Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lulu, Like Haris, Is Concerned. Very Concerned

Haris Ibrahim, in his blog, the People's Parliament posts a list of reasons why you should sokong Lulu's Change of Diet Plan, and beyond. Of course he puts it in a less lulu way, and strongly calls you to Vote for Change

Focusing on the increased ‘Islam-as I say-tion’ of the nation,
Look at what has happened to Revathi and her family.
Look at Lina and the family that she does not have.
Look at how a proposal to improve the election process by the introduction of the use of indelible ink must first be approved by the
Fatwa Council.
Look at the raid and seizure at the
restaurants in Bangsar recently.
Look at
Siti Idayu, the singer detained in Ipoh.
Look at the
demolished church in Gua Musang.
Look at the
temple demolitions that have occurred.
Look at the constant push to set up
religious vigilante groups.
Look at the increasing
surrender of our civil courts to the Syariah courts.
I am not prepared to accept this hijacking of our nation by a small group who would hoodwink us into believing that they represent the majority in this country.
If you, Muslim or not, are also not ready to put up with these hijackers, you cannot choose to remain silent anymore.
Silence is no longer an option.
You must speak up.
You must make this an election issue.
Do drop by his blog. I've learnt so much from him and his blog.
His Constitutional Watch made me realise how vulnerable our constitution is
The Get to know your MP is his initiative to gather people from constituencies to approach their sitting MP for clarification as to his personal stand on those issues
He has a series on Lina, why the controversy?
All worth reading and pondering over.

and please, when it's time to cast your vote, MAKE A CHANGE


lucia said...

an important 'look' list...

look at the corruption that is happening among the ministers and those in authority.
(e.g. the present case of johari and musa hassan)

thanks for intro haris's blog, lulu. i did read his articles now and then at beritamalaysia but i rarely go to his blog. i will now put his blog on my blogroll thus can visit daily.

yes, let's all VOTE FOR A CHANGE this coming election!

Anonymous said...

Also read: Malaysiakini

Posted Article by Helen Ang: Titled:

"Minorities under political Islam (part 1)"

yok hoong said...

haris blog is one of my favourites. hey, the nation needs more haris.