Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lulu's Glad RPK Is Still Standing, and With A Touch Of Class Lambasts The man With Two Muhamads in His Name

yup. MalaysiaToday is still up and running. Malaysia Today has been very sluggish today because there is a 97% load on the server. RPK has arranged to upgrade the server to double the present capacity so hopefully we will no longer face access problems.

And Raja Petra, with a touch of class, notes that

I understand that this ex-Menteri Besar with two Muhamads in his name can’t speak English. This is what the Australian court said and this is why the court acquitted him of the crime of smuggling dirty money into Australia. This means he also can’t read English. How this ex-Menteri Besar with two Muhamads in his name managed to figure out that I insulted the Agong in my article is beyond me when I write in English and not in Malay. Umno should have chosen another man who can speak English to make that police report against Malaysia Today and me.
Go check out his full post at 23/07: See you in hell Muhamad son of Muhamad

and poster boy Mob1900 was quite on target on how he envisioned RPK facing up to his adversaries


team bsg said...

to ensure full enjoyment of the coming scenes you have just only previewed before thr Grand Finale, u r strongly encouraged to view in full "Diehard4" so that maximum torque can be experienced

Anonymous said...

this taib guy hasnt got a teeny weeney bit of MORAL standing to talk about that. PERIOD

Josh said...

Only in Lulu-land, that a political party can be lead (*to some extent*) by a person who can read English. Opps, a former DPM also couldnt. No points for guessing how.

Anonymous said...

That Taib guy spoke through the other orifice. The MSM treats the spew like words.


Anonymous said...

Investigate Malaysia Today Allegations On Muhammad Muhammad Taib Petition


kittykat46 said...

Hi Lulu,
You (and me, too) are just a Dhimmi.
Don't talk too much or they will throw you into the dungeons....