Monday, June 04, 2007

Lulu Mengucapkan "Trima Kasehhhh!!"

You know how difficult some break-ups are, when he has someone else, and you just don't know how to let go?

Lulu's gone through it before. More heartaches than I care to blog about, but just want to say that one of Alleycat's songs, Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi, helped me be a "bigger" person and put things into perspective.

Jika Kau bercinta lagi
Jika Kau bercinta lagi
cintalah sepenuhnya
aaa aaa aaa
jika kau bercinta lagi
jagalah kau hatinya
aaa aaa aaa

engkau yang memilihnya
tanpa memikirkan tentang diriku
kini ku hanya dapat berdoa
agar berbahagia kau disampingnya
aaa aaa aaa

ku tak dapat menghalang
engkau punya kemahuan sendiri
biarku hidup hanya mengenang
peristiwa yang tak dapat ku lupaa
aa aaa aaa

kini aku hanya dapat berdoa
agar berbahagia kau disampingnya
selamat tinggal
aku mengundurkan diri

If you want to hear Lulu sing the song, give me a call. You have the number, right?
If you want the mp3 version of the song [by Alleycats-la, not lulu!], drop lulu a mail at
More alleycats lyrics are available at

Loga [third from the right], the younger of the afro hair brothers, passed away this morning.
Deep condolences to the family and heartiest thanks to the guys in Alleycat who gave us the beautiful songs since forever.
"Kerana kau"ing was like THE song back in school when ever we had to wait for someone. You know-la, the lyrics was something like "kerana kau, ku masih di sini..."
Trima Kasehhhh!

And speaking of lovin someone even after they've stopped loving you, and more importantly, not just learning to let go, but letting go gracefully, DAP is organising a dialogue - Malaysia - After Lina Joy on Thursday.

Date: 7 June 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya (opposite the AsiaJaya LRT station, across the Federal Highway)
Ambiga Sreenivasan - Bar Council President
Yusri Muhammad - ABIM President
Leonard Teoh - watching brief lawyer for MCCBCHS
Lim Kit Siang - Opposition Leader
Lim Guan Eng - DAP Secretary-General
*Other speakers [and lulu's really hoping to hear one of her heroes speak] to be confirmed
update : 8:30am one of Lulu's hero is speaking. Which one? click here. yippee!

If Lulu's not too bogged down with work, I should be there. Hope you'd be able to come too.

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Anonymous said...

There is no escape from the divine law that "All good things will come to pass" or nothing is permanent. The only permanent thing is change. It's easier said than done to "let go" to all things dear to our hearts. Hence, it takes great personal "courage and bravery" to face "changes". And change there will be. Nothing last forever. Except our souls or spirits. Facing oneself is always the tougest part. If only one is honest to oneself. Of course, unless you are a "crocodile", keeping one eye closed and the other half opened. Lulu, you know what I mean?