Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lulu Wanna

Lulu's been down with a cough and cold since last Thursday.

I wanna have

banana leaf rice
with mutton curry
or fried ikan kembung
with lots and lots of kuah...

nasi lemak
with lots of sambal
and beef rendang

roti canai
banjir-ed with chicken curry

curry puff
[ok. this one i succumbed and had one last night. it was glorious!]

i miss em all & i want, i want, i want
i want to makan

kinda like kj and his iPhone,
i-know, i-know
money can earn back, health cannot

anyone else down with this bug?
dunno if the bug itself, or the anti histamines are making me drowsy and giving me a brain freeze.


Anonymous said...

Even without anti-histamine, the aftermath of a bad flu/cold will usually leave make your mind dull for as long as a forthnight. It may also attack the usually weakest part of your body - like if you sometimes have chronic backaches, encourage a recurring bout of that.

Take it easy. Keep indoors and take plenty of fluids like fruit juice and Oolong chinese tea might help.


lucia said...

i just recovered from flu. had it for about 20 days!

first took some chinese medication, cannot get better so went to pharmacy to buy some pills. still cannot get better, so had to go back to the pharmacy to buy the pills again - then only get better.

Anonymous said...

Yes Lucia, 20 days, that was the usual period I used to encounter.

The more closely you come in contact with the masses of humanity, the chances is that you are more liable to pick up this common viruses more frequently.

Dull mind and low feeling. May even lose sensation of smell temporarily for a day or so.


Joshua said...

remember to check for tonsilitis! Many doctors wrongly diagnose the cough - and dont treat the tonsilitis. My wife cough like 1 month until we had a different doctor who gave the right medicine for tonsilitis and she was cured in 2 days...