Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lulu Wonders If MatTyson Not Very Intellingently Walked Into A Trap Set Up By His Rakan Seperjuangan

[pic from Howsy]

did you wonder about it like how Lulu is doing now at 6am if he did?

RPK reveals to us in his post that this ex-Menteri Besar with two Muhamads in his name is
a liar who married the late Agong’s and Sultan of Selangor’s daughter and denied it,
who insulted the Malays and Islam by secretly marrying someone’s daughter in another country without the permission of her father
"puzzles" everyone on how an ex-school teacher could afford a RM12 million divorce settlement on a meagre Menteri Besar's salary.

in RPK's interview with Malaysiakini, RPK said that he did not write any articles on the date in question
According to Umno information chief Muhammad Muhammad Taib, who filed yesterday's report against Malaysia Today, the report concerned remarks and articles published on the website on July 11.
RPK checked the archives of the website and there was no article written by him on July 11.
RPK was probably scoffing at them when he said,
"When Umno had a meeting about this issue, they didn't have an article yet. Only while they were drafting the report did they look for an article to support it, not the other way around."

Are you seeing what Lulu sees?

That RPK is a loaded gun and definetly an authority on Mat Tyson's past sins
That RPK, being RPK, would not resist the call to inform us on these truths
Meaning that if Mat Tyson attacked RPK, RPK would bocor all

Was Mat Tyson set-up by his own "rakan seperjuangan"?

RPK at the end of his piece said
You want to make a political comeback.
You want to contest a parliament seat in the next general election.
And you want to be made a federal minister when you win that parliament seat.
You hope that the present Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak, will fall and that you can take his job.
That is why you made that police report against Malaysia Today and me, Muhamad the son of Muhamad.
In money politics, there is no such thing as "rakan seperjuangan".

Lulu thinks that Mat Tyson walked into a trap, set up by his Umno "friends"
They convinced him that this would be his road to fame. Kau-tim this fella, and you would be the hottest saviour/hero of UMNO.
INstead, Mat Tyson now kena kau-kau. The road which he thought would lead to fame in reality, turns out to be his road to shame.
After these revelation, Mat Tyson would find it hard to climb out of the hole.
And he can forget any seat in Selangor. And there goes his ambition / angan-angan to replace the Islamic state proclaimer.

Lulu doesnt know whether or not to kesiankan this dumb Mat or not


Anonymous said...

Investigate Malaysia Today Allegations On Muhammad Muhammad Taib Petition

Anonymous said...

Mat s/o Mat is just trying to revive his dead political career

whisperingshout said...

Very good theory you made here.

ghostline said...


Highly plausible, considering that Mat Tyson isn't exactly the brightest bulb in the dim room that is UMNO. It wouldn't be hard to goad him into 'defending UMNO' by charging banners and all into the minefield of persecuting RPK.

Any bets that The Son-in-Law was the one who instigated Mat Tyson?

Anonymous said...

Good... if your inferences are correct, let them "kau-tim" their own kind.

And with much glee and a coffee ( some with a beer )in our hand we will be watching each & everyone of them " kena kau-kau "

Anonymous said...

Killing two birds with one stone, theory. Instill fear into bloggers before the general elections so that "anti-establishment" sentiments can be culled. These idiots in power can't tell the difference between "integrity" and "corruption" (of the mind). It's a misnomer to call them leaders in the first place, cos they should NOT be elected in the first place. So in the coming general elections, make sure they are not re-elected again including their party representatives. That's the greatest power all Malaysian voters have. It's the ONLY weapon to fight these idiots.


manamanu said...

As mentioned elsewhere, he is seeking mileage for a comeback, but instead, what he has started may blow-up in his face.

Ahh--the comedy of errors !!!

Anonymous said...

Citizens In Solidarity with Raja Petra and Freedom of Speech !

Brown Superman said...

Mad son of Mud Tahi carried millions and millions of Malaysian Ringgit in RM10 and RM50 denominations to Down Under and was CAUGHT by the Aussie Customs. This Bachelor of Arts (in History taught in English) declared that he speako nor understando no inglis although he was a teacher to the pre-schoolers. Bear in mind, this was in the court and under oath. To escape, this Mad fellow will commit anything.

That one lump sum was many folds of his total official incomes. Why had not the cabinet (including the Bersih Cekap Amanah Prime Minister), ACA, Income Tax investigated the source of funds whether it was unofficial earnings, commissions, heriditary gifts, or obtained through other corruption means. He could not even repay the government for compensation when breaching the teaching contract. He had asked the "Bisexual" for a write-off.

If the money belonged to his brother as he told Malaysians (whom he thought are fools like his cronies), where did the brother get the money from?

A RM 12,000,000 was paid as divorce settlement to a Selangor Princess. Where did the MILLIONS come from? Our Bersih Cekap Amanah PM was shown a photocopy of the settlement cheque! (Pse refer to Malaysia Today site)

While being the head of Majlis A.I.S., he had secretly married the beautiful Joan Collins look-alike Princess in the neighbouring country (Thailand, lah) without the Ruler's knowledge or consent. Shouldn't the bride's father be the wali? More so, being the respectable Ruler, dedicated father, and one who pays salary to the Groom. After the wedding, this Broom denied the marriage to the Ruler and even SWORE oner the Al- Quran.

I remember seing a banner at his residence saying "Saya Anak Melayu..." What a disrepute he brought to the people of the country.

So make no mistake about this Mad s/o Mud Tahi.

Anonymous said...

Whatalulu, Nazri announce he will clamp down via a new legislation on bloggers that "belittle" islam and insult the king and tell lies.

It is so heartwarming to know that we are heading towards a China-like government, which is now the No.1 economic power in the world.

Of course, i am saying this in LULU-land - and now have to remain anonymous because of Nazri.

ghostline said...

Let me tell a story, 'Gladiator'-style:

Imagine that Mat Tyson is a has-been gladiator in Ancient Rome. He's been skulking in the shadows for a long time. By reason of seniority, he holds a nominally high position in the UMNO hierarchy, but he's never really going to go anywhere. He's itching to rebuild his credibility and profile.

Someone whispers to him: "Now's your chance to prove yourself, we've finally got RPK cornered. All you have to do is go out there and lodge a police report. Go out there and beat up this loser. It's all been fixed. You'll be a hero. All Rome will love you."

MT jumps to attention and flexes his muscles. He's heard a lot about RPK. That sonofabitch has been a thorn in the side of the government for a long time. He will destroy RPK, and Rome will once again know his name. He gathers his few remaining men and swaggers into the gladiatorial ring flexing and air-kissing the crowd. The crowd roars.

The opponent's gate opens slowly. MT turns arrogantly, expecting a starved, half-dead slave to come out.

He will take his time to beat this one to death, he thinks. Let the crowd have their sport. Let them remember the great hero Mat Tyson.

Instead, a mighty warrior clad in fine armor and bristling with weapons steps out. Behind him are scores of other warriors, the black glint of death in their eyes.

MT suddenly realises who the crowd is roaring for. He turns back, but his gate is closed. He turns desperately, looking for a way out, but the games have begun.

Above him, in the imperial stands, someone smiles.

Anonymous said...

If this Hero would like to come to Brisbane, I'll will shout him a kopi-O...after we go to the Queensland Police and explain that he has now learnt English and can explain what he was doing with the $Million in cash in his suitcase.

Lau Weng San said...

Mat Tyson has been trying to make his political comeback when he was appointed as Senator. (please read and

Heard that he is now chairing umno kelana jaya division and aiming at kelana jaya parliament seats next ge and loh seng kok will lost his seat.

will that be true?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lulu
Greetings from UK.
Looks like the 4th floor guys are smarter than him.
The bible says, "Pride comes before the fall"

Billy said...

Allow me to dedicate this quote by the late Sir Winston Churchill to all the courageous bloggers like RPK (Pete), Nat, Rocky, Jeff & many others.
"Never in the field of human conflict have so much been owed by so many to so few."

UMNO is now running scared and in their endeavour to do damage control, they have worsen the situation, and the first to fall into the cesspool is none other than our M2. So during the police interrogation, finding that they had no hold on Pete, they want the identity of those who posted the messages (or he may suffer the consequences?). So it is like the US bombing Saudi Arabia because of one its citizens, Osama bin Ladin who knocked down the twin towers. Incidentally, the police quoted the date of the article which according to Pete's archives, there was none. Doesn't this sound familiar? Remember the Anwar case? The Tivoli Apartment? They misquoted the date in the charge as the building underwent renovation at that time, and lo and behold, the date was immediately changed in the charge.

Anonymous said...

Raja Petra's allegation made following his release from police investigation is both revealing and serious. He has clearly said (see Malaysiakini video) that there are 25 UMNO cyber troopers paid on a monthly basis of RM2,750 to flood blogs with "nonsense" comments. According to him, he has to spend a lot of time into the wee morning hours just deleting some 500 to 600 nonsensical postings. And he was also informed that last month UMNO Supreme Council meeting, two top level Wanita leaders were delegated the task implying in connection to the cyber troopers. This was in view that he was shown by the police some 12 pieces or so comments attached to the UMNO police report, which the cyber police was interested to know of the identity of these commentators.

Husin Lempoyang said...

Lulu shoudl read also that Muhammad **2 made a bubu of himself. Read Bila Pemburu Musang Tak Kenal Musang

mob1900 said...

Thanks for the inspiration, Lulu, Husin and Ghostline.

ghostline said...

you're welcome Mob. that is a viciously hilarious visualisation of Mat Tyson.

keep rocking (the boat).