Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seriously, Can You Blame Lulu?

Afterall, it was National Space Agency director-general Prof Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman suggested that Malaysia’s astronaut bring along roti canai and teh tarik to share with other astronauts at the International Space Station as a form of food and cultural exchange.

and Agriculture Ministry parliamentary secretary Rohani Abdul Karim told parliament Malaysia's first astronaut will do what no one in space has done before: play traditional Malay children's games without gravity.
Rohani, who was replying on behalf of the Science, Technology and Innovations Ministry, also said the astronaut would also do batik painting and making teh tarik.

thanks to Virgin Galactic, you can actually book a flight into space without having to buy arms from Russia to get a kononnya free trip.
and you only need three days of preflight preparation.

Now, wouldn't that be cheaper and faster?
alas, we know the government has other motives.

If you look at Galactic's schedule, the first flight is due in this year. Commercial flights, one year later, with daily flights taking 6 angkasawans to space.

a search on wikipedia reveals that
More affordable suborbital space tourism is viewed as a money-making proposition by several other companies, including Space Adventures, Virgin Galactic, Starchaser, Blue Origin, Armadillo Aerospace, XCOR Aerospace, Rocketplane Limited, the European "Project Enterprise", and others. Most are proposing vehicles that make suborbital flights peaking at an altitude of 100-160 kilometres. Passengers would experience three to six minutes of weightlessness, a view of a twinkle-free starfield, and a vista of the curved Earth below. Projected costs are expected to be about $200,000 per passenger.
ANy super-duper millionaire want to sponsor Lulu up to space? Show the country how simple and how fast it can be to be an angkasawan? No need to "train" in Russia. Give Lulu a chance to be a Datuk Paduka? any takers?
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Anonymous said...

guffaw, this is hilarious. well, i'm glad i'm like "most malaysians" then.... i think the space program is a laugh and a half...from the recruitment process, with the token chink and indian, right down to the teh tarik declarations, that would make anyone with half a brain think, "duhhhh"......

zewt said...

haha... i didnt even read that news!

toniXe said...

wow that sounds pretty good and fun ! we go together lulu ,shud be highly romantic too !

Anonymous said...

ironically, the article was only published in the STAR today, wed, 4th july.

Anonymous said...

Some of our official minds (and brains) should be overhaul in "space"! Such a "kiasu" mindset bigger than Singapore "island" (note: not a country, ha, ha)


Anonymous said...

Lulu is quite greedy-- first she wanna be Education Minister, now a sponsored astronaut with a Datuk Paduka title. She should had joined the Minah Rempits with Chew Bihun and hence be able to parachute over the northpole FOC

kittykat46 said...

Hohoho..I'm afraid after the earlier talk about teh tarik and congkak in space, nobody treats this as a serious project. Its essentially under the Space Tourist program, dressed up as a national astronaut program.

Real astronauts get embedded into Nasa or Russian Space Agency's programs and train for years for the mission. This isn't "it".

Anonymous said...

For all I am aware of, space tourists pay for their taxi rides to the ISS with their own hard-earned money, and NOT at the public's expense, like the umnonaut in this case