Friday, July 27, 2007

Mob1900 Does A Beautiful Poster Thanks To One Of Lulu's Comment-ers

In Lulu's post where she pondered if Tyson kena played out,

ghostline left the follwing comment

Let me tell a story, 'Gladiator'-style:

Imagine that Mat Tyson is a has-been gladiator in Ancient Rome. He's been skulking in the shadows for a long time. By reason of seniority, he holds a nominally high position in the UMNO hierarchy, but he's never really going to go anywhere. He's itching to rebuild his credibility and profile.

Someone whispers to him: "Now's your chance to prove yourself, we've finally got RPK cornered. All you have to do is go out there and lodge a police report. Go out there and beat up this loser. It's all been fixed. You'll be a hero. All Rome will love you."

MT jumps to attention and flexes his muscles. He's heard a lot about RPK. That sonofabitch has been a thorn in the side of the government for a long time. He will destroy RPK, and Rome will once again know his name. He gathers his few remaining men and swaggers into the gladiatorial ring flexing and air-kissing the crowd. The crowd roars.

The opponent's gate opens slowly. MT turns arrogantly, expecting a starved, half-dead slave to come out.

He will take his time to beat this one to death, he thinks. Let the crowd have their sport. Let them remember the great hero Mat Tyson.

Instead, a mighty warrior clad in fine armor and bristling with weapons steps out. Behind him are scores of other warriors, the black glint of death in their eyes.

MT suddenly realises who the crowd is roaring for. He turns back, but his gate is closed. He turns desperately, looking for a way out, but the games have begun.

Above him, in the imperial stands, someone smiles.

thank you ghostline, for that well illustrated story. Could you please drop me a mail so that I can thank you personally?

And mob, cheers to another beautiful poster! All your posters are so apt and absolutely brilliant in hitting the point.


arifabdull said...

yeah! what a nice poster? i like it and the Gladiator story is beyond my imagination.
if i can say, ghostline may be our best commentators ever!
Thanks LuLu

Anonymous said...

The crowd roars again when the great hero Mohd Tyson manages to bite off the ear of his opponent.