Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lulu Not Invited For THE Wedding

are you?

Hope he takes a cue from Raja Nazrin, have a simple wedding and bear his own expenses.
is this too much wistful thinking, too much of a lulu expectation?
maybe some of you are wondering if this is another PakLah fainted news.
well, there's an update in
NST - PM to Wed
and of course, good ol Raja Petra, where we first heard of it - 06/06: Abdullah Badawi to get maried on Saturday

wonder if they'd get Sheih or Mob to do the wedding invites?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure Lulu, Pak Lah getting married? I was told that if the word isn't from Zam the misinformed, it should be a rumor or at worse, lies. Especially the reconditioned groom himself neither deny nor confirmed when approached by reporters months ago.

Yes, word spread by blogs are always lies! Only the jerky ministry speaks the truth!

Well, Zamy should eat the newspapers for breakfast tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Madmonk says,

Congratulations to Raja Petra for spreading "lies" months ago. Oops, lies can become truth. You hear, Zam!

team BSG said...

Impo*tent man like him shud get good woman then no need to go visit the China ones and then scared people see.

but that woman looks quite pretty so should be good front page news

Anonymous said...

You bet tomorrow, all the mainstream newspapers will lap up the news with front-paged pictures and congratulations like an obedient lapdog, on the master's laps.

Really don't blame the excitement. It's the ONLY good news to him since he took over the premiership. The "bad news" is that what has it got to do with me?

Anonymous said...

The RM8 billion pay raise is his wedding present for the govt servants?

What A Lulu said...

anon5:46pm, worse still.. the price hike in flour was OUR angpow to him!

Anonymous said...

Lulu, he could take another 3 wives...and three more angpows then.


Anonymous said...

Later thoughts.....!! Any bomohs working overtime to ensure good and fair weather? Columbus clouds gathering and look threatening. that's the only domain beyond the control of XXX dept.

Anonymous said...

Here's the cause for obscurantist Zam's fitting :

All the crapping that's fit to present. Bodohland is too "special" to be share in any universal view on human rights and information.


Anonymous said...

I hope that now he is getting married and have something to occupy his time, he'll leave the running of the country in more capable hands!