Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lulu, unlike KJ, Doesn't Need Heavily Tinted Windows

Lulu saw the KJ car picture in Malaysiakini
The windows are super-duper heavily tinted.

looking through his list of offenses, none of them were for window tinting.
So, he probably has permission for the tint.

and this got Lulu wondering...
as far as I know, Royalty, Ministers and Judges are allowed tinted glasses.

But son-in-laws??

so Lulu did some google-ing. Looked up the JPJ website. it says

Pengecualian khas pemasangan cermin gelap
Kaedah 5 (1) dan Kaedah 5 (3),Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Larangan Mengenai Jenis-Jenis Kaca Tertentu) Pindaan 2000, menetapkan cermin cermin depan hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang 70%, manakala cermin belakang dan tepi hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang dari 50%.
Pengecualian khas pemasangan cermin gelap Pemasangan kaca gelap diberikan kepada orang-orang tertentu sahaja seperti di bawah kaedah 11(a) dan 11(b),Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Larangan Mengenai Jenis-Jenis Kaca Tertentu) 1991. Mana-mana orang yang tidak termasuk dalam kaedah 11(a) dan 11 (b) yang menghadapi masalah kesihatan kulit terdedah atau dengan ancaman keselamatan boleh memohon pengecualian khas untuk pemasangan khas untuk pemasangan cermin gelap.
Since KJ is not showing any MichaelJackson type of skin ailment, Lulu deduces that his permit probably falls under the "dengan ancaman keselamatan" clause.

Which is kinda stange, cos for KJ, "everyone loves KJ". Everyone wants him to bela their nasib.
and it can't be for the money cos he's not rich - in case you've forgotten, someone had broken his rice pot.
SO, what on earth could cause him to think that there is an "ancaman keselamatan" on him?

Lulu did a bit more google-ing.

Per Hansard of Dewan Negara sitting dated 22/05/07,
with reference to the intensity allowed, Jadi ini akan mengakibatkan kemalangan jalan raya.

so, now Lulu is wondering,
Shouldn't KJ, with 6 speeding offences, have his permit for tinted windows be revoked?
1. if everyone loves KJ, the "dengan ancaman keselamatan" clause simply DOES NOT hold water.
2. if he is a habitual speed fiend [erhh.. with 6 speeding offences, what do you think?], isn't it imperatively important that JPJ does whatever it can to help increase his safe-ability driving on the road, like giving him clear vision instead of tinted vision for the safety of (everyone loves) KJ and the other motorists on the road?

I tried to google this thought. No explanation.
Could someone help Lulu with her wondering?


Anonymous said...

Latest Malaysiakini news: Khairy with 17 traffic offence summonses.

So who says, nobody is above the law? Maybe in this case, the law is "below" this unofficial VVIP with special connection.

He probably gets a discount on his summonses' payments. Congrats! Great leadership by example, the new generation of U Must Not Object.

However, voters should also discount their voting support for this traffic lawbreaker in case he turns candidate at the next GE.

Anonymous said...

True, someone by the name of Ah Toon had broken one of his rice pots, but he has dozens more bigger ones. So to say that he is not rich is to say that his BM does not like jeans, durians and nasi kandar.

He has permission for the tint on account of the fact(fiction?) that he is the heir to the emperor's (or should I say CEO's) throne unless his new mak tiri gives him the boot in favour of her own 2 daughters.

Anonymous said...

Not only his car is heavily tinted. His brain is also tinted and tainted with you know what!! What an ambitious Oxfart graduate or a modernised "mat armpit" hoping to be YOUR leader in the Malaysian Animal farm!! A Mr Jones!!

zorro said...

It is not that the authorities cannot do anything, they just don't have the scrotal gumption to do it. Period. None at all. Lulu, pls forgive the language, I had to pull back the language that is poignantly appropriate in this case, but being my maiden visit I have to respect the blog owner. Peace girl.

kittykat46 said...

Aiyah, Lulu, you should know who the Real PM of the country is. The fella who supposedly holds the chair nods off a lot of the time

Any JPJ officer who has the gumption to serve the compound on th Real PM could find himself transferred within 24 hours to somewhere in the interior of Sarawak.

Anonymous said...


So is this what the false PM said, "Our democracy is unique...." (maybe telling himself during sleep)?


Howsy said...

He claims that he wants to be 'whiter than white'. Maybe he is a closet MJ? ;-)

Ko-chi Wai said...

lulu, i don't think that car in the pic is his. the number plate colour is inverted (black letters on white background) compared to the msian car number plates. also, i think his SUV is a volvo xc90, not a nissan murano...unless he has more than 1 SUV lar. :p

Anonymous said...

the traffic obstruction...he must be parking where ever he likes without a care of what sort of chaos he is doing to traffic

Anonymous said...

What happens to the "demerit points" system for every traffic offence?

Or has it gone "point-less?"

Or VVIPs exempted?

hat is the true situation now? Anybody knows?

Anonymous said...

In 2005 two police officers are convicted on driving charges after a high-speed convoy in July 2004 carried the New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clarke to Christchurch airport. Clarke claimed to be unaware of the speed involved, but most New Zealanders are skeptical!
In 1987 the then Prime Minister David Lange was fined for speeding and the news appeared front page.
In a democratic country, no one should be above the law.
What about Malaysia????

Anonymous said...

A visiting Malaysian delegate to a foreign country asked an official: "May I ask, I didn't see any railway track in your country, but you have a Minister of railway in your country?'

The official grinned and answered: "I don't see any justice in your country but how come you have a Minister of Justice?"