Monday, June 25, 2007

Lulu Wonders If Najib Realised the Implications of His Statement Or Not

Well, in today's NST, Najib declared that No one is above the law
Lulu not sure whether, in all sincerity, Najib was refering to
a) a Bernama report that a deputy minister and a senior politician, who is also a tycoon, in Sarawak were under police probe for alleged involvement in gangsterism, illegal logging and attempted bribery of senior police officers.
b) a certain son-in-law whose Class-D driving license had expired on Oct 21 last year but collected 7 traffic obstruction + 3 speeding tickets from Nov1st up till Apr 21st.

Shouldn't be (b) right, cos afterall, from Joceline Tan's column yesterday Stage set for future line-up, it does look like there's no hate-hate relationship between #2 and SIL

And finally, having Najib as the guest of honour is a signal that Khairy has no problems with the Deputy Prime Minister. “It was a kind of coming together of the political forces at that level. By honouring Tun Razak, it was like cementing the ties between the political son and the biological son (Najib).
“More important, it sends a strong message to the ground that Khairy is with Datuk Najib, that he is committed to the Umno hierarchy, its history and traditions,” said a well-connected media advisor.
But whether he memang had a double meaning or not, now that DPM has spoken, will SIL remain above the law?
Section 26 of the Road Transport Act 1987 stipulates that no person shall drive a motor vehicle unless they possess a valid driving license. The same section specifies that those in violation of the act shall be guilty of an offence and can be compounded of a maximum RM1,000, sentenced to a maximum three-month jail term or both.

Let's wait and see...


Anonymous said...

With a father-in-law
Who wouldn't care less about the law
What do you expect the son-in-law
To do except disregard the law

kittykat46 said...

Animal Farm Version 2.
No one is above the law, but some are higher up than others.

Anonymous said...

The no 2 was referring to the Malaysian public that noone above the law. Reading between the lines and animal farm, political elites can be aboved the law as proven by so many incidents and instances. Otherwise how can someone be driving a car without a licence for months without the traffic police knocking on his door. Yes, Malaysian law and the animal farm laws are synonymous. Napoleon and the pigs in control. Snowball and the Squealer are above the law.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, no one is above the law! Believe me, the female pig can climb trees!

Anonymous said...

What about unsolved criminal cases whereby criminals running around scott free? Aren't they still above the law? What about engaging bright lawyers and argued in courts, and they are freed alas (despite guilty)! Sometimes we wish politicians have more brains!

Anonymous said...

Since all Opposition MPs were not allocated fundings for the 50th Merdeka celebrations, residents associations, shops and business premises within the constituencies should should boycott the celebrations. Refrain from putting up flags and boycotting all the BN organised events as a serious protest against the static mindset of the Abdullah adminstration. It is also an insult that the un-statemanship of the BN government should disrespect the voters who are also Malaysians irrespective of the political divide.

Anonymous said...

Najib is known for his EQUIVOCATIONS. The signature platitudinal proclamation. Don't sprain your neck too far in the process of trying to see the 'truth' within the hollowness.


Anonymous said...

khairy j a good for nothing opportunistic...he just always shed croc tears for najib with a conspiracy to oust najib with hishammuddin as the mastermind kaki bodek...