Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lulu Brings It To You Live (2)

Jeff with Guan Eng and Kit Siang (lulu like so friend with them like that, on first name basis -errhhhh.... actually, they wouldnt know me from erh... lulu?)
ntv7 and TV8 are also here
keep a look out on the news tonight, and tell lulu,ya, if they air it


Pix Pixie said...

Lulu ah...
That's not TV8, that's PAS punya wtv8 ha ha.

Anonymous said...

censorship in mainstream media? not surprise if it happens afterall there's a subsisting directive from the top.

Lau Weng San said...

chinese nitelines put up the news in their national page tonight but i think the news should be a front page story.

i received sms that jeff should stand up in kelana jaya (parliament seats for subang jaya state seat) but china press reported that he may go to puchong (dunno parliament or state).

so where do you think jeff should go?