Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lulu Quite Forgetful, so Need Reminders

yes, sometimes, a Lulu HAS to do what a Lulu has to do.
my appointment for Revathi and other like her is tonight.
if i remember to do the 1st thing on my list, then i'd have spare candles to spare. Look for me if you need one.
will you come lulu with me?
8:00pm, under the flag pole at dataran merdeka.

p/s a note from a godly wise friend, who also contributes to Malaysiakini, KJ John
The choice must belong to each of us; and those activists like me, cannot and should not judge those who choose to stay home and pray, for instance.
Both are equally valid and important. The only thing we cannot do is to pretend this does not involve each of us. It does involve every Malaysian born and yet to be born and we need to make a stand; even if it is only to
pray for those who choose to go and express via a peaceful gathering.
from the bottom of my heart, thank you for those who are choosing to stay at home and pray,


Anonymous said...


Don't forget your umbrellas and raincoats. The weather may not be kind to you or your cause.

Just pray for good weather.

kittykat46 said...

Careful Lulu, lots of Special Branch with video cameras and police with handcuffs ready, expected to be there. I'm very camera-shy, lah..
Don't get flooded out...LOL...

What A Lulu said...

thanks for the adivse. lulu will bring an umbrella for protection from rain and nasty men and wear comfy sandals in case i need to make a speedy dash.

jesscet said...

way to go lulu. so how did the candle-lit vigil go? are u gonna blog and tell us about it?