Thursday, June 21, 2007

There Goes The Peace In Lulu's Piece Of Air In the Sky

In 2002, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd.(MAHB) closed Air Asia’s Kuala Lumpur base in Subang, and relocated Air Asia to KLIA. KLIA's ridership figures just weren't high enough and the government forced all domestic flights to move, despite Air Asia's opposition.

In Nov 2004, AirAsia appealed again to the government to allow them to return to Subang instead of building a new terminal.

SEPANG, Nov 12 (Bernama) -- AirAsia hopes that the government will consider allowing it to operate from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (SAAS) Airport in Subang to make Malaysia a hub for low fare carriers in Asia.
The government, he said, could build another terminal at KLIA but that would not solve the problem because there would still be only two runaways."So, why waste
a fantastic runaway we have downtown (in Subang)?" he asked.
To build a new terminal and runaway at KLIA will cost billions of ringgit and this would take at least another 10 years, he added."In Subang, we have all the space to service low-cost airlines and we need only RM85 million to redevelop the airport," said Fernandes.

and again
The Star: 30th. November 2004
AirAsia makes case for Subang airport again
SEPANG: With just weeks to go before AirAsia finds out whether it can operate in Subang, its chief executive officer Tony Fernandes is making a “last-minute dash” to convince the Government on the need for it to operate from a second airport. Fernandes said AirAsia was eyeing Subang because of the need for quick departures and its facilities like the existing runway. He said that the KL International Airport was congested with passengers checking in and the runway was often packed with aircraft in the morning, resulting in flight delays for AirAsia.
“We are not after Subang just because it is nearer to the city. We are trying to make it affordable for everyone to fly and cost-effective for us at the same time,” he added.
and again
AirAsia Is Prepared To Operate In Subang Airport, Says Fernandes
PETALING JAYA, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- AirAsia Bhd has again appealed to the government to allow them to shift their operations to Subang airport, stating a cut of over 20 percent in its operating costs as one of the main reasons for the proposed move.In a media conference Tuesday, group chief executive officer of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes said the group was even ready to operate in Subang in the next 12 months, should the government allow the former Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport to be converted into a hub for budget carriers.

The government [but of course...] did not fail in letting Mr Now-Everyone-Can-Fly down and instead, chose to build a RM100million terminal for LCCs.
New KLIA terminal for budget airlines
PUTRAJAYA: The Government has shot down AirAsia’s proposal to operate from Subang and instead decided to build a new terminal at the KL International Airport in Sepang for low-cost carriers (LCCs).
Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said the RM100mil terminal would be operational by the middle of next year and provide basic facilities for LCCs to operate.
“The decision is made as a strategic move to ensure the aviation industry in Malaysia continues to grow, and suits the country’s objective to develop KLIA as a regional aviation hub in the long term. “The decision was made after the Government had considered the feedback by all stakeholders in the aviation industry, including the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd, Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd, Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and Board of Airlines Representatives,” he told reporters here yesterday.
Having bought a piece of air in Kelana Jaya along the flight route, Lulu was most relieved to hear that Subang will not be reopened, and planes won't be flying outside Lulu's apartment window ala Kai Tak.

But alas, Lulu's peace is not to be.
As if that is not bad enough, give an inch, take a mile. bagi betis, nak peha.
On MOnday, Firely hopes to ply more domestic routes. Managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Idris Jala said was currently in talks with the Government to operate more domestic routes from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang.
“Firefly will be flying to Kertih, Malacca and Ipoh from Subang. However, the current route allocation for flights out of Subang is a bit too restrictive,” he said after the company's AGM yesterday.

The landscape of the whole airport stretch has changed dramatically. There are a few condos along that stretch now. If those staying in Subang Jaya SS19 thought it was noisy then, the poor residents of Bandar Ara Damansara... i don't know how to describe their plight.

You know David Gates' "If a piture paints a thousand words...", let Lulu paint the Ara Damansara picture for you

and.... Tony Fernandes' estimates in 2004 to refurbish Subang was RM85 million. Since then, price of steel, cement etc has gone up. How much would it cost to refurbish Subang? Is it really worthwhile redoing Subang when we have KLIA and LCCT? Is there really a market for flights to Melaka and Ipoh?

Lulu just doesn't understand the Cabinet on their decision to reopen Subang.


River of Karma said...

If you're giving up your place, let me know. I love planes.

kittykat46 said...

Greetings Lulu,
As long as Firefly is operating turboprops, don't worry too much about the noise.
Planes like the F50 give off a low-pitched drone, rather than the high-pitched scream of jets and quieter (on the outside) anyway.

Its more unpleasant flying INSIDE a turboprop because of more severe vibrations and low frequency noise is a lot harder to insulate out. But outside, they are much quieter than jets.

Anonymous said...


I empathize your feelings on the noise since I also stay close to a bypass expressway (which is worse).

You can forgive our infamous government for its regular "U" turned policies. But just think, it's only a "fly" well, maybe a bit of fire. Flies don't make much noise when they fly. Do they?


SK said...

May you find find the peace!

Anonymous said...

Well, they needed some "dough" and LCCT was the obvious way to load up on their coffers. Now that it's completed, there has to be another project which they could declare to the public with a price tag of additional...say, 150% on top of the actual cost, in order to sustain their lifestyle mah. Not easy being in the government, u know? Have to keep coming up with creative excuses to suck more money from the rakyat.
Truly, Malaysia Boleh and malaysians bodoh!!

Anonymous said...

Right, Kerajaan Boleh, malaysian Bodoh!! Well said.


Anonymous said...

im waiting for airasia to counter back this news....... hasnt they? papers these days filled with mongolians news... boring sia..