Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If Lulu Can Recognise this Feeble Attempt to Do a Pre-General Election Bodek

i hope the people of Johor would be able to rise to the occasion and reject this really feeble attempt.

Johor to spend RM2.2m on Chinese education - The Star
Johor has allocated RM2.2mil for the development of Chinese education in the state.
Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said RM1.5mil would be used to develop Chinese primary schools.
"Another RM400,000 is meant for the development of eight Chinese independent schools and others will be channelled to Southern College,” he said after a meeting with the Johor MCA liaison committee late on Monday.
He said the state government had also approved the allocation of RM1mil for religious activities.
Abdul Ghani also agreed to increase the number of MCA observers at the state executive councillor meeting

Johor Gov't okays RM3.2 mil for Chinese schools, temples - NST
THE Johor Government will allocate RM2.2 million for Chinese primary schools and another RM1 million for the development of Chinese temples, Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said.
He said the allocations would be disbursed through the state MCA. “I’ve agreed to give financial aid for fully-aided and privately-run Chinese primary schools in the state and for building Chinese temples as well as to acquire land for the temples,” he told reporters after meeting the state MCA liaison committee led by chairman Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. Ghani also said the state government had agreed to help MCA relocate three rural under-enrolled Chinese primary schools to Johor Baharu where the need was more pressing. The meeting also discussed MCA’s request to the state government to draw up clear guidelines on the fencing of housing schemes, he said.

what is RM2.2mil + another RM1mil when our "dear" PM gave RM20million + another RM3.5million to just one school?
what is RM2.2 mil when it is shared out by 215 Chinese schools?
Well, I guess at least this tops the previous record high Ministry hands out RM1.4mil to schools which was shared by 248 schools.

It truly amazes Lulu - the govenment's generosity.


Anonymous said...

Bangsatland deja vu.

The people are expected to be dumb.


Anonymous said...

Madmonk says,

This has been happening for donkey years, with State governments and of couse, at federal level too to woo Chinese hearts before the general elections. It happened during Dr M's tenure when even new chinese secondary school was promised. Nothing new. The BN has to court Chinese votes especially urban votes. So what else is new? This is transparent a way in distributing money allocation...just like former prime minister Tun Razak's first visit to China before a general election in the mid-70s to woo MChinese Malaysian votes. Just the extra-but ordinary gimmick all played along. After the general election, you probably has to beg for the allocation. It's santa claus time now. Tigers don't changed stripes. But still, many will be fooled, as usual.

Anonymous said...

well, a million here and there is measly anyway. what more divide by the hundreds of schools. do you think msm headlines will give you this message?