Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lulu Name Calling

what do you call someone who says something which is so obviously wrong?
"Islam is the official religion and Malaysia is an Islamic state, an Islamic state that respects the rights of the non-Muslims and we protect them,"
Lulu calls him an attention seeker

what do you call someone who tells people who may try to say the correct thing to shut up?
“Saya beri amaran kepada pemimpin MCA supaya berhenti membuat kenyataan sedemikian. Ingin saya tegaskan, saya bukan pemimpin naif yang akan membenarkan perkara ini berterusan. Amaran saya ialah berhenti membuat kenyataan,”
Lulu calls him a bully

what do you call the leaders of the parties within the multi-racial BN who aren't saying anything?
[no quote because none of the presidents say anything-mah...]
Lulu calls them cowards

what else can you call them?
Lulu would call the lap dogs

Enough name calling for now.
Have you heard of the term "dhimmi"?
Do you know what a dhimmi is?
What are the implications of being a dhimmi?
If you dont know yet, do a search on it. Wikipedia has an extensive write-up, but do also check out google and yahoo.

Lulu doesn't want to be a dhimmi. My rights as a Malaysian citizen should be no different from Ali, Abu and Bakar. There is no need for you to create an Islamic state that kononnya "respects the rights of the non-Muslims".

And in the forthcoming elections, with the knowledge you now possess and knowing the direction that the BN wants to take, you decide whether you want to vote for those attention seekers, bullies, cowards and lapdogs.

Mob1900 and Whatahack (no relation to Whatalulu) have done up really good posters on our predicament.


lucia said...

good one, lulu.

funny, isn't it, or ironic?... that we have cowards and bullies in the ruling coalition. er... actually it's not funny nor ironic but normal (as expected).

umno supremacy is always there, hence the bully and the cowards can't do anything because each time they do, the bullies will say the cowards are challenging them.


Anonymous said...

OKT ( Oh Kooi Thau ) & mca are a disgrace to the chinese here & the rest of the world.

Freethinker said...

Disappointing AmSeaAir

Anonymous said...

""Islam is the official religion and Malaysia is an Islamic state, an Islamic state that respects the rights of the non-Muslims and we protect them,""

Isn't that revealing enough that an islamic state is actually not obliged to do that, depending on it various form? He doesn't understand the implication of what he has illogical being his justification for an islamic state. But they they always blathers mindlessly, asserts and drown in circular logic. This never varies.


Anonymous said...

you are alredi a dhimmi. if you dont like it, migrate lah.
hmmm..sounds familiar isnt it?

Anonymous said...

It demonstrates the asserted tolerance of that Creed. ABIM says Bodohland has always been a islamic state:

That's why the special privileges are never what they appeared to be buy mandated Jizya. Deceit by reflex from the start.


Anonymous said...

Yeah sure, we protect them.... We only remove their temples mahhhh.....

Anonymous said...

Amaran against thinking aloud.

The MCA made the usual feeble wanky attempt - not amounting to anything of importance but like an mini opera. Yep, these running dogs also have to be even muzzled.

Sure, Bodohland's politicians like to think of themselves as accomplished statesmen - through liberal usage of STFU warnings.


arifabdull said...

very nice calling names. i like it....LoL