Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lulu Doesn't Have The Answers, But Maybe We Can Find Out Together

in view of what's happening with Nat, one of Lulu's readers asked,
It makes me worry about my comments elsewhere. Should i now blog annonymously? Sad indeed.
Lulu too is worried. And Lulu didnt know how to answer that question. sori-ah... not yet reply your mail. Now you know why...

Things which crossed my mind
1. Need to make friends with Elizabeth Wong the activist.
When Rocky got into trouble, she took the initiative to hook him up with the right people. Now she's one of Nat's main activist. Would be good if Lulu gets her number.

2. How do I make sure I get adequate legal representation?
In Lulu's case, its also legal protection cos Lulu gets SO easily bullied.
When asked a series of questions, Lulu gets easily confused, slightly incoherent and starts answering gibberish.
Article 5(3) in the constitution says
• (3) Where a person is arrested he shall be informed as soon as may be of the grounds of his arrest and shall be allowed to consult and be defended by a legal practitioner of his choice.
But look what happened to Nat.
So how?

3. Maybe even more basic, how to stay out of trouble
Lulu guesses that the easiest thing would be to stop blogging. err... but I dont think thats the path I want to take for now. Lulu still has so much to say and write about.
So how?

I don't know.
BUT maybe, Lulu'll be able to find some answers if she attends to forum In Solidarity with Nat Tan.
Venue: KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall
Date: 19th July 2007 (Thursday)
Time: 7.30 pm
Admission is Free.
Now that you know it is free, bring Friends, kay? you can tell your friends you "belanja masuk". We wont tell on you.

The panel of Distinguished Speakers include:
Nathaniel Tan, Victim, Blogger & Aide to PKR Advisor*
Jeff Ooi, Protem Vice-President, All Blogs Malaysia
Harris Ibrahim, Lawyer & Founder of The People's Parliament
Nurul Izzah Anwar, Special Assistant to PKR Advisor
Lim Guan Eng, Secretary-General of DAP
Tony Pua, Economic Advisor to DAP Secretary-General
Chairperson: Soon Li Tsin, Journalist & Blogger

Hope to see you there.
As for Lulu, Lulu has to tabahkan diri to say hello to EliWong.

updates 11:20am
yup! yup! looks like Nat will definitely be there.
Per Malaysiakini newsflash,
Nat to be released this noon
Blogger and PKR webmaster Nathaniel Tan will be released today noon after a four-day remand for allegedly breaching the Official Secrets Act.
A press circular released by PKR said that Tan’s lawyer Latheefa Koya was informed about the release by the police this morning.
According to the press statement, 26-year-old Tan would be released 12pm at the Bukit Aman's Cyber Crime Division, Jalan Dato Onn, Bukit Perdana (behind Bank Negara).


Joshua said...

I am just thinking aloud:
Dont u think agents from the secret service would be there at this meeting to take pictures of all the bloggers/activists?

Wouldnt it be risky to show up and then they OSA / ISA everyone there one fine day ala the facist regime in "V for Vendetta"?

In fact, what happenned to Nat reminded me that what we have now is a govt similar to that movie..

Ko-chi Wai said...

precisely because the authorities want create fear, uncertainty, and doubt that they went after one or two more prominent bloggers. that way they hope to create fear in the normal folks that "you could be next". what is important with such an awareness is that we should continue to speak out to defeat their scare tactic. they can catch 1, 2, 3...but imagine all of us continue to voice out, how many can they arrest/remand? it is important to break this fear as fear and uncertainty has been the tool used by this administration for so long to keep the rakyat pliant and complacent. speak up as one voice, and this tactic will fail.

Anonymous said...

Lulu, I always believe and have faith in this country legal system...

As long as you ain't the victim and have load of cash, you will be able to wriggle your way into favour.

Anonymous said...

Reminded me of a saying, "Slaughter the monkey to frighten the villagers." Do you want to be played into fear by the authorities? Instilling fear among the younger generation of leaders? It won't work. Not when you stand by the values and a conscientious mind. It's the beginning of the end of this country if you have fear and not struggle against the evils in our society.