Monday, June 04, 2007

Lulu may be a Lulu, but She Does Know A Good Thing When She Sees One

and Liew Chin Tong, who blogs at Malaysiana, , is a good thing.

Chin Tong is the Election Strategy Advisor to DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng.

Chin Tong, who was until recently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, has an illustrious academic record. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Asian Studies (Honours) from the Australian National University and has completed masters’ degree programme in regional integration from University of Malaya (pending for convocation). He has had two articles published in reputable academic journals and a chapter of a book while working on his own book on political Islam in Malaysia. He has also conducted research on prime minister’s department, parliament and a range of other issues.

He has quite an interesting background, and has been consistent in his desire to make our country a better place for us all. Believe it or not, he's wanted to join politics since he was in Std 4. His different "hats" includes student leader, political scientist and newspaper columnist. He is a well-known as a columnist for Chinese newspapers and as a panelist for TV talk-shows. If you read Joceline Tan's column in the Star, you would notice that quite often, she would quote him on his opinions.

Chin Tong blogs at Malaysiana. It has been in recess since February, but revived recently.
His posts since May 29th
May 29 Conservatives to challenge reformers in PAS elections
June 1st The Cabinet and toilets
June 3rd Government housing - build a community of owners
June 4th PAS’ politics
Do drop by there. It's worth reading and thinking over.

It is his fervent hope that he will be able contribute more to DAP’s long tradition of politics of hope.
It is also Lulu's hope that the voters will give him the mandate to contribute to the nation.

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Anonymous said...

Madmonk says,

Yes, in politics, there is no permanent enemies nor friends, but if I may add, there is no political divide. Among friends, there are only "values" of friendship and virtues that befit humanity. Everything else is transistory. When lying on the death bed, it's worth better counting how many friends we have cultivated before we depart, and not how many enemies we have stumbled across. Our enemy is ourselves and true friends like gems are rare. I believe and hope Chin Tong as an up and coming politician will treasure true friendships more than ideologies. I wish him my every best.