Monday, June 11, 2007

Lulu Not SMART

[beautiful photo chosen by Lulu from Star's photo gallery. Not taken by Lulu, so, please re-think your offer for me to be your official wedding photographer]

What is SMART?
The Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel is a flood mitigation project that the Government wants to implement to deal with the flooding problems that KL is confronted with each time it rains heavily.
Our rivers today do not have the capacity to hold all the water and there are space constraints to consider for river improvement works.
KL suffered serious damages during the flash flood in April and October 2001 and June 2003. Lives were lost.
Studies undertaken by the various Government agencies showed constraints at the confluence of Sg. Klang and Sg. Ampang (behind Gleneagles Hospital) and the confluence of Sg. Gombak with Sg. Klang (Masjid Jamek) thus causing water to rise at the Jalan Tun Perak Bridge.
The SMART project aims to divert the water entering this critical location of the Sg. Klang via a holding basin, storage reservoir and the by pass tunnel.
SMART is a twin system, consisting of a stormwater channel and a motorway, incorporated into a single infrastructure.
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The headlines from today's papers
Chaos in KL after 5 hours of rain - NST
Flash floods hit areas in KL - The Star
Banjir besar di KL - Utusan
占美回教堂地鐵站關閉無關洪水浸入 - SinChew
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aren't you glad Lulu's not SMART?


Anonymous said...

Apparently, SMART is not in full operations. Only the motorway is opened to public while the stormwater management is not in operations, yet. Hope this explains the massive flash flood y'day.

Anonymous said...

The word, "smart" doesn't mean "clever" afterall. Commonsense, dictates that the "flooding" dangers should be a more important aspect of its twin-pronged objectives, why allow the tunnel to be used when the flood management is not ready? Afterall, traffic congestion is only a secondary function compared to the dangers of floods, so said its publicity emphasis on the project.

Lulu, congrats to the photo, makes good material for artist painters, especially with twin towers at teh background. Smart photo, ha, ha....another Malaysia Boleh! Another blow to our leadership of sorts. Yes, BN brings you development. Third class mentality.

Lucifer said...

I just wonder how come there seems to be press silence about the not so SMART TUNNEL lately? isn't it that now should be the time to do some presswhoring on the tunnel since it's been raining pretty often..

or maybe was there a gag on the press not to do any coverage on the area coz it may reveal the secret of the 1.8B NOT SO SMART BLUNDER ;)

oh by the way the RM 2 toll fee which Mr. Sammy Value has stated was intended for SUBMARINES and not for cars

Anonymous said...

One blunder after another. Leakages and blunders. Shall we call our land, Blunderland or LeakageLand? Or has the last straw long broken the camel's back. Many would agree it's time for a change of elected players soon.

The price good Malaysians pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by hopeless leaders.

Anonymous said...

smart tunnel my ass

Anonymous said...

The "Smart" Tunnel was actually designed to be a canal for gondolas to turn KL into a miniature Venice for Visit Malaysia Year 2007

kittykat46 said...

The picture said it all on the country's lopsided development...the Twin Towers mega monument, down below, the road has become a canal...
At least Semi-Value didn't call it an act of God this time. If it rains heavily a few days and it floods, thats an act of God. If it rains heavily for a few hours and it floods, I call it a screw up.

Anonymous said...

Suggest, transform it into a 'pancing ikan ground", throw in some ikan haruan (sang yu), terapias, "sai doh yu" (Cantonese), and charge enthusiasts RM5 per entry, lining them along. Wow! Great profits, man! No need to wait year 2020 to charge RM5 per entry. Yes, should give this a thought. Smart fishing!! Only Bolehland can offer this in South East Asia....another record in Malaysia Records. No need to climb Mt Everest.