Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If Ever Lulu Were To Be Persecuted and Prosecuted

Lulu wants the same prosecution team as the ones who handled the Eric Chia case.
[personally, i don't know if EC was guilty or not, but he's an old man. any sentence meted on him would be a life inprisonment, never to come out a free man]
The prosecution was led by senior deputy public prosecutor Yusof Zainal Abiden

via Malaysiakini
But sessions court judge Akhtar Tahir said the material witnesses were not even called in the case. "As a conclusion I would say ... in this case the court was deprived of making this maximum evaluation as the material witnesses were not even called," " I have decided that the prosecution has failed in proving a prima facie case against the accused on both the main and the alternative charge. The accused is therefore acquitted and discharged for both the main and alternative charge," he added.
"The prosecution's case has been negated by their own evidence and crippled by the non-calling of essential witnesses," said Akhtar.

via the Star
The judge said the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against the former managing director of Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd.
In his 30-page oral judgment, he went on to fault the prosecution in every aspect of the case, from the way the main charge and alternative charge were proffered right to the tendering of documents, and its failure to call crucial witnesses.
Akhtar said the most glaring setback was the prosecution’s failure to call two material witnesses

via NST
In acquitting and discharging him, Sessions Court judge Akhtar Tahir said the charge against Chia was "weak". He added: "There was a total lack of direction by the prosecution in preferring the main charge and alternative charge against Chia."
He asked why the prosecution had failed to produce two vital witnesses although there was plenty of opportunity to do so.This is the latest in a series of cases thrown out by the courts due to poor prosecution

Lulu, however, does not want the kichi-mayo Melaka team who successfully prosecuted Lim Guan Eng under a once-again-i-dont-know-what-to-call-it charge under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act for causing 'disaffection with the administration of justice in Malaysia' and Section 8A (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act for 'maliciously printing' a pamphlet containing allegedly 'false information' because he had described the alleged rape victim as an 'imprisoned victim' due to the fact that she was initially detained by Malaysian police without parental consent for 10 days.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lulu, It remains a mystery whether the hand of God or the hand of the devil is upon the verdict of this case!!! Life is full of mysteries here in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

'Tis another wayang care of the Malaysian govt past and present. They're all interlinked. Chia speaks, the domino goes, all heads get knocked. That's the only conclusion we get. Think you got anything else?

Anonymous said...

Life is full of mysteries in Malaysia!!

Right, a Hindu restaurant was served a writ or summon for having put up Hindu diety altars by JAWI officers. Reason: It stopped Muslim from patronising that place serving banana leaf rice business.

It is indeed a mystery. Top leadership crowing our country boasting religious tolerance and we find enforcement officers serving summonses? Yes, the brain is not connected to the hands and legs.

This is indeed mysterious!

Tolerance my ass, says the owner who SMS to DAP Lim Kit Siang, filing a complaint. And this incident happened at Jalan Maarof, bangsar, KL.

Anonymous said...

Beg to differ. Not land of mysteries.....but Land of MISERY!

The honeymoon for Malaysians with this BN top leadership is over. It's time for divorce.

Anonymous said...

Could it be a sign of things to come--- the 3 accused in the mongolian murder trial are to be acquitted too because "the prosecution has failed in proving a prima facie case against the accused". Anything is boleh in this bolehland of ours(theirs?)

Anonymous said...

fair and independent judiciary, my foot!