Monday, July 02, 2007

Lulu Terribly-Terribly Disappointed in UM

did you see this in today's Star?
UM out to woo foreign students

In Y2004, UM was ranked 89th in the THES report. Everyone was happy-happy, proud-proud.
In 2005, it dropped to 169th position, when it was realised that local Chinese like Lulu and local Indians were categorised as foreign students, and that mis-assumption was corrected.
In 2006, not only did the ranking drop to 192, worse still, we were dethroned from being the #1 university in Malaysia, losing out to UKM.

Ouch! For Lulu, that hurts more than being 192.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed was quoted as saying, recruiting international students was to improve its rank in world university rankings, such as the Times Higher Education Supplement’s (THES) World University Rankings.

can you beat that?
of all the reasons to bring in foreign students?
of all the methods to raise our ranking?

Whilst the THES scoring and results is much debated over, it may be worthwhile to look at the critereas they use.
THES scoring is allocated in this manner

Research Quality
Peer Review 40%
Composite score drawn from peer review (which is divided into five subject areas)
Citations per Faculty 20%
Score based on research performance factored against the size of the research body

Graduate Employability
Recruiter Review 10%
Score based on responses to recruiter survey

International Outlook
International Faculty 5%

Score based on proportion of international faculty
International Students 5%
Score based on proportion of international students

Teaching Quality
Student Faculty 20%

Score based on student/faculty ratio

Lulu is wondering,
WHy not improve graduate employability?
Whether it's 80,000 or 18,000 unemplyed graduates, why not equip them better for the marketplace?
Peer review - sigh... our better academics would like to stay in negaraku, but the conditions of the university, the opportunities for promotion, the frustrations faced have forced many of the new generation to go elsewhere. The good peers are going-going-gone.
Citations, research - if Lulu's not mistaken, UM doesn't even put out the research done by their academics, because, well... you guess...

Why not improve on these three?

WHen these are improved, UM will be a university of choice, even for the foreign students. We don't need to go all out offering the schoplarships to come here. The name in itself will bring them here.

Let's be honest with ourselves, and do the right thing for the right reason.
In moments like this, Lulu wishes she was the Education Minister.


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team BSG said...

Tell me , in todays everybody is corrupt ( no need to prove one ) ruling untouchable elite who can be honest ? Gradutes who no speak England ( not halal ), uneducated goment top servants( like savages one ) , aca need anti need anti anti aca one and more baboons.and then sleeping pm and quite big liar no comment dpm !how ah like that ? who needs university degree in malaysia ?

Anonymous said...

Is this not an open admission that tongkat ali failed and cialis and viagra become the order of the day?


Rauff said...

Heh...lets try voting for the other side for a change? Submit a patition against all the Universities and the Ministry in question. Student revolution always proves a point. Look at China...what did a student rallying for a cause did for them? but th real question is...are we brave enough to do so?

Anonymous said...

All you fellas are talking lies, so claimed a Wanita leader. So the truth of the matter is that at the next general election, don't vote for any more political scums. And spread the message. Because the U Must Not object leader claimed the blogs have stepped up attacks against the nation's leaders. So U Must Not Object party has set up a cyber patrol squad to mark your lies! I wonder if they are up to the mark (like Sporean government leaders), would we criticize them?

dave said...

good initiative, lulu - how can we help? :D

Deeroy said...

yeap like you i am dissapointed as well.When I studied there it was ranked 10th in Asia..the next year it went to 47th because they raised the fees and didn't renew some well known professors contract.

Anonymous said...

sigh, and i did my MBA there.

Anonymous said...

what's the point of having a high ranking when the undergraduates living conditions, welfare is not well taken care of. Students basicly have to fight for a place to stay in hostels and even final year students are prohibited from using a car in the campus. N not to mention that the during 2008 students in hostel sufferd water shortage for 1 month.