Monday, July 16, 2007

Lulu Puts Into Practise What She Learnt During the Bersih Workshop

on Sunday, Lulu attended the workshop organised by Bersih on Election Reporting for Journalists and Bloggers [that's me!]. For those of you who missed it, try to make it for their next session.
AND if it takes too long for them to organise one for you, if you can arrange for 20 or so people, they can come conduct the workshop for you.

One of the things which happens during the warm-up to elections is all kinds of [to put it very kindly... ] "strange" reporting by the mainstream media.

Take for example, what is found in the Star today.
PAS may work with DAP to seize Penang
KEPALA BATAS: PAS may consider working with DAP to capture Penang in the next general election.
State PAS commissioner Mohd Salleh Man said the move would be considered if it was found to be the best way to beat Barisan Nasional in the state.
“So far both parties have not formally discussed such a pact. But any pact for the best interest of the Opposition would be considered.
“Hopefully, we will get the blessings from the PAS central body before going ahead with the pact,” he told reporters at a joint press conference by PAS and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) here yesterday.
Mohd Salleh said the proposed co-operation would be based on current political developments in the state.
Did that scare you?
Did it look like there are plans for PAS to work in partnership with DAP to capture Penang?

look at how they frame it
PAS may consider
it is still a MAY.
for goodness sake, they're not even considering yet. Just a may consider.
Have you ever told your children that you may consider ___ (fill in the blank according to your own situation) for them? usually, it is followed by a "if" clause.
and definetly at a "may consider" stage, it's nothing concrete at all.
It borderlines wishful thinking.

next question - who in PAS said that
State PAS commissioner Mohd Salleh Man said
is it a direction from the top? no, it's from the state level. Its not from the central body. It has never been discussed. Isolated. terasing. it is not a direction from the top.

It's so sad that the Star has published this wishy-washy piece of news.

What are they hoping to achieve from this?
That Penang readers read this and start panic-ing, thinking that PAS and DAP WILL work together and attempt to takeover the state?
that voting DAP would mean voting for PAS?
which in turn means voting for an Islamic state?
and that the Penang voters will be like "no, no, cannot... " and not vote DAP?
If indeed that was the intention, shame on the Star!
and shame on the powers behind the throne for using such pathetic reporting to scare people.
or is this merely Lulu's imagination working overtime?

The one and only time DAP partnered PAS was in '99, and in that partnership, it was understood that DAP never agreed to an Islamic state. But the papers played out both parties. In the Chinese press, especially in editions for the north, the readers read how the "Islamic state would come upon them in the ruling party lost the elections. In the Malay papers pula, the exact opposite tune was sung.
[source : Lulu's memory from reading BA and Islamic State by Lim Kit Siang. i know, lulu reads the strangest books]
IN 2004, the two parties went separate ways. So separate that they caused a 3-way split on the Puchong seat which either party could have won if the opposition vote was not split.

This piece of "news", Lulu hopes it wasnt because of low life shameless tactics that this "news" came into print.
Lulu hopes that it was something a junior reporter filed in which missed the editor's notice.
Lulu hopes Penang readers do not fall into thinking that this wishful thinking reporting is genuine authentic news.

One of the things Lulu learnt from the workshop is that even Lulu can play a role in reporting correctly what is being reported.
Maybe you're from Penang, or you have parents, relatives or friend in Penang.
Maybe if you're going to see them the next few days, you would like to discuss with them this piece of "news" and ask them what they think about it.
If they have misunderstood it, maybe you could help correct their thinking.
Could you do that please?

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