Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Simple Minded Lulu Trying to be Philosophical, ending up being Lulu-sical

i meant to put this post up earlier, but maklumla, at home, i've the time, but pc refuses to allow me to blog, and in the office, I've the pc, but no time.

i have some lulu-sical [friend of philosophical, but the lulu version] thoughts on this picture.

The infamous picture is from NatTan at
Looking at it, I see the parallels reflected in UMNO politics.

1. To get up, you need to be carried by someone.
2. When you're up there, someone's bound to be grabbing your *ahem*
3. You're not very comfortable up there
4. You're constantly worried in case you'd topple down.
5. Things aren't all that stable up there.
6. You can get really fat up there

hope this post has helped you ponder about the symbolism of this photo and the state of politics in UMNO. I'm interested to hear what else you can THINK of.

whilst i'm being lulu-sical, i've noticed that no one has tagged me for the "Five Thinking Blog" award. very it because Lulu doesn't inspire you to think?


Elaine Tan said...

lol.... funny. you actually think alot. :P

freethinker said...

HAHA.. surely someone will nominate u one...

Good Subtle Hidden Message.

zewt said...

no one handed you the thinking award... that's impossible. maybe i should do it :P

What A Lulu said...

my one and only fan, freelunch2020, was one of the inaugural receipients. she probably would have named me, BUT she went into early retirement.

and Zewt, you did make me think very much about my parent's mortality. i'm one of those who takes them for granted, thinking that they'll be around forever, taking them for granted.

Anonymous said...

i would have tagged u if i was still blogging.
i shall ponder on lulu-ism on the day after wesak day. why are we still on holiday?
alas, like u said i retired early and without any golden handshake.....
Hidup Barisan?

team BSG said...

alamak why so suddenly so lulusical ?
maybe u shud take a ...errrr V mean makan break...those really good ones by da backlane where no UMNO-c-them- sure-no-appetite-one-then-sure- oso-can-vomit-one will be hanging around waiting for more handouts by gomen one. Can ?

Anonymous said...

Yes, like all professionalism, politics has its sidekicks, an activity called "ABCs". Use your intelligence to think this one out!!