Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lulu's Bright Idea....NOPE

Recently, the Star reported that Pos Malaysia Berhad has introduced a personalised stamp service so that you can send invitation cards with stamps bearing photographs of yourself with your loved one or your children.
The target market of the Setemku service are couples planning to marry as they can paste the personalised stamps on their wedding invitation and reply cards; celebrities, high-end customers and clubs.

ANd once again, this set Lulu thinking... wouldn't it be cool for your MP candidate to lekat his face on a stamp, and use these stamps when mailing out their propoganda to their constituents?

BUT the costs is quite mahal.
You need to order a minimum of 500 sheets, 1 sheet has 20 stamps
for the 30sen stamp, 1 sheet is rm16
and the 50sen stamp, 1 sheet is rm26
That means you have to spend a minimum of RM8,000 for 10,000 30 stamps, paying a premium 50sen in addition to the 30sen face value per stamp.

Guess only the MPs from the ruling party would be able to afford it.
People like him...
Only problem is, to quote R.Murali's Malaysians Dont Talk Poppycock in reference to when POS Malaysia printed stamps carrying picture of local politicians,

It caused confusion amongst the public, especially the foreigners.
They did not know which side of the stamp to spit on.
The locals however, had no problem. They knew exactly which side to spit on. But they had difficulty in gluing the stamps on the envelopes.


Anonymous said...

Please be considerate in your writing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, be considerate....U are under Watch !

Or wouldn't it more considerate if you re-word, like:

Sleep FOR me, not WITH me!

Good enough, anonymous spy?

Anonymous said...

Dear Lulu,
No messages/pictures that may erode the core moral value of the society

So your picture of Chief Great Sleeping One of the Hadhari Tribe is unacceptable because it would lead to the moral decay of schoolchildren, i.e. they might follow the Chief's fine example and snooze off in the middle of lessons

Yang Benar,
PostMaster General

Anonymous said...


You might got it all wrong, the Great leader was not actually sleeping, he was watching a cockroach on the floor just creeping past on its way to a honeymoon? Or a mosquito buzzing around below for more bloody sucks? Or a stain blot of the table cloth down below? Whatever, he was not sleeping? He was just closing his eyes but actually working his brain. Please be careful next time.

Anonymous said...

Look, sleeping is not a crime, is it? It's the toughest job in the nation. travelling from an airconditioned bedroom to a cosy air-con office suite is tough. You think being chauffeured around is not tough, bopring sitting in the car and actually not moving the car gear and steering wheel. It's damn tough. Meeting people you have to smile like an open rose. It's very tough especially meeting and talking to people you really don't like. Shifting loads of paper work with scanning eyes is hard work, damn heavy. And not making decisions, is tough. Making decisions is harder still. Shaking hands takes energy. Reading speeches at functions (even though not personally written) takes hard coordination of the 5 physical senses. So please understand, it's hell of a tough job, harder than a farmer or a construction worker. Even getting so highly paid is tough on the conscience. So taking a nap is definitely justified.

shag said...

re anon #1, are the UMNO cyber warriors at work already?

Rauff said...

Post Master General? Ader ke? HEheheh~! UMNO cyber warrior? What they gonna use? Generic keris kah? I am confused really.

Napping is fine...just don't do it in front of everyone lah. Bad protocol.

Anonymous said...

The Opposition parties should use Chief Sleeping Bull's elegant dozing photo in the general elections to show the rakyat the dire consequences of voting in the wrong leaders

kleptocrats said...

Fantastic idea. We will rush to report the finding to our superior. Since general election coming we can order as many stamps as possible so we can start licking up my bosses ...ehh... stamps.

Umno Cyber team.

Anonymous said...

Okay Lulu, here's a better one 4 U :



Anonymous said...

Wonder who's that crummy(Pos Malaysia's?) idiot who chose a male, who looks so much like a monk, to pose?