Wednesday, June 27, 2007

If Ever Lulu Were To Be Persecuted and Prosecuted

Lulu wants the same prosecution team as the ones who handled the Eric Chia case.
[personally, i don't know if EC was guilty or not, but he's an old man. any sentence meted on him would be a life inprisonment, never to come out a free man]
The prosecution was led by senior deputy public prosecutor Yusof Zainal Abiden

via Malaysiakini
But sessions court judge Akhtar Tahir said the material witnesses were not even called in the case. "As a conclusion I would say ... in this case the court was deprived of making this maximum evaluation as the material witnesses were not even called," " I have decided that the prosecution has failed in proving a prima facie case against the accused on both the main and the alternative charge. The accused is therefore acquitted and discharged for both the main and alternative charge," he added.
"The prosecution's case has been negated by their own evidence and crippled by the non-calling of essential witnesses," said Akhtar.

via the Star
The judge said the prosecution had failed to establish a prima facie case against the former managing director of Perwaja Steel Sdn Bhd.
In his 30-page oral judgment, he went on to fault the prosecution in every aspect of the case, from the way the main charge and alternative charge were proffered right to the tendering of documents, and its failure to call crucial witnesses.
Akhtar said the most glaring setback was the prosecution’s failure to call two material witnesses

via NST
In acquitting and discharging him, Sessions Court judge Akhtar Tahir said the charge against Chia was "weak". He added: "There was a total lack of direction by the prosecution in preferring the main charge and alternative charge against Chia."
He asked why the prosecution had failed to produce two vital witnesses although there was plenty of opportunity to do so.This is the latest in a series of cases thrown out by the courts due to poor prosecution

Lulu, however, does not want the kichi-mayo Melaka team who successfully prosecuted Lim Guan Eng under a once-again-i-dont-know-what-to-call-it charge under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act for causing 'disaffection with the administration of justice in Malaysia' and Section 8A (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act for 'maliciously printing' a pamphlet containing allegedly 'false information' because he had described the alleged rape victim as an 'imprisoned victim' due to the fact that she was initially detained by Malaysian police without parental consent for 10 days.

RELA Bursts Lulu's Bubble Of Happiness

Did you know last Wednesday, June 20th, was World Refugee Day?

Two years ago, around Christmas season, 117 Burmese Chin refugees were forced to move from their settlement in Kepong as authorities raided and burnt down their makeshift dwellings. Bad enough they raided it, but after the raid, they burnt down the refugees very simple huts to make sure thosw who escaped the raid had no home to return to. That was plain, outright nasty. Lulu, reading their plight, learnt a bit more about them, and responded to their call for help.
Browsing through the RM1.50 Weekend Star, there was one article in the main paper and two features by StarYouth on the Burmese refugees. There was a warmth in Lulu's heart for the refugees from Burma as she read the Sunday papers of their resillience and how they were coping in Malaysia.

Myanmar refugees celebrate will to survive
The Karens, Shan, Chins, Kachins, Mons and Arakans got together to celebrate their will and determination to survive, to demonstrate their continuing struggle for dignity and safety, and also to take this opportunity to highlight their situation.
“But we wanted to show solidarity and the spirit of co-operation among our ethnic brothers, as a people who share the same suffering,” - Chin refugee leader, Philemon Sang
Finding refuge
Chance to learn

Lulu's bubble of happiness for them was burst by the actions of the hateful, brutal band of i-dont-know-which-adjective-to-use-on-them [but no need to give me suggestions-la] known as RELA.
228 Burmese Asylum Seekers and Refugees Arrested by RELA
SUARAM (Suara Rakyat Malaysia) is informed that 228 asylum seekers and refugees from Burma were arrested in an operation by the Malaysian Immigration and RELA (People’s Voluntary Corps) raid today (25 June 2007). About 2.00am, the joint force raided the Chin Refugee Centre and Chin communities at Jalan Imbi and Jalan San Peng, Kuala Lumpur.
Most of the detainees are recognised as refugees by the United Nations High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR). Among them, 30 people are underaged, 5 pregnant women and 10 people who will be sent to United State of America tomorrow for resettlement. Chin refugee leader, Philemon was also among those arrested.
For the time being, the 10 refugees who will be resettled to USA together with Philemon, have been released after pressure for Human Rights groups. Remaining 217 people had been sent to Semenyih detention camp.

Now a wave of sadness and grief fills Lulu's heart.
228 refugees
30 underaged
5 pregnant women
These people are NOT illegal immigrants, they have been forced to leave their countries because of persecution, torture and threat of death.
most are recognised as refugees by UNHCR
all, except 10 who are due for repatriation to the States on the next day, were sent to Semenyih detention camp.

228 refugees
who were persecuted in their homeland
who have been forced to leave their homeland
who have not known physical peace and security

Are we not a compassionate nation?

Can't we give them some hope?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Lulu Wonders If Najib Realised the Implications of His Statement Or Not

Well, in today's NST, Najib declared that No one is above the law
Lulu not sure whether, in all sincerity, Najib was refering to
a) a Bernama report that a deputy minister and a senior politician, who is also a tycoon, in Sarawak were under police probe for alleged involvement in gangsterism, illegal logging and attempted bribery of senior police officers.
b) a certain son-in-law whose Class-D driving license had expired on Oct 21 last year but collected 7 traffic obstruction + 3 speeding tickets from Nov1st up till Apr 21st.

Shouldn't be (b) right, cos afterall, from Joceline Tan's column yesterday Stage set for future line-up, it does look like there's no hate-hate relationship between #2 and SIL

And finally, having Najib as the guest of honour is a signal that Khairy has no problems with the Deputy Prime Minister. “It was a kind of coming together of the political forces at that level. By honouring Tun Razak, it was like cementing the ties between the political son and the biological son (Najib).
“More important, it sends a strong message to the ground that Khairy is with Datuk Najib, that he is committed to the Umno hierarchy, its history and traditions,” said a well-connected media advisor.
But whether he memang had a double meaning or not, now that DPM has spoken, will SIL remain above the law?
Section 26 of the Road Transport Act 1987 stipulates that no person shall drive a motor vehicle unless they possess a valid driving license. The same section specifies that those in violation of the act shall be guilty of an offence and can be compounded of a maximum RM1,000, sentenced to a maximum three-month jail term or both.

Let's wait and see...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Lulu is Shocked! Shocked! Shocked!

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!...
Even journalists covering the Dewan Rakyat proceedings could not recall how many times Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz repeated this word - Malaysiakini
Brilliant poster from Mob1900

Lulu was shocked at the outburst of a grown man.
Even more shocking was the statements he and Ramli Ngah Talib made, which Lulu thinks, is really stupid.

This question irked Nazri, who retorted: “Malaysia will never develop as long as we have people like Lim. All these (corruption allegations) are lies. Why are you so stupid? Where are the allegations? You have no brains. Stupid, stupid, stupid!...
so says Nazri. Do I need to say more?

Dewan Rakyat Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib to make a ruling against Nazri for using improper language in the House. However, the Speaker refused to do so. “Improper language is used all the time in Dewan Rakyat. If I make a ruling every time it happens, we will not have any time for debates.
The ruling party is known for derailing necessary debates by mocking the person speaking and making rude remarks.
"bocor tiap-tiap bulan",
Shut up and sit down. You are lucky you are only in a wheelchair and did not die.

and...... guess what?
“Singapore is not a real country, it is a small island. Singapore’s population is just three to four million and there are no opportunities for corruption, unlike in our country. "
Lulu watches TVB. No opportunities for corruption? A small little island like Hongkong had so much corruption in the past. The government took a no nonsense stand, and formed the ICAC. The point is that the government recognised corruption, and did something about it. In Malaysia, we brush it off with a kononnya "morally wrong, legally right". Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) pun tak berani nak tubuhkan.

and the most shocking thing? that these people were voted in.

There Goes The Peace In Lulu's Piece Of Air In the Sky

In 2002, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd.(MAHB) closed Air Asia’s Kuala Lumpur base in Subang, and relocated Air Asia to KLIA. KLIA's ridership figures just weren't high enough and the government forced all domestic flights to move, despite Air Asia's opposition.

In Nov 2004, AirAsia appealed again to the government to allow them to return to Subang instead of building a new terminal.

SEPANG, Nov 12 (Bernama) -- AirAsia hopes that the government will consider allowing it to operate from the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (SAAS) Airport in Subang to make Malaysia a hub for low fare carriers in Asia.
The government, he said, could build another terminal at KLIA but that would not solve the problem because there would still be only two runaways."So, why waste
a fantastic runaway we have downtown (in Subang)?" he asked.
To build a new terminal and runaway at KLIA will cost billions of ringgit and this would take at least another 10 years, he added."In Subang, we have all the space to service low-cost airlines and we need only RM85 million to redevelop the airport," said Fernandes.

and again
The Star: 30th. November 2004
AirAsia makes case for Subang airport again
SEPANG: With just weeks to go before AirAsia finds out whether it can operate in Subang, its chief executive officer Tony Fernandes is making a “last-minute dash” to convince the Government on the need for it to operate from a second airport. Fernandes said AirAsia was eyeing Subang because of the need for quick departures and its facilities like the existing runway. He said that the KL International Airport was congested with passengers checking in and the runway was often packed with aircraft in the morning, resulting in flight delays for AirAsia.
“We are not after Subang just because it is nearer to the city. We are trying to make it affordable for everyone to fly and cost-effective for us at the same time,” he added.
and again
AirAsia Is Prepared To Operate In Subang Airport, Says Fernandes
PETALING JAYA, Dec 21 (Bernama) -- AirAsia Bhd has again appealed to the government to allow them to shift their operations to Subang airport, stating a cut of over 20 percent in its operating costs as one of the main reasons for the proposed move.In a media conference Tuesday, group chief executive officer of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes said the group was even ready to operate in Subang in the next 12 months, should the government allow the former Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport to be converted into a hub for budget carriers.

The government [but of course...] did not fail in letting Mr Now-Everyone-Can-Fly down and instead, chose to build a RM100million terminal for LCCs.
New KLIA terminal for budget airlines
PUTRAJAYA: The Government has shot down AirAsia’s proposal to operate from Subang and instead decided to build a new terminal at the KL International Airport in Sepang for low-cost carriers (LCCs).
Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy said the RM100mil terminal would be operational by the middle of next year and provide basic facilities for LCCs to operate.
“The decision is made as a strategic move to ensure the aviation industry in Malaysia continues to grow, and suits the country’s objective to develop KLIA as a regional aviation hub in the long term. “The decision was made after the Government had considered the feedback by all stakeholders in the aviation industry, including the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd, Penerbangan Malaysia Bhd, Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and Board of Airlines Representatives,” he told reporters here yesterday.
Having bought a piece of air in Kelana Jaya along the flight route, Lulu was most relieved to hear that Subang will not be reopened, and planes won't be flying outside Lulu's apartment window ala Kai Tak.

But alas, Lulu's peace is not to be.
As if that is not bad enough, give an inch, take a mile. bagi betis, nak peha.
On MOnday, Firely hopes to ply more domestic routes. Managing director and chief executive officer Datuk Idris Jala said was currently in talks with the Government to operate more domestic routes from Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang.
“Firefly will be flying to Kertih, Malacca and Ipoh from Subang. However, the current route allocation for flights out of Subang is a bit too restrictive,” he said after the company's AGM yesterday.

The landscape of the whole airport stretch has changed dramatically. There are a few condos along that stretch now. If those staying in Subang Jaya SS19 thought it was noisy then, the poor residents of Bandar Ara Damansara... i don't know how to describe their plight.

You know David Gates' "If a piture paints a thousand words...", let Lulu paint the Ara Damansara picture for you

and.... Tony Fernandes' estimates in 2004 to refurbish Subang was RM85 million. Since then, price of steel, cement etc has gone up. How much would it cost to refurbish Subang? Is it really worthwhile redoing Subang when we have KLIA and LCCT? Is there really a market for flights to Melaka and Ipoh?

Lulu just doesn't understand the Cabinet on their decision to reopen Subang.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lulu Quite Forgetful, so Need Reminders

yes, sometimes, a Lulu HAS to do what a Lulu has to do.
my appointment for Revathi and other like her is tonight.
if i remember to do the 1st thing on my list, then i'd have spare candles to spare. Look for me if you need one.
will you come lulu with me?
8:00pm, under the flag pole at dataran merdeka.

p/s a note from a godly wise friend, who also contributes to Malaysiakini, KJ John
The choice must belong to each of us; and those activists like me, cannot and should not judge those who choose to stay home and pray, for instance.
Both are equally valid and important. The only thing we cannot do is to pretend this does not involve each of us. It does involve every Malaysian born and yet to be born and we need to make a stand; even if it is only to
pray for those who choose to go and express via a peaceful gathering.
from the bottom of my heart, thank you for those who are choosing to stay at home and pray,

Monday, June 18, 2007

Lulu Thinks Some Bloggers Out There Shouldn't Be So Fast To Jump on Metro Kajang

Looks pretty upsetting, right?
That wasn't the only position which had the "Those in the Muslim faith need not apply".
Out of the 15 positions offered, four specified that Muslims need not apply. The other three positions are Quality Assurance Manager, Marketing Manager, Accounts Executive

Some bloggers chose to get very, very upset. All kinds of stuff spewed out of their post. " a new kind of low", "undeclared racism" etc
There was even a mention of "social contract".

Someone in Promuda-s yahoogroup was also upset and he posted it on the group.
Josh Hong, who is one of Malaysiakini's contributor, read the mail and took the trouble to call MetroKajang at 03 - 8737 2323 and spoke to the Human Resource Department to clarify why they did not want a Muslim candidate.
It turns out that the office is located in Batang Berjuntai, near a pig slaughter house. And the successful candidate will be dealing with pig farmers as well about housing development there.
updated 19/6
there is a job posting over at jobstreet. it does not mention who need not apply, but it does state that the position is in an abattoir, as in pig slaughterhouse.

Remember Steven Covey's 10/90 principle? 10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.
Lulu wonders, if Josh had not called MetroKajang, would Lulu have been like those bloggers, and thought the worse of Metro Kajang? How would Lulu have reacted?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lulu Not Wondering if Chicken Came First, or Egg Came First

but I am wondering, whether when the kononnya "to reduce floodwaters" tunnel was first proposed, did they memang

a) intend to build a flood outlet, and since most days during the year the tunnel would be dry, therefore part of the tunnel would be designed for traffic.
b) intend to build a toll road right in the center of the city, but justified it's existence by giving it a "reduce the floodwaters" function.

as for the chicken/egg. which came first, Lulu takes the biblical basis that on the 5th day, God created the birds, and blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth." Genesis 1
so, the chicken came first.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Sometimes, a Lulu Has To Do What a Lulu Has To Do

You may have gotten angry about this issue, but you are at a loss on
what to do,
how you can help the family,
how you can make a difference,
how your voice will be heard by the authorities.

Let Lulu tell you now that you can help.
You can help by turning up at the candlelight virgil at Dataran Merdeka (at the flagpole) on Tuesday, 8pm.
If you watch the video, you would see a shot of some protesting of the Article 11 coalition. They look scary. Chances are, they are not voters.
But you are.
Turn up. Scare your MP. Show him/her that you disagree with how Article 11, Freedom of Religion is practised in Malaysia today. To your MP, your unhappiness, your protest is much more scarier because they need your vote.

yes, for Revathi and her husband, and others like her, Lulu will be there.

Candlelight Vigil
There will be a peaceful candlelight vigil in support of Revathi, and many others like her, who are unable to fully exercise their Constitutionally-guaranteed freedom of faith.

The vigil is an initiative of civil society organisations including MCCBCHST (the Malaysian Consultative Council on Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism) and various women’s rights groups (All Women’s Action Society (AWAM), Sisters in Islam (SIS), Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO), Women’s Centre for Change, Penang (WCC) and Women’s Development Collective (WDC)).

Date: Tuesday, 19 June 2007
Time: 8 p.m.
Venue: Dataran Merdeka (at the flagpole)

Show your support in affirming the supremacy of the Federal Constitution and its protection of our fundamental liberties, including the freedom of belief.

Bring candles, candle-holders and banners.

Summary of Revathi’s case:

Revathi, an ethnic Indian woman, has been held in a rehabilitation center run by Islamic authorities since January 2007 because she wants the State to acknowledge she is a Hindu and not a Muslim.
Revathi was born to Indian parents who had converted to Islam before her birth. She claims she was raised by her grandmother as a Hindu. She and Suresh were married according to Hindu rites in March 2004. Revathi was advised by the Malacca Islamic Religious Department to make an application at the Malacca Syariah High Court to confirm her status as a Hindu. She did as she was told.
However, the Syariah Court ordered her detained in a rehabilitation centre in Ulu Yam, Selangor under Melaka’s Syariah criminal laws for 100 days. This detention was extended in Revathi’s absence for a further 80 days supposedly because she had not “repented”. In the meanwhile, Revathi’s Muslim mother obtained a Syariah Court order granting her custody of Revathi and Suresh’s 15 month old baby. That order was enforced on Suresh’s Hindu family with the assistance of the police.
The family is now torn apart - with the mother in detention, the child with the grandparents and the father in limbo without his family.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lulu, unlike KJ, Doesn't Need Heavily Tinted Windows

Lulu saw the KJ car picture in Malaysiakini
The windows are super-duper heavily tinted.

looking through his list of offenses, none of them were for window tinting.
So, he probably has permission for the tint.

and this got Lulu wondering...
as far as I know, Royalty, Ministers and Judges are allowed tinted glasses.

But son-in-laws??

so Lulu did some google-ing. Looked up the JPJ website. it says

Pengecualian khas pemasangan cermin gelap
Kaedah 5 (1) dan Kaedah 5 (3),Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Larangan Mengenai Jenis-Jenis Kaca Tertentu) Pindaan 2000, menetapkan cermin cermin depan hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang 70%, manakala cermin belakang dan tepi hendaklah telus cahaya tidak kurang dari 50%.
Pengecualian khas pemasangan cermin gelap Pemasangan kaca gelap diberikan kepada orang-orang tertentu sahaja seperti di bawah kaedah 11(a) dan 11(b),Kaedah-Kaedah Kenderaan Motor (Larangan Mengenai Jenis-Jenis Kaca Tertentu) 1991. Mana-mana orang yang tidak termasuk dalam kaedah 11(a) dan 11 (b) yang menghadapi masalah kesihatan kulit terdedah atau dengan ancaman keselamatan boleh memohon pengecualian khas untuk pemasangan khas untuk pemasangan cermin gelap.
Since KJ is not showing any MichaelJackson type of skin ailment, Lulu deduces that his permit probably falls under the "dengan ancaman keselamatan" clause.

Which is kinda stange, cos for KJ, "everyone loves KJ". Everyone wants him to bela their nasib.
and it can't be for the money cos he's not rich - in case you've forgotten, someone had broken his rice pot.
SO, what on earth could cause him to think that there is an "ancaman keselamatan" on him?

Lulu did a bit more google-ing.

Per Hansard of Dewan Negara sitting dated 22/05/07,
with reference to the intensity allowed, Jadi ini akan mengakibatkan kemalangan jalan raya.

so, now Lulu is wondering,
Shouldn't KJ, with 6 speeding offences, have his permit for tinted windows be revoked?
1. if everyone loves KJ, the "dengan ancaman keselamatan" clause simply DOES NOT hold water.
2. if he is a habitual speed fiend [erhh.. with 6 speeding offences, what do you think?], isn't it imperatively important that JPJ does whatever it can to help increase his safe-ability driving on the road, like giving him clear vision instead of tinted vision for the safety of (everyone loves) KJ and the other motorists on the road?

I tried to google this thought. No explanation.
Could someone help Lulu with her wondering?

bye bye Lulu

don't panic... not yet....
but after reading this,

and blogging about it earlier
if we allow this to happen, then lulu thinks it just a matter of time before some "well meaning" politician gets into his "all bloggers are liars and out to spread dissention" mood and start blocking online bloggers site.

or maybe some day, all the lulus of Malaysia will gang up and protest that whatAlulu is not a credit to their good name, and demand for no more lulu.

then when you attempt to enter, you'll get this

it could happen you know.
bye-bye Lulu

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lulu's Been Tagged - 50 Posts to Independence

Many thanks to the Josh for tagging me to do #12 of 50 posts to independence (counting backwards) the brainchild of Nizam Bashir.

The Seven Commandments, when first given out in the Animal Farm, was
1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3. No animal shall wear clothes.
4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5. No animal shall drink alcohol.
6. No animal shall kill any other animal.
7. All animals are equal.
Later on, Napoleon and his pigs were corrupted by the absolute power they held over the farm. To maintain their popularity with the other animals, Squealer secretly painted additions to some commandments to make it benefit the pigs while keeping them free of accusation of breaking the laws. The Pigs manage to get away with this because only Benjamin the donkey and Muriel the goat can read and thus only those 2 have the ability to challenge the Pigs and the change in wording.
1. No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.
2. No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.
3. No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.
By the end of the novel, Napoleon had consolidated his twisted commandments into a singular law to control the other animals completely, while appearing to keep within the old boundaries of the Animalism laws:
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Will this 50th year of Merdeka be remembered for 50 glorious years of independance?
Will the generations to come remember us for allowing the continuous degeneration of the Federal Constitution which was drafted for the nation and all her citizens 50 years ago?

Article 3, Religion of the Federation
(1) Islam is the religion of the Federation; but other religions may be practised in peace and harmony in any part of the Federation.
Yet, increasingly we hear claims that Malaysia is an Islamic state.
*LimGuanEng The 1957 social contract that gave us Merdeka clearly established a constitution with a secular nature but enshrining Islam as the religion of the Federation.*
Unless there is a constitutional amendment Malaysia is and never was an Islamic state.
**Azmi Sharom When the religious freedoms of individuals are not respected (no matter how repulsive one might feel it is), when normal governmental decisions dealing with matters such as health have to be referred to religious authorities, when the doors of the civil court, the only court open to non-Muslims, are slammed in their faces in total disregard of the Constitution, we are losing sight of the secular principles upon which this country is meant to be run on. **

Article 10, Freedom of Speech and Assembly
(a), (b) and (c) has the clause "in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof or public order"
which somehow, revolved to "get a permit"
A permit for angry UMNO youth is allowed.
And even without a permit, Khairy Jamaluddin is allowed to pull a stunt, protesting along with his band of 200 or so protestors. Making 30 minute speeches, breaking through FRU barries, squatting outside Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, burning flags and demanding to see an invited foreign guest to hand over a childish memorandum.
BUT a bunch of women marching from BSC down the roads of Bangsar Baru to raise awareness of violent crimes against women is not allowed. Even plans to relocate the event indoors at an exhibition center hit a snag when they were given the runaround when trying to obtain a permit.

Article 11 Freedom of Religion
(1) Every person has the right to profess and practise his religion and subject to Clause(4), to propogate it.
Lina Joy was not allowed to profess and practise her religion of choice.
It is her constitutional right, but sadly, denied to her.
Even R Moorthy in his death. He was buried according to Muslim rites even though he worshipped at the Sri Subramaniar Temple. 11 months before his death, he described in a TV3 interview how he was celebrating Deepavali. There was a picture publised in a newspaper of two men carrying Moorthy in his wheelchair up the steps of Batu Caves. He ate pork, drank liquor and took part in Hindu festivals. Even with all these facts staring in their faces, MAIWP and the Syariah court "snatched his body" and forcefully buried him as a Moslem.
In life, and in death, they are not allowed to profess and practise their religion of choice.

Article 4 Supreme Law of the Federation
(1) This Constitution is the supreme law of the Federation and any law passed after Merdeka Day which is inconsistent with this Constitution
shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.
The impact of this Article means simply what it says.
But increasingly, we see this article being ignored, growing smaller and smaller in it's scope and meaning.

Now I pose these questions to you -

At this rate, 50 years since Merdeka, 50 years since the drawing up of our Federal Constitution, where do you think we will be in another 50 years?
Do you want our Federal Constitution to go the Animal Farm way?
What are you doing to ensure it doesn't?

*** Haris Ibrahim Sad to say, the BN MPs are not defending the Constitution.
Instead, they are systematically destroying it. ***
I urge you to make a difference in your vote.
Join Lulu!
End this 2/3 majority!
Safeguard the constitution, and preserve the country for our next generation.

btw, Lulu did a BP [now aka SV] here and there. Not entirely, like SemiValue's "poetic" attempt, cos most of it was my own
Quotes were taken from

* Lim Guan Eng here
** Azmi Sharom
*** Haris Ibrahim
small little Federal Constitution book printed at ILBS is available at most major bookshops. Bought mine 4 years ago at RM10. else go to
Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is an excellent read. Get a copy. In the meantime, read it on LuluFarm

I now pass the baton to civil servant, surgeon Dr GC George who blogs at Odysseys of George.
Over to you, George!

Lulu Give RTM2 Free Blogtime

whilst most of the bloggers are giving free blogtime to the Al Jazeera's 101 East discussion on Lina Joy's case, which will be on at
Thursday (June 7) - 1030pm
Friday (June 8) - 1.30pm
Saturday (June 9) - 3.30pm, 9.30pm
Sunday(June 10) - 4.30pm
Monday (June 11)- 10.30am
Tuesday(June 12) - 11am, 9.30pm
Wednesday (June 13) - 9.30am, 3pm
Thursday (June 14) - 8.30am,

Lulu chooses to give RTM2 free blogtime to announce that
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
is on at RTM2 tonight 10:30pm.

if you are at home tonight,
if you're not watching some movie on Wednesday cheap movie night
if you're not out the sunbathing under the moonlight waiting for JAIS, JAWI or some overzealous DBKL officer to catch you
if you're not at the Bar Council auditorium for the "Planning Law – Corruption, Accountability and Transparency in local City Councils?" with Citizen Nades
watch the movie.
It's really fun and funny!
Maybe after that, you can spot the Maria in action, learn how to identify one, and maybe, pull one off yourself!

do you think RTM2 will, in turn, give Lulu free airtime?

Lulu Remembers The Orang Asli Church in Kelantan

The book of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Bible tells of how God's people return to the promised city which is now in ruins, rebuild the temple to His glory and the city walls to protect the temple.
The job was not done overnight. In fact, it took more than 100 years. The people faced all kinds of opposition, attempts to frustrate and dishearten them, but all these did not hinder them from their work for God.

When I first read about the demolition of an Orang Asli church in Kelantan blogged in bobjots, I felt this deep sense of sadness for God's people.

The Orang Asli community in Kampung Jias had embraced Christianity in February and wanted to erect a small church to mark their faith. They had build the church "secara gotong royong" and "gereja kami untuk menyembah Tuhan". (view scan of letter here).
Like the people in biblical times, they are faced with all kinds of opposition, attempts to frustrate and dishearten them.

On Mar 19, Steel and concrete work on footing and ground beams . However, a person who came in the JHEOA vehicle came to command us to stop work immediately for he had not given the permission to build the church building otherwise he will tear down the building.
Since the `so-called authority' contradicted themselves, the whole village decided that the building was to be of brick and concrete, for it will be most difficult to pull down.

During construction, on several occasions, people from religious groups came to the site uninvited and took photographs of the construction and those involved in the work.
The villagers refused to stop work even though they were afraid of the people who came.

On April 11, the Gua Musang district land office issued a stop work order. The letter stated that the construction was being carried out on state land without permission from the authorities.
They continued working fearlessly towards the decent place of worship. The following day, the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship of Malaysia (NECF), in a letter to the land office, said the land belonged to the Orang Asli villagers. “Their right is guaranteed under Section 2 6(1) and 7(1) of the Orang Asli Act 1954,” read the letter signed by NECF secretary-general Reverend Wong Kim Kong.

On May 24, the land office issued a third notice informing the village headman Pedik Busu that the “illegal” structure would be demolished.

On 4th Jun, the church building was bulldozed and demolished in spite of various efforts to block the demolishment.

Is this the end of the story?
No! God is not finished with his work in us.

In the book of Nehemiah, we find this recurring phrase : “The hand of the Lord was upon me.” The hand of the Lord is not short but mighty and powerful. This invisible hand of the Lord comes and grips us, grasping us and giving us confidence, boldness, strength, and guidance, not only to build, but also to wage war against the devil and his minions. God will not ask us to build and then not give us the strength and the means to perform his will. He provides for all our needs through the firm grip of his mighty hand upon us. It is the grip of affection, the grip of direction, the grip of protection, the grip of power.

As we work with God, we remember his promise in Philipians 1:6 to finish his work in us.

The sequence of events and pictures can be found in this website set up by the pastor here.
Malaysiakini here
bobjots here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lulu Graduan Universiti Malaya, which is terletak along Jalan Universiti/Lembah Pantai

I still drive past the university quite often.
And looking at the huge piece of land, in excellent location, I have constantly counted my blessings that no unscrupulous government servant and greedy developer would try to take that land away from the university and build houses way beyond what the average, and probably even above average Malaysians could afford.

alas, reading this today, lulu is without doubt, quite disturbed by this piece of news.

GuocoLand in bid to develop UM land?
By Francis Fernandez and Sharen Kaur
June 12 2007
GUOCOLAND (Malaysia) Bhd, a property developer controlled by Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan, has made a bid to relocate University Malaya from Petaling Jaya to Sepang, sources said yesterday.
As part of the plan, GuocoLand will then own the land in Petaling Jaya and develop it into a commercial and residential township. The proposal is based on a private finance initiative.A company source said such a development is estimated to have a gross development value of RM10 billion.

GuocoLand officials declined to comment on the plan.

I hope it's just a mere rumour.

Updated 5:00pm
Malaysiakini has posted a response from Syed Husin Ali, a former lecturer at the university.
Wonder whether anyone is able to solicit a response from Raja Nazrin Shah, Pro-Chancellor of the university and Royal Professor Ungku Aziz, former vice chancellor of the university.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Lulu Writes Fiction - The CEO Series Part 4

Come let me love you, let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter, let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you, let me always be with you
Come let me love you, come love me again.
- Annie's Song, John Denver

So sweet… the CEO IS in love. He didn't think it could happen again, but it did. He's in lurve....and he wants to get married.

But how would the public take it? How would his employees take it? Afterall, he had potrayed himself as someone madly in love with his very recently departed wife. When she passed away, the entire corporation wept with him.

And here he is now, falling head over heels over his late wife’s ex-sister-in-law, who is also the housekeeper of his mansion.

She is a good woman, a lovely lady. Not a hot babe, but a truly beautiful lady.
but …how were the masses going to take it?

As it was, some silly reporters had asked him out of the blues, if he was romantically involved with her, and if a certain date mentioned was the date set for the wedding?
“rumours, just rumuors”, he replied while menggelingkan [or is it menganggukkan] his kepala.
After all, he smirked to himself, they got the wrong date. You can’t fault this as a lie.
There was no date yet, as Noreen, the apple of his eye, was upset that he had even mentioned it.
But now that Harry has convinced Noreen to accept the impending marriage, I can go ahead with my plans.
[that harry, smart boy. Convinced Noreen that it would increase my popularity amongst the registered shareholders. Noreen has to think of Harry’s future too, and what’s good for me is good for Harry, which in turn, is good for her baby]

So how now? Big wedding would be great.
Get the Bee Gees (minus one Gibb) to sing my favourite All I have to do is Drea-ea-ea-ea-eam, dream, dream, dream. Afterall, the BRUNEL group’s Chairman gets Mariah Carrey, Michael Jackson etc for this children’s concert.
Ooo…. And Jovian Mandagie his and hers, afterall, the other guy is so yesterday.
Nationwide celebration at all branches.
Maybe even declare a holiday for the employees?
Maybe even a carriage to go round the boulevard, instead of a limo.

Oh…. Beautiful, beautiful wedding…
And so, the CEO was making his plans. Needless to say, the CEO, not known for spending his own money, was planning to use the corporations $$ and park them as part of Advertising and Promotion Expenditure.
Oh… beautiful, beautiful luxurious wedding.
And I don’t have to pay a single cent.

Alas… that was not to be.
The heir apparent of kareP Corporation, a local company, but with older roots suddenly announced HIS wedding. Heir-apparent – learned, suave, humble, good looking was the #1 bachelor in the country. And he decided to get married, in as simple a manner as possible, in spite of being a part of the noble house. AND he said not to be wasteful in spending money on congratulatory messages and instead, give the money to the poor and the underpriveleged. AND as if that was not bad enough, he would foot the bill himself!

$^%$&# spoil market!
How can I now continue with my plans of a grand wedding?

And now, his plans were spoilt.
He had to play by the new benchmark.
And that meant no grand wedding
No Bee Gees
No dream-dream-dream.
No press congratulatory advertisments
No bouquets and bouquets of flowers.
No chance to let the minions do the bodek-mengampu stuff.
[don't you just love the thesaurus?]

And so, that was the sad story of why the otherwise known for his outlandish spending CEO had a simple wedding.

On the plus side, he gained a good wife
Harry’s moved out :)

now, really... what else could the CEO ask for?

Does it get better? Does it get worse? Lulu's not telling yet.
But stay tuned to
Lulu Fiction - The CEO Series

the CEO series is a fiction work from whatalulu. It could not bear any semblence to real life as no CEO would be so daft.

Lulu Not SMART

[beautiful photo chosen by Lulu from Star's photo gallery. Not taken by Lulu, so, please re-think your offer for me to be your official wedding photographer]

What is SMART?
The Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel is a flood mitigation project that the Government wants to implement to deal with the flooding problems that KL is confronted with each time it rains heavily.
Our rivers today do not have the capacity to hold all the water and there are space constraints to consider for river improvement works.
KL suffered serious damages during the flash flood in April and October 2001 and June 2003. Lives were lost.
Studies undertaken by the various Government agencies showed constraints at the confluence of Sg. Klang and Sg. Ampang (behind Gleneagles Hospital) and the confluence of Sg. Gombak with Sg. Klang (Masjid Jamek) thus causing water to rise at the Jalan Tun Perak Bridge.
The SMART project aims to divert the water entering this critical location of the Sg. Klang via a holding basin, storage reservoir and the by pass tunnel.
SMART is a twin system, consisting of a stormwater channel and a motorway, incorporated into a single infrastructure.
source :

The headlines from today's papers
Chaos in KL after 5 hours of rain - NST
Flash floods hit areas in KL - The Star
Banjir besar di KL - Utusan
占美回教堂地鐵站關閉無關洪水浸入 - SinChew
also, view the Star photo gallery

aren't you glad Lulu's not SMART?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Lulu Applauds AG Chambers Move?

Somehow, it feels good that the AG Chambers are "begitu sensitif" towards any appearances of hanky-panky and are conciously taking the moral high ground to ensure that they look upright.

‘Court play’ reason for change of lawyers

PUTRAJAYA: Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail said yesterday he had to change the prosecution team in the murder trial of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu in the interest of justice.
That was because Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Salehuddin Saidin who was leading the prosecution team had been seen playing badminton with trial judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin.

Looking back, we've gone a long way from the time when judges and lawyers went on holiday together.

I hope that the judicial service would take the cue from the AG Chambers.

Sigh... if only this kind of morality was in place when MGG was fighting his lawsuit.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Lulu Not Invited For THE Wedding

are you?

Hope he takes a cue from Raja Nazrin, have a simple wedding and bear his own expenses.
is this too much wistful thinking, too much of a lulu expectation?
maybe some of you are wondering if this is another PakLah fainted news.
well, there's an update in
NST - PM to Wed
and of course, good ol Raja Petra, where we first heard of it - 06/06: Abdullah Badawi to get maried on Saturday

wonder if they'd get Sheih or Mob to do the wedding invites?

Lulu spots a Maria?

I don't know how many of you have watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding". The movie is centered on Toula, a Greek American woman (Nia Vardalos, who also wrote the script), who falls in love with a non-Greek American, Ian (played by John Corbett), and along with it, a lot of laughs that comes from cultural differences.
When she crosses 30, faced with mid-life crisis, Toula makes a resolution to undergo some change. She wanted to go to college for computer applications, but is unsuccessfull in talking her stubborn father, Gus, into letting her go. Her mother Maria intervenes, plants the idea into her fathers, i-dunno-how-she-did-it-but she did it so well, Gus thought that the brilliant idea came from himself, and suggested to Toula to go study to improve herself.

My friend and I were so amused by this strategy, we'd try to to do a Maria with some difficult people we know. He was more successful in this compared to me cos, well, I'm a Lulu. Lulu pula usually end up Maria-ed by him.

anyway, when Lulu reads news like this, Lulu can't help but think that they're doing a Maria.

PM suggests motorcycle lanes for all highways

KUALA LUMPUR: Motorcycle lanes must be built on all highways to reduce the number of road accidents, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
“If possible, I suggest motorcycle lanes be built for all the five projects I have visited today as motorcycles are one of the main causes of road accidents,” he said after visiting road project sites in Cheras here yesterday.
However, he said, it would be up to Kuala Lumpur City Hall and project contractors to decide whether to include the lanes.
and it is followed up by
Building more motorcycle lanes can benefit road users

PETALING JAYA: More motorcycle lanes would have to be built for road users, particularly motorcyclists, to benefit.
“The ruling on having motorcycle lanes on highways has been in effect since the mid-1990s,” noted Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research director-general Prof Dr Radin Umar Radin Sohadi.
“However, they have not been widespread enough to have any impact, although new highways should be complying with this,” he said.
and "suddenly",
We all want better, safer highways

Sunday Star says...
MALAYSIAN highways continue to grow in number, length and breadth to accommodate the constantly increasing volume of traffic. There are other needs that highway construction needs to respond to, as the variety of vehicles continues to grow with traffic density.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi alluded to one of these needs in citing the importance of motorcycle lanes. This is a need that has been felt before, such as the feedback the Works Ministry received from the public several years ago. What makes motorcycle lanes important is that they help other traffic as well in removing motorcycles from other lanes. They also make it possible for motorcyclists to avoid using the emergency lane, which again helps reduce accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles.
Since some highways are being widened from four lanes to six, providing motorcycle lanes would be more than worth the extra effort and cost in the greater safety and convenience gained. However, highways may need to be policed more adequately to ensure that motorcyclists use only their designated lanes.
Prof Radin Umar had suggested “non-exclusive lanes (built on road shoulders) which would have to be well-marked and be between 2.5m and 3m in width.”
And we know that there's going to be a cost for it. Whether they intend to recuperate RM for RM spent or RM100 for each RM1 spent, I don't know. I only know that with these highway people, there's no such thing as free-roads.
A Maria - they're planting the idea into our head that we need the lanes, which i sokong.
But who's going to bear the cost?
Lulu can't help but wonder if this is a precursor to either an increase in toll or an extension in the concession period for the highways.

An example of how Maria works
Two months ago, Lulu thought that it was a crusade against kereta potong, turned out that it was the advertising pitch for Puspakom.

1,200 ‘kereta potong’ found
[NATION 20-Apr-2007]
The Computerised Vehicle Inspection Centre (Puspakom) detected 1,200 “cut-and-joined” cars (kereta potong) in the first three months of this year, compared with a total of 4,629 found last year.
Questions arise about Puspakom certification
[NATION 6-May-2007]
POTENTIAL used car buyers can avoid ending up with a kereta potong by exercising caution, and buying only from reputable dealers.
Cars that don’t make the cut
[FOCUS 6-May-2007]
When a cut-and-joined car is used on the road, it poses a hazard to other motorists. But for a healthy profit, unscrupulous parties are spinning off such vehicles to unwitting buyers or owners of cars involved in accidents.
Watch out for ‘kereta potong’
[NATION 6-May-2007]
Buyers of used cars, beware. You may be driving away in a “two-in-one.”
Puspakom to vet all used cars to prevent 'kereta potong'
[NATION 7-May-2007]
It will soon be made mandatory for all used cars or vehicles to undergo inspection at Puspakom before the Road Transport Department allows ownership transfers.
Group all for vetting
[NATION 7-May-2007]
The Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association of Malaysia has welcomed the Transport Ministry’s move to ensure all used vehicles are vetted before transfer of ownership.
Put an end to this ‘kereta potong’ nuisance
[FOCUS 10-May-2007]
From DR WAN MOHAMED WE, President, Proton Vendors Association
and the icing on the cake...
Puspakom inspection a must from July 1
[NATION 17-May-2007]
From July 1, all second-hand private vehicles will have to undergo mandatory Puspakom inspection before the transfer of ownership.

you see how Maria has worked in the past? Do you think Maria is at work again?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If Lulu Can Recognise this Feeble Attempt to Do a Pre-General Election Bodek

i hope the people of Johor would be able to rise to the occasion and reject this really feeble attempt.

Johor to spend RM2.2m on Chinese education - The Star
Johor has allocated RM2.2mil for the development of Chinese education in the state.
Mentri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said RM1.5mil would be used to develop Chinese primary schools.
"Another RM400,000 is meant for the development of eight Chinese independent schools and others will be channelled to Southern College,” he said after a meeting with the Johor MCA liaison committee late on Monday.
He said the state government had also approved the allocation of RM1mil for religious activities.
Abdul Ghani also agreed to increase the number of MCA observers at the state executive councillor meeting

Johor Gov't okays RM3.2 mil for Chinese schools, temples - NST
THE Johor Government will allocate RM2.2 million for Chinese primary schools and another RM1 million for the development of Chinese temples, Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman said.
He said the allocations would be disbursed through the state MCA. “I’ve agreed to give financial aid for fully-aided and privately-run Chinese primary schools in the state and for building Chinese temples as well as to acquire land for the temples,” he told reporters after meeting the state MCA liaison committee led by chairman Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. Ghani also said the state government had agreed to help MCA relocate three rural under-enrolled Chinese primary schools to Johor Baharu where the need was more pressing. The meeting also discussed MCA’s request to the state government to draw up clear guidelines on the fencing of housing schemes, he said.

what is RM2.2mil + another RM1mil when our "dear" PM gave RM20million + another RM3.5million to just one school?
what is RM2.2 mil when it is shared out by 215 Chinese schools?
Well, I guess at least this tops the previous record high Ministry hands out RM1.4mil to schools which was shared by 248 schools.

It truly amazes Lulu - the govenment's generosity.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lulu Mengucapkan "Trima Kasehhhh!!"

You know how difficult some break-ups are, when he has someone else, and you just don't know how to let go?

Lulu's gone through it before. More heartaches than I care to blog about, but just want to say that one of Alleycat's songs, Jika Kau Bercinta Lagi, helped me be a "bigger" person and put things into perspective.

Jika Kau bercinta lagi
Jika Kau bercinta lagi
cintalah sepenuhnya
aaa aaa aaa
jika kau bercinta lagi
jagalah kau hatinya
aaa aaa aaa

engkau yang memilihnya
tanpa memikirkan tentang diriku
kini ku hanya dapat berdoa
agar berbahagia kau disampingnya
aaa aaa aaa

ku tak dapat menghalang
engkau punya kemahuan sendiri
biarku hidup hanya mengenang
peristiwa yang tak dapat ku lupaa
aa aaa aaa

kini aku hanya dapat berdoa
agar berbahagia kau disampingnya
selamat tinggal
aku mengundurkan diri

If you want to hear Lulu sing the song, give me a call. You have the number, right?
If you want the mp3 version of the song [by Alleycats-la, not lulu!], drop lulu a mail at
More alleycats lyrics are available at

Loga [third from the right], the younger of the afro hair brothers, passed away this morning.
Deep condolences to the family and heartiest thanks to the guys in Alleycat who gave us the beautiful songs since forever.
"Kerana kau"ing was like THE song back in school when ever we had to wait for someone. You know-la, the lyrics was something like "kerana kau, ku masih di sini..."
Trima Kasehhhh!

And speaking of lovin someone even after they've stopped loving you, and more importantly, not just learning to let go, but letting go gracefully, DAP is organising a dialogue - Malaysia - After Lina Joy on Thursday.

Date: 7 June 2007
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Hotel Armada, Petaling Jaya (opposite the AsiaJaya LRT station, across the Federal Highway)
Ambiga Sreenivasan - Bar Council President
Yusri Muhammad - ABIM President
Leonard Teoh - watching brief lawyer for MCCBCHS
Lim Kit Siang - Opposition Leader
Lim Guan Eng - DAP Secretary-General
*Other speakers [and lulu's really hoping to hear one of her heroes speak] to be confirmed
update : 8:30am one of Lulu's hero is speaking. Which one? click here. yippee!

If Lulu's not too bogged down with work, I should be there. Hope you'd be able to come too.

Lulu may be a Lulu, but She Does Know A Good Thing When She Sees One

and Liew Chin Tong, who blogs at Malaysiana, , is a good thing.

Chin Tong is the Election Strategy Advisor to DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng.

Chin Tong, who was until recently a Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, has an illustrious academic record. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Asian Studies (Honours) from the Australian National University and has completed masters’ degree programme in regional integration from University of Malaya (pending for convocation). He has had two articles published in reputable academic journals and a chapter of a book while working on his own book on political Islam in Malaysia. He has also conducted research on prime minister’s department, parliament and a range of other issues.

He has quite an interesting background, and has been consistent in his desire to make our country a better place for us all. Believe it or not, he's wanted to join politics since he was in Std 4. His different "hats" includes student leader, political scientist and newspaper columnist. He is a well-known as a columnist for Chinese newspapers and as a panelist for TV talk-shows. If you read Joceline Tan's column in the Star, you would notice that quite often, she would quote him on his opinions.

Chin Tong blogs at Malaysiana. It has been in recess since February, but revived recently.
His posts since May 29th
May 29 Conservatives to challenge reformers in PAS elections
June 1st The Cabinet and toilets
June 3rd Government housing - build a community of owners
June 4th PAS’ politics
Do drop by there. It's worth reading and thinking over.

It is his fervent hope that he will be able contribute more to DAP’s long tradition of politics of hope.
It is also Lulu's hope that the voters will give him the mandate to contribute to the nation.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Can Someone Assure Lulu That They're Not Talking About Internet Censorship

from the NST, 61 firms running illegal schemes identified
KUALA LUMPUR: The Securities Commission has identified 61 companies that are running illegal on-line investment schemes.
The names of these companies and their websites are on the SC’s website. The market regulator said it would block access to these websites from June 11 and advised those who had invested in them to withdraw their funds and terminate their accounts."Investors will not be able to enter their accounts once access to the websites is blocked," a spokesperson said yesterday. The SC is joining forces with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and CyberSecurity Malaysia to track, identify and block access to local and foreign websites promoting illegal investment schemes.
and the Star, Securities Commission to filter out scams on Net
PETALING JAYA: The Securities Commission will block access to websites offering illegal investment schemes beginning June 11.
Investors, the commission said, would not be able to enter their accounts once access to the websites was blocked.
“All existing investors to such schemes via the Internet are urged to withdraw their investments and terminate their accounts immediately,” the SC said in a statement on its website yesterday
The SC said it was working with the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and CyberSecurity Malaysia to track, identify and block access to local and foreign websites promoting such investment scams.
Lulu always thought that MSC's Bill of Guarantees includes the statment "Ensure no Internet censorship"

As recent(?) as Aug 1, 2006, Energy, Water and Communications Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik ensured that there will be NO regulating Internet content

"It's difficult (to control the content) especially when you had given a promise when promoting the MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor). You have to go back on our word. [lulu - if you follow the Iskandariah project, you'd know were getting quite famous for it] Part of the article of guarantees of MSC was no censorship," he said after launching "EZ 2 Own Broadband PC' programme.
One of the bill of guarantees under the MSC conceptualised in 1996 was that the government will not institute Internet censorship.
Asked if the ministry planned to regulate it in future, he reiterated: "Not that I am aware of. Not at the present moment because we've given a bill of guarantees to the MSC."

So, what's happening here?
Isn't blocking those sites tantamount to censorship and/or regulating the internet?

Fair and true, those sites are promoting illegal investment schemes. But isn't there another way to tackle the problem?
And didn't it cross the wise guy's mind that when he's giving the investors notice to withdraw their money, he's at the same time giving notice to the schemers to withdraw THEIR money too and disappear?
And what makes them think that the schemers will not come up with a new site, maybe something as harmless and legitiamate sounding like or even dodgy sounding ones like ?
TV Smith put it aptly when he points out, never blame it on one's own greed and stupidity, blame it on the internet.

After they block these dodgy investment site, what next?
some site which gives an honest review of Proton cars?
or Malaysiakini which gives you another perspective of news in Malaysia?
maybe even
i mean, think about it... maybe, some day, all the Lulus in Malaysia may gang up and protest that WhatALulu does not reflect well on their name, and ask that it be blocked.
You don't want that, do you?
Can someone assure Lulu that they're not talking about Internet censorship?
is this indeed the first step of Internet censorship, disguised with good intentions, but leading us into an alley we don't want to enter?

Carboncopy, who blogs at Salinan Karbon also shares his concern over this issue.
this issue as in internet censorship, not whatalulu getting banned.