-ed from those who practised a divide and rule Malaya?

Play the song. Sing along. Live it!

Haris Ibrahim, who is passionate about the Malaysian race, "one nation, one people", got together a few like minded and planned for a Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get Together.

Is it a mere get together, we makan minum, do the celebrity spotting thingy - "eee.... that's haris!", "eee.. that's marina m!", "eee... that's azmi sharom!", "eee... that's lulu!", and for those few hours have our emotions stirred, sing negaraku passionately with tears in our eyes, go home all powered up, then sizzle down on sunday?
[to quote Haris] For the gathering to be considered a success, you must take it beyond. To our families, our friends, our co-workers. To everyone we know. We must let it be known that ours is an aspiration of love and caring for all.

Bangsa Malaysia
You and I
for our children
for our grandchildren
for your friend's children
for the kids you see in Malaysia
Bangsa Malaysia

Enough from Lulu
Here are the details

Event : Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get-together
Date : 25th August, 2007
Time : 8.30pm
Venue : Blog House ( home of Malaysian All Blogs )
No.66, Lorong Setiabistari, Damansara Heights, KL.
Fee: Free of Charge!

Prior to the event, the organising team has also put together a forum / workshop entitled ‘Bangsa Malaysia : The Way Forward’
Time : 5.00pm
same place, same time

Confirmed speakers for the forum / workshop are :
Zaid Ibrahim
Zorro Unmasked
Jayanath Appudurai
Rocky’s Bru
Malik Imtiaz Sarwar
Azmi Sharom

This forum is limited to 30 participants only.
I dont know why it's 30. Probably due to logistics reasons, and we need to respect that.

How you can participate
Firstly, as places are limited, please be sure that you can attend before you ask for the invitation.
If you are very sure that you can make it, please send an e-mail to if you want to attend the get-together.
If you wish to attend the forum / workshop and stay on for the get-together, please send an e-mail to

In your email, please provide the following details :
Name ( as per IC )
IC number
Contact number
A liitle bit about yourself ( where you’re from, what you do ) [ This might help us identify and decline c-t and SB ]
For those writing in to attend the forum / workshop, briefly tell us how you think you might contribute to making Bangsa Malaysia a reality

Together is a word
we must learn to understand,
if we ever want to get to know each other better.
Together is a word that holds tomorrow in it's hand,
tomorrow's just another day to get together,
Get closer, closer, closer…

Let's get together, on the 25th of August!
Let's get together and work towards a Bangsa Malaysia!


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Uproar! Uproar? What Uproar? Lulu Really, Really Doesn't Get It

Someone [Lulu, being a lulu, forgot who] once said that MCA has their branding / whatever[another lulu lost word moment] wrong.
They claim that they represent the Chinese voice in the BN.
But truth is, the way they act shows more likely that they are the voice of UMNO to the Chinese. UMNO comes up with some gibberish, and the running dogs in MCA are sent to "translate"/"repackage" it to the Chinese community and to appease them.

The following piece of news gives credence to that statement.

1. MCA secretary-general Datuk Ong Ka Chuan
more about him later

2. he had asked party leaders in Muar to speak with Wee’s father about the significance of the video.
yar. tell Lulu about it. What is the significance of this video?
Some people upset?
Your partner upset?
Tell Lulu! tell Lulu!
Lulu wants to know, cos other than yourself and the MCA Youth Head, Liow, Lulu dont see anyone from the community you kononnya represent, upset over it.

3. However, Ong stressed on Saturday that the party would not tell the family if Wee had been right or wrong to make the video.
Ha! Ha! But you are sending people there to advise the parents to teach their son?
How noble of you to stress that you are not telling the family if their son had done right ir wrong

4. “We just want to ask them to be careful and explain things so that the issue does not escalate,”
Doesn't this sound like some triad / 黑社會 / Mafia coming over to your house to "explain" things to you?

5. he told reporters after the Perak MCA Youth convention here
ah... if only he had mentioned it DURING the Youth convention. Now, wouldnt that be interesting?
Lulu's sure most of the fellas is part of the 712,267 who have viewed the video. The number does not include those who viewed it from spinoff sites, blogs and emails.
For all we know, the youth may want to ask namawee to jazz up their MCA anthem which probably sounds like a leftover of the cultural revolution.

6. “If anyone had been offended (by the video), we must clarify that it was not intentional.
Lulu didnt hear him say anything when the Chinese community took offence with the remarks made during the UMNO general assembly which was telecasted last year. And this was not a merajuk offended. When people talk about bathing keris-es in blood, there is fear amongst the people whose blood they are talking about.
And why does HE/MCA need to clarify? Namawee has already done his clarification.

shame on MCA!
shame on Ong Ka Chuan!

This could be an OKC hallucinating moment, kinda like when he thought he could wrestle Batu Gajah from incumbent, Ms CiliPadi
and haiyo... if Ong Ka Chuan sees this as his crusade, he deserves to be trashed by her.

Maybe he needs to run somewhere much safer, like in the home of Unitar.
Lulu heard the TanSri MP is not seeking another term there.

Trying to calm a manufactured outrage.
Making a mountain out of a molehill.
Making a fuss over nothing.

Lulu hopes that the average SinChew and Nanyang readers are able to see this.


Friday, August 10, 2007

Lulu Did Wish That The Eye On Malaysia Was A Success

Sometimes, you may think Lulu is a meanie, always poking fun at what the government does and being such a pessimist with their projects.

truth is, Lulu does hope and wish that the projects would be a success.
Because if it does work, if the angan-angan becomes a reality, then it reaps benefit for the nation and the rakyat.
And even if the gains are not passed on to the rakyat, at least, they will not depend on a government bailout for, kononnya the projects, but Lulu guesses is for the private companies who are guaranteed gold regardless whether the project is a hit or miss.

I did poke fun on the Eye On Malaysia.

In Lulu's very finite petite mind, it had all the elements of a potential flop.
But Lulu was hopeful that she was wrong.
Alas, Malaysiakini's latest piece of investigative report is inclined to confirming what Lulu thought and feared would probably happen.

However eight months since its official launch, and with only four more months to go to the end of the Visit Malaysia Year campaign, the long queues expected by the ministry are simply missing. Apart from the initial euphoria and excitement, the visitors have avoided the Eye on Malaysia, causing potential embarrassment and financial worries for the ministry and the private company.
A bailout at work?
Now new facts have emerged that the Tourism Ministry and MST Ad Suria are trying to revitalize the Eye on Malaysia. The plan is simple - the ministry buys thousands of tickets from the private company to be distributed for free. In other words, the ministry is bailing out MST Ad Suria.
Sources have told malaysiakini that tickets worth RM5.7 million have been snapped up by the ministry from the private company. "500,000 tickets are there sitting in the ministry. The amount sums up to RM5.7 million of taxpayers' money. The ministry is giving them (MST Ad Suria) easy money" sources said.

to be fair to the owners, Lulu needs to tell you that
When contacted, MST Ad Suria executive chairman Adam Yong Abdullah and his colleague Jamilah Itam, the business director with the company, claimed that business was good. Adam however admitted that there were talks with the ministry for the sale of tickets worth RM5.7 million from his company, but "nothing ever came out of it".
When Adam was asked to explain this, he replied “I don’t know about this. Maybe they printed it out on their own. But if they did, the tickets will not be valid. The bar codes on the tickets must first be verified by our system before it is ready.”

Maybe the little bit in me hopes that the Malaysiakini report is wrong.
Maybe there's no such bulk ticket purchase.
That maybe, if it was making a loss, the company is proffesional enough to know that they did not do their homework properly, and in business, sometimes you make money, sometimes you lose money, but you need to be man enough to be responsible for your own decisions.
oh dear, i was almost doing well until the last maybe.
having actually typed that out, why is Lulu feeling like this is a cow jumped over the moon moment?

Lulu's also gravely concerned about the Southern Johor Economic Region (SJER) and Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER).
Lulu really would like to remain optimistic, but the announcements and publicity to the projects given pending GE makes Lulu wonder if it's a ploy.
And with Datuk Merican's projection that by Y2010, we would be a nett importer of petroleum, how are we going to bail out these projects [or more likely, the businessmen] if they fail?
Lulu doesnt want her country to end up as another Argentina or Nigeria. Nations so rich in resources yet bankrupt.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lulu Gives You An Exercise You Can Do With Your Children

try doing this with your kids. Great for family together-gather time.
How many animals can you spot in the following article?

Aug 8, 07 11:55am

Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin certainly set the cat among the pigeons and the fox loose in the chicken coop by branding political bloggers as monkeys and suggesting that one should be punished as a warning to all the others.

“It seems there is no law in cyberspace any more,” he declared, “It is the law of the jungle and we need to take action against one monkey. I think the other monkeys will get scared.”

But the one monkey he had in mind to take action against - whether he was referring to the recently-detained and now released Nathaniel Tan of or the target of an even more recent police report, Raja Petra Kamarudin of - didn’t appear in any mood to be cowed.

In fact Tan’s recent writings suggest that he seems rather bullish about the effect that he and fellow bloggers are having on Barisan Nasional (BN) in general and Umno in particular.

Raja Petra has been roaring like an enraged gorilla and doing everything in his considerable literary powers to deliver on his determination to fight his tormentors to death and see at least one of them in hell.

And just as these two aren’t exactly falling out of their trees in fright over the threats they’ve received, they and the rest of the monkeys don’t seem to find Khairy especially scary.

That’s hardly surprising as, instead of winning him the swinging ‘Me Khairy, you Jane’ Tarzan-style image he so assiduously seeks, his simian antics are rather more reminiscent of the impotent posturings of those old-hat Chinese Communist party hacks who were always braying away about a bestiary of enemies like “running dogs”, “paper tigers” and such.

Instead of feeding the flock of Umno Youth sheep a lot of abusive bull and parroting tired old platitudes in his futile attempts to rescue a moribund political species from impending extinction, Khairy would be far better advised to divert his youthful energy and enthusiasm to more useful, positive and productive efforts in the animal-husbandry department.

Like getting down off his high horse and setting to work shoveling a half-century of accumulated crap out of the BN stables. Or employing his keris in some worthy cause like hunting down the packs of predators and scavengers that have lived far too long off the fat of the land by preying on the Malaysian body politic. Or chasing away the herds of swine that are forever falling over each other in their efforts to keep their filthy snouts in the public trough.

Louder chattering

But let’s not hold our breaths waiting for any of this to happen. There’s no sign whatsoever of Khairy’s evolving or mutating into a higher political life-form, let alone into an honest ox that could be harnessed for the good of the nation. Or even trained to work for his own personal good, as, for a husband and a father-to-be, he seems far from safely and properly domesticated.

In fact his recent behaviour suggests that he’s destined and doomed to remain as feral as ever, following up his spanking of those meddlesome Internet monkeys with a tooth-and-claw attack on Anwar Ibrahim.

Savaging the former Umno Youth leader and fallen deputy premier by branding him a “traitor to the Malay cause”, then going in for the kill in a way that eerily aped the techniques of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad: “Anwar (photo) is a puppet of the United States and the Jews, thus he must be hounded until there is no more place for him to run to.”

See? The same old Mahathir bugbears; same vicious Mahathir-style lack of veracity; same Mahathir-style venom.

So just as the old leopard has never changed his spots, I’m betting that Khairy’s not the kind of snake who’s likely to shed his skin. In fact the more like a cornered rat those blogging monkeys and other assorted higher political primates make him feel, the more furiously he’ll flick his tongue and the more ferociously he’ll bare his fangs.

He’s fighting not just for his avowed ambition as King of the Malaysian jungle, after all, but for his very survival. He’s even more vividly aware than you and I, that a son-in-law’s political life hangs by nothing but a thin and delicate marital thread. And he must be desperate to consolidate enough personal power and influence to someday be seen to survive on his merits.

He probably calculates that he can achieve his goal by demonstrating to the foxes, skunks and ferrets of Umno - who he knows will turn on him like a pack of wolves and tear him to pieces the moment he shows a sign of weakness - that he’s as much of a match for the malicious monkeys of the Net as he is for all those pests in the coalition and opposition parties.

This is a fight to the death, all right. And the monkeys’ next move, besides chattering louder than ever on the Net, promises to be a massive national - and maybe even global - sticker campaign in support of Raja Petra and blogsite.

How the government will respond to this is anybody’s guess. Its most sensible and effective plan of action, of course, as recently proposed by some monkeys including, would be to stop interfering with the Internet and leave its users free to disseminate facts, allegations and opinions, like the Malaysian press and other media should be doing.

I hope that Khairy and his fellow creatures can summon up the smarts and self-control to choose this path, as it would lead to the ultimate win-win situation.

It would spare Umno/BN all the local and global ignominy and embarrassment that their spanking of these monkeys brings on them and Malaysia at large, and leave everybody concerned to happily get back to spanking their own monkeys, whenever and wherever they please, be it in private or in print.

Dean is returning to Sydney soon. But in this internet age, you're never really that far apart.
Lulu is looking forward to dim sum in Sydney with Dean when she goes over. A mission which Lulu hopes to achieve ahead of Vision2020.

Lulu Posts Some Good News - Follow Up On Worrying Earlier News

What a day it was yesterday.
One of Lulu's friends was so furious at the events which were happening, he said "i am dangerously close to posting a long line of obscenities on my blog".

The day did end better. A good reprieve to the earlier series of bad news.
And it brings Lulu great pleasure to update you, if you do not already know.

Update #1
Lulu's glad to report back that Mrs RPK came out unscathed.

Mrs RPK was questioned for about 90 minutes - from 11.05am to 12.30pm.
According to Mr RPK, who had accompanied her into the interrogation room, Mrs RPK was asked about six to seven questions, pertaining to her involvement with Malaysia Today and whether any other individuals were involved.
“Marina’s reply was the same for every question: As a Muslim wife, she is obligated to follow and not go against her husband’s wishes. Her husband has instructed her not to reply to any questions the police ask. “As a Muslim wife, she comes under Syariah and not common law. She cannot go against her husband’s wishes. That was her reply to every question,” said Mr RPK.
I guess, after a while, the cops gave up.

But Mrs RPK didn't stop there. Cool babe!
She questioned the status of investigations against two allegedly seditious articles posted on the Internet. The first article titled ‘Bersatulah Kaum Cina’ (The Chinese must unite) authored by one ‘Dr Ng Seng’ and was found on the Prime Minister’s Department official website, which claimed that the Chinese were conspiring to weaken the Malays politically and economically. The other article, attributed to Kelab Penyokong Maya Umno (Umno virtual supporter’s club), allegedly insulted the Christian faith.

Lulu's also glad to report back Mr and Mrs RPK did not walk alone. The bloggers, mainly from the Tuesday Mi Rebus gang were there to lend support.

Update #2
Lulu's glad to report that Bernama reports that [man...the englund dun sound too correct] the police have no authority to investigate or detain individuals involved in broadcasting the song "Negaraku" which had been adapted to insert seditious elements although it involved a national of this country.
"The police can only take action if the incident occurs in the country,"
Yippee for the budak!
However, Lulu would like to warn all other aspiring "mockers" out there, don't try this stunt at home. If you have to, go abroad :P

But this part doesnt make sense.
However, Mohd Najib said police would still carry out an investigation if there were groups in the country which had lodged a police report on the incident.
if the police is kononnya very busy fighting crime, and always crying out, "not enough manpower", then why would they want to waste their time investigating something which they know is a waste of time as they have no jurisdiction in the matter.
why not spend the time investigating the police report made on the seditious postings made in the PMO web and KPMU. Even this Lulu here can tell you that you have "authority to investigate or detain individuals involved in" the ownership of the sites.

ahh... the good updates havent finished yet.

Update #3
The National Fatwa Council has given the green light to the Election Commission (EC) to use a special ink for marking the thumbs of voters in the next general election.
"According to the study, the ink, which is indelible, does not contain unclean elements, is not water resistant or impervious to water and does not contain harmful substances for use on the thumb or nail," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.
hmm.... looks like Nazri was wrong
He said Muslims could not perform their prayers if the ink could not be washed off for a few days after voting.
“For Muslims, when they pray, they have to wash their face, hands and feet and the water (air wuduk) must touch their skin.
“With indelible ink, the water will not be able to touch the skin and Muslims will not be able to perform their prayers,” said Nazri while winding up the debate on the Elections (Amendment) Bill 2007.

This is indeed good news, as the indellible ink would help prevent recycling voters.
But Lulu still thinks the National Fatwa Council should not be dragged into this excuses-excuses-excuses thingy.

So, looks like yesterday, some battles were won.
But the war is not over yet.
The attacks are still happening.
At the end of Rocky and Marina's posts, they mentioned that another blogger had his computer seized and he's also been ordered to report to the police station with a list of all his assets. Rocky describes him as an on-line writer, an author of several books and it is believed to be in connection with Umno's police report against RPK.

Lulu hopes you have a good day today. Yah... yesterday didnt start too well.

Back to Lulu's furious friend.
Of course he didnt post a long line of obscenities on his blog.
Instead, ghostline responded by
1. blogging about it to raise our awareness to the issue. if the name is familiar, Yup! This is the same ghostline who posted the Mat Tyson ala Gladiator comment. He's started a blog! Ghostline blogs at
2. playing his role in civil society to fight against the injustice in Malaysia.
What are you doing about it?
Would you like progress from being aware about it, talking about it to the big step of doing something about it?


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lulu Confused - Not Sure What Constitutes "Making A Mockery Of The Government"

[There was originally a video here. But alas, when lulu clicked the edit button to correct her bad grammar, the video disappeared. Please click on the picture, and that will take you to youtube. Thanks]

i mean, look at this video.

The angan-angan jaguh kampung is leading a mob, chanting ugly slurs aimed at United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the country she represents.
Ms Rice was in KL as an invited guest of the Malaysian government.
Our budak belum kering hingus demanded that Ms Rice get out of Malaysia because "you have done nothing to stop the genocide and the murder of Palestinians and Lebanese".
Like a bunch of voodoo practitioners, they also burnt effigies of Ms Rice.

To behave like that towards a guest of the government, isnt that like erhhh.... mocking the government?
Put it this way, would you insult your parent’s guest in such a manner?

Why pick on one budak, and not the other?
Because one was a totally baseless mocking done for political mileage, and the other, because it had a sprinkling of truth in it, and the truth MUST be supressed?
Is that how it works?



Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Something About Lulu Most Of You May Not Know

Lulu loves to watch Hongkong triad (黑社會)movies. Those classy stuff like the A Better Tomorrow series and my all time favourite Running Out Of Time [which wasnt't that triad-ish now that Lulu thinks about it] to the flaky stuff like Young and Dangerous, Lulu loves watching them.
I really can't explain why, especially since Lulu's the sort who gets squirmish and closes her eyes during fight scenes.

These triad guys - there's the good type, and the bad type.
The bad guys have no honor code. Just the greed code.

Sometimes, bad gangster beats up the hero.
But hero, being the tough hero, is not easy to crack. Whack him left, right, center, he won't squeal.

So, what do these honor-less bad gangster do?
They capture the loved one of the hero, and start intimidating her, maybe even rough her up a few times.

Whilst the hero can take the pain of being beaten countless times, him to hear his loved one being tortured.... argh.. it is infinetely more painful and tormenting compared to having to take the beating himself.

The hero is left in a difficult position.

Does the bad gangster win?
In the hongkie movies, the hero usually wins.
But the fight is long.
And it is tough.

But many times, the hero gets help from his friends.
His loyal friends.

And he has loads of them, cos he's the good guy.

Lulu heard the sequel to another favourite SPL will be out soon. Looking forward to watching it. Who knows, you may catch Lulu at the cinema too!

This post was just something Lulu thought you probably didn't know about her, and would like to know.
It has no bearings to this report

07/08: Raja Petra’s wife called in for interrogation

Malaysia TodayRaja Petra Kamarudin’s wife, Marina Lee, has been summoned to the Dang Wangi Police Station, Jalan Stadium, at 11.00am, Wednesday, 8 August 2007, for interrogation related to the investigation under the Sedition Act launched against Raja Petra.It is not known whether the police are trying to build up a case against Marina as well so that she can be jointly-charged with Raja Petra.
Update 11am
Marina, 51, accompanied by her husband and a few supporters, arrived at the Dang Wangi district police station in Jalan Tun HS Lee at about 10.40 am this morning.
Also there to show support are popular bloggers Ahirudin Attan and Marina Mahathir.


Monday, August 06, 2007

Lulu Suspects AAB Balderdash-es The Rakyat of Malaysia

Have you heard of this boardgame called Balderdash?

Balderdash is a game which combines your skills as a wordsmith and a bluffer. It's totally funny, absolutely hilarious.

The players are given a word/phrase/name, and
What you have to do is make up answers to the definitions. The categories normally contain real but unbelievable content about People, Words, Initials, Movies and Laws.

Because the word is usually so-out-of-this-world, we have to create a phony answer, trying to make it sound as believable as possible.
The answers are gathered, and read along with the correct answer
You have to guess which of the definitions are correct.

for example, we got a card, which requested us to give the definition of "coxopodite"
coxo-po-what? no ones heard of it.
so, with your skills in bluffology, you create a meaning to the word.

The five teams playing last night came up with these answers
a) Leprosy patient who has lost all his toes
b) extinct insect last spotted in the Amazon
c) surgically corrected spine
d) lobster leg joint
e) fetish for small toes
remember, only one answer is correct.
The rest were spinned.
Which do you think, is the correct one?

Halfway playing, listening to some of the answers offered, Lulu was begining to think, "hey.... Maybe AAB has been balderdashing us all this while"

Let's look at his latest statements found in the Star PM: Search for real solutions to fight poverty
Abdullah also congratulated former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali on their 51st wedding anniversary, which fell yesterday.
“I wish you both all the best. You are the example of a smart partnership,” he added.


He added that by 1990 Malaysia had limited poverty to only 15% of the population, compared with 50% in 1970.

“Let us concentrate our thoughts on finding solutions to this problem,” said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Coming from Badawi, it's difficult to tell what is spinned / balderdash, and what is true.

What do you think a coxopodite is?
without looking it up the internet / dictionary, take your pick and drop lulu a comment.
Lulu's curious how she would have scored if she were playing against you.


eveyone who tried guessing choose a fetish for small toes.
beeeeeeeep.....! wrong!
it's (d) lobster leg joint
my well crafted, or so i think story, was the leper answer

Khairy says Umno Not Racist, and Lulu Says You Can Look Out For The Cow Jumping Over The Moon Tonight

yup, this came from Khairy “The (coming) general elections is not about politics but the future of the Malays” Jamaluddin

racism defined by
1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Maybe Khairy's englund not so good, too much hanging around the rempits and he got confused between a racist and a bassist.

Maybe, just maybe, personally, this Ox-fart is not a racist. Afterall, in the days when he was a "businessman" [or was it "investment banker"], he had no qualms making money from Chinese business partners like those from ECM Libra, and also his good buddy from New World College Singapore, Jason Lo.

Maybe he just likes to play the race card, to help people forget his foreign past.

UMNO Not Racist?
yar. and you WILL see the cows jump over the moon tonight.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lulu Still Very Concerned Over Projek Sedia Gempur

remember gempur?
serang attack
binasa destroy
hancur crush?
This is what "gempur" ala UMNO looks like

sobering, isnt it?
are you scared?
scared that they'll harm you and your family?
scared enough to bend down to their commands?
scared enough to vote for them because you think that it helps maintain peace in the nation?

forget it. vote these hoodlums in, and it will only get worse.

Wouldn't it be a better strategy for BN to appeal to our intellect, prove their sincerity by their works and show us the fruits of their labour?
or maybe they're not able to. Maybe they have neither intellect, nor sincerity, nor labour much less fruits to boast of.
That's why they have to opt for Projek Sedia Gempur.

Lulu has told you before, and Lulu's telling you again, you need to make a difference in your vote this coming elections.

Don't be cowed by these hoodlums.
Dont't end up shackled by them.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lulu Very Impressed Over MCA's Latest Debutante. Yar. And The Cow Jumped Over The Moon

DAP is on a roll, bringing forward people of substance like
>Dr Cheah who is a psychiatrist. You may not have heard of him prior to the announcement, but he has consistently contributed to society. He is a former of the President of Private Medical Practitioners Association of Selangor/Kuala Lumpur and a former President of the Malaysian Mental Health Association
>JeffOoi who is Malaysia's most influential blogger and champion of good governance. He blogs on governance issues in domestic and global arenas. He is also the founder and administrator of USJ and Subang Jaya's own community forum, one of the most succesful neighbourhood forum in Malaysia.

errhhh... what does MCA have to offer?
Victor Gu.
Victor who? Victor Gu!
Victor who? Victor Gu!
[aiyoh... this is like playing rhyming game with kids]

In MCA's books, he's such a "big" "catch", they featured him twice in the news page of the MCA mouthpiece aka the Star.
MCA team to train young members to be good speakers [NATION 18-Jul-2007]
Gu wants to help party recruit members [NATION 29-Jul-2007]

His credentials [in moments like these, Lulu kesiankan him. so tak-glam, his credentials] as per Star's report
Petaling Jaya-born Gu,
Arts and Social Science graduate of Universiti Malaya
[fainted - only now] beginning to develop an interest in political work
a product marketing manager
TV news anchor
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host [that's the name of the show, not his secret desire to be a millionaire host]

wow... Lulu's impressed...
yar. and the cow jumped over the moon.

And what are the parties aspirations for him?
To quote Malaysiakini,
"some resistance was noted after rumours emerged that Gu would be contesting the Damansara Utama state seat in the coming elections. "
"But a source said that party president Ong Ka Ting is backing Gu’s candidacy for Damansara Utama. His reason - MCA has to compete with the DAP in fielding more well known young professionals."
and if Victor Gu, with his "impressive" credentials is actually being considered for DU state seat, Lulu says, "bring him on!". The SS2, Damansara voters are going to be so thrilled and impressed with the opportunity to vote the game show host in to the State Assembly.
Yar. and the cow jumped over the moon.

He insisted that he never received any offer from the party to contest in the elections. “Until now, I have not received any offer and hence, I never think about being a candidate,” he told Malaysiakini.
Guess for now, we have to take his word for it
But, of course, a professional talker and a BN politician's word cannot be taken as the truth so easily.
However, word on the street is that there was a lot of "happiness" expressed over the possibility of his inclusion during a certain party's state meeting held today. [btw, its gotta be on the streets already if even lulu's heard about it]
ok, ok, cow taking a rest after jumping over the moon so many times.

here's a Lulu thought...
maybe indeed he's not running
maybe instead, he's the one entrusted with an important task for OKT
maybe, just maybe, with the skills he gained from Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, OKT has entrusted this ex-game show host to interview the potential candidates. MCA's own version of Who Wants to Be A MCA Politician

A good question to ask
Q: Who is the most powerful person in Malaysia
a) Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
b) Ong Ka Ting
c) Samy Vellu
d) Khairy Jamalluddin
e) the hand that rocks the cradle
That's a toughie - cos, some may beg to differ on what the answer is in reality compared to what it should be on paper. Totally ambigious answer

so, if you're a pembodek OKT, and OKT approves of you,
pembodek OKT (we're not going to mention HER name) : Badawi / OKT / SamyVellu / KJ /the hand that rocks the cradle / LULU / you pick-lah, cos it doesn't really matter what she answers. it's always correct.
VG : Yes! and you have made it to the next round! Congratulations. You get to run for PJ Utara.

If you're not in OKT good books
bad books politician (no names! no names!): Ong Ka Ting
VG with poker face : Are you sure? Are you positive you want to stay with that answer? You still have time to change the answer.
bad books politician (no names! no names!): erhh...
VG with poker face : You still have time... but the clock is ticking. tik tok tik tok
bad books politician (no names! no names!): (d) Khairy Jamaluddin
VG with [ha!ha! not so poker face]: peeb! You are [pause to build up suspense............] wrong. Khairy Jamaluddin does not hold office. He's neither Menteri, MP, State Assemblyman or a Senator. peeb! You've just lost your candidacy for the DU seat.

Maybe-lah, just maybe, that's the task OKT is entrusting him with.

btw, Lulu just finished watching the AEC Talking Issues program. On the panel tonight is Chin-Tong, Josh Hong and Victor Gu.
Chin-Tong, as Lulu has mentioned before, is one smart guy with passion for the nation. Lulu is impressed, as usual.
Josh is Josh
Victor Gu, kesian dia..., is only able to give shallow answers to the questions. Lulu not sure whether it is because he is "beginning to develop an interest in political work" or is it memang an MCA thing to be of minimal substance.

and for those who think that Victor Gu is going to get votes because he's a leng chai, Lulu recommends you take a look at Chin-Tong's cutie baby smile.
In Lulu's books [and Lulu guesses this would include a lot of aunties in DU state seat], cutie baby smile with substance goes a long way.


Updated 2:00pm.

Per Malaysiana,
TV appearances
I will be appearing on Astro AEC 19 at 11p.m. Saturday with Victor Gu (Hu Jian Biao) and Josh Hong (Tang Nan Fa).
The same set of panelists will also appear on TV2’s What Say You programme on Sunday 7p.m.
Both programmes were prompted by the entrances of Victor and Jeff Ooi into MCA and DAP respectively. See Malaysiakini (Chinese version) for details.
See you then:)