Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lulu Was Very Down On Friday But Now Sees At Least One New Cloud WIth A Silver Lining

with all the nastiness going around casting fear amongst the bloggers, Lulu was feeling kinda down on Friday night.

Lulu's rooted here.
This is my country. Negaraku.
I have spent ALL my years here. ALL of it.
To put it very crudely, Lulu has expelled more air from her body via burps and farts compared to a certain son-in-law [the one who bought 2 i-phones when he was in LA] has breathe in and out Malaysia air.
That is how Malaysian I am.
I am a Malaysian. This is my country.

But the accusations and demonising, and the way certain quarters are casting fear upon us all, Lulu was having this feeling like as if the death-eaters and the dementors had set-up their base here.
Is the end of whatever tolerance we have left gone?

It was a dark, dark night. The weather was not helping.
But somehow, Lulu remembered to trust God, and to pray for the nation.
Lulu slept better after that.

ahh.... the next day, Lulu had a chance meeting with Tony Pua who told Lulu there's some good news to be announced soon.
Lulu felt kinda like that -->

A cloud emerging with a silver lining.
A reprieve for us Malaysians
A ray of hope for us bloggers

You wanna know the good news?
Would you like to hear it from the horse's mouth?

Make a date with the DAP fellas
Tuesday 31st July
Food Foundry, Block B, Happy Mansion, Section 17/13
click here for map

if you can make it, bring along your notebook. They have free wireless internet, and you can break the news direct from there.
for the lack of the name of the contact person, i guess you can drop a mail to to rsvp. Mainly to help them in estimating headcount for YOUR free food.

if you can't make it, then you'd just have to read it off someone's blog. maybe lulu's. Hope I can make it.

Lulu did say, at least one new cloud with a silver lining?
there may be a second one to come.

update Sunday
is it related to this?
then again maybe not.
it does mention Tuesday though... same day as the Food Foundry bash with the DAP fellas.

Come to Food Foundry, 10:30am and find out.

And for those like Lulu who are considering diversifying into flogging, you can come, do the so-po thing, then the flogging thing. 2in1, like the drink sachets.


suanie said...

a.m.!?!?! tak payah kerja meh....

What A Lulu said...

maklum-lah, suanie,
all these bloggers - kononnya female, tak kerja [maybe that describes lulu] can make it-lor, hor...

Chong Zhemin said...

I just quit my job! i will go then~lol.

Shawn Tan said...

i have no idea what your job is.. but take an extended "tea break" at 10.30am.. or arrange to meet a client somewhere nearby, at the time.. hehe..

Josh said...

I would like to go and congratulate Pua and Jeff but it is working hours. I suppose , it is good news that we can all cheer! More OIL to JEFF and ToNY.