Monday, June 18, 2007

Lulu Thinks Some Bloggers Out There Shouldn't Be So Fast To Jump on Metro Kajang

Looks pretty upsetting, right?
That wasn't the only position which had the "Those in the Muslim faith need not apply".
Out of the 15 positions offered, four specified that Muslims need not apply. The other three positions are Quality Assurance Manager, Marketing Manager, Accounts Executive

Some bloggers chose to get very, very upset. All kinds of stuff spewed out of their post. " a new kind of low", "undeclared racism" etc
There was even a mention of "social contract".

Someone in Promuda-s yahoogroup was also upset and he posted it on the group.
Josh Hong, who is one of Malaysiakini's contributor, read the mail and took the trouble to call MetroKajang at 03 - 8737 2323 and spoke to the Human Resource Department to clarify why they did not want a Muslim candidate.
It turns out that the office is located in Batang Berjuntai, near a pig slaughter house. And the successful candidate will be dealing with pig farmers as well about housing development there.
updated 19/6
there is a job posting over at jobstreet. it does not mention who need not apply, but it does state that the position is in an abattoir, as in pig slaughterhouse.

Remember Steven Covey's 10/90 principle? 10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.
Lulu wonders, if Josh had not called MetroKajang, would Lulu have been like those bloggers, and thought the worse of Metro Kajang? How would Lulu have reacted?


Rauff said...

Wow~! Now that is a good one. When we start to get honest no one believes. But can it be a simple case of the boy cried wolf?

Anonymous said...

Urgently Wanted for immediate hiring, good pay, substantial results-based commissions. No paper qualification necessary. Unemployed graduates encouraged to apply.

a)Selling unlicensed 4-Digit betting
b)Temporary Bacon packer
c)Temporary bar tenders
d)Selling "Blue" VCDs
e)Selling Life Insurance to Swine farmers


Anonymous said...


good political ploy nonetheless ...

comunal and divide and rule policies are BN's ideology -
how can one miss that??


Anonymous said...

Having "eyes" that do not really "see", ears that do not really "hear" and "mouths" that didn't really speak the 'truth". Outer appearances always "delusive" and illusionary so don't pre-judge by outward appearances. Something inside lies the truth.

Moral lesson.

Anonymous said...

Aisehman! I say Metro Kajang is indeed wrong in this case. Let this be a lesson to them. Why forbid Muslims to work in an environment handling non-HALAL food/animals? Muslims have made it clear, they do not want to be sidelined. Metro Kajang, please heed their uproar. Encourage and perhaps give preference for Muslims for these posts. They don't mind and they hate being sidelined. Shame on you Metro Kajang!

politikus said...

great job in getting the truth slash justification out :)

BrightEyes said...

Wrong choice of words. They should've put "non-halal industry" instead of saying that "Muslims need not apply".

The HR exec's "England" must be not so good.

mahaguru58 said...

Dear Bright Eyes,

Thou art really bright enough to share the faux pas that Metro Kajang HR did when they failed to state clearly as to the intended place of occupation as you have stated above.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Will update my posting on the matter.

Xie xie nee. :D

lucia said...

agree with brighteyes. i was wondering too why they want to put in 'muslims need not apply' when all they should do is to mention their industry.

zewt said...

was shock when i read it... now i know why. thanks lulu...

Terang Bulan said...

Good, that's what I call it professionalism.

It just that, Metro Kajang need to describe it more detail instead of simple justification.


Nor said...

Fire the PR.Agree with bright eyes,Non-halal industry sounds more decent and acceptable, unless the PR has his own hidden agenda.