Thursday, June 14, 2007

bye bye Lulu

don't panic... not yet....
but after reading this,

and blogging about it earlier
if we allow this to happen, then lulu thinks it just a matter of time before some "well meaning" politician gets into his "all bloggers are liars and out to spread dissention" mood and start blocking online bloggers site.

or maybe some day, all the lulus of Malaysia will gang up and protest that whatAlulu is not a credit to their good name, and demand for no more lulu.

then when you attempt to enter, you'll get this

it could happen you know.
bye-bye Lulu


zewt said...

yeah, wouldnt disagree that it will happen... but the thing is... the owners of those sites cant come out and make a big fuss... we on the other hand....

Anonymous said...

I get mad when I see this "Access Denied" or with additional words, "Content Filtered". It is installed in some offices including mine. It interrupts a few times a day and completing wipes off any on-going write-ups, pages and pages. What a jerk! By Blue Coat or something like that. And I am at war with my IT department.

Really Madmonk

Anonymous said...


Remember the lyrics..."Leaving on the jetplane"?

"All my bags (but now, computers...etc) are packed, I'm ready to go....."

Also read today's news: "Taskforce to check on websites"....

Oh, no censorships, of course, BUT....trying to identifying anonymous bloggers and monitoring blogs carrying amongst others...blogs on politics and those criticizing the government.

And those carrying "seditious" material. Of course, the definition of "seditious" include inflammatory content.

Your "Animal Farm" posting is surely timely!!

Anonymous said...

The word "seditious" of course can ultimately mean anything and the only non "seditious" populace would have to be one of zombies and robots, not even cyborgs(these cannot be trusted).


Anonymous said...

With your own private PC, especially, you can easily find a way to beat it, no? There are enough geniuses out there in Cyberspace motivated by the urge to fight Net censorships that works in favor of repressive Big Brother.